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Social media: the best of 2014, and perspectives for 2015 - Social commerce, Self-Destructing posts and Native advertising

  1. THEPATCH Social Media Year in Review 2014. Quick Stats. Highlights. Platform Updates - #14for2014. Trends - Buy Buttons, Self-Destruct Posting, Cross-Device Marketing. Looking Ahead – Our Forecast for 2015. Image Size Guide. Read on to catch up with 2014 and brace yourself for 2015.
  2. 65% 70% 18x Of Top Brands Post 5 Times Or More A Week On Facebook B2B Buyers Purchase Goods Online More User Interaction on Instagram than Facebook 74% 60% Increase In Twitter Favourites if Tweet Includes Images Of LinkedIn Users Have Clicked On An Ad
  3. Highlights - HK ProtestsTopApps: Whatsapp Telegram FireChat 1.3m Tweets From Sept 26-30 70% FireChat Downloads in 22 Hour Period
  4. Highlights - Indo Elections SBY Phenomenal Twitter following of Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, the outgoing President known on social media as SBY 95m Astounding number of election Tweets sent in 2014 (FYI: Indonesia makes up >15% of Twitter users globally) 200m Facebook interactions RE elections. SBY-contender Joko Widodo’s hashtag #KeepCalmAndVoteJokowi trended globally on the day before the election.
  5. #14for2014 - Facebook 1: 20% Rule 2: New Algorithm Ad Images with more than 20% text will be rejected. Use this handy tool to make sure you’re in the clear. Upgraded algorithm as of Jan 2015 sees less ‘overly promotional’ material, as well as a short-term preference for high engagement posts since Sept 2014. Brands must now be more personal than ever to have an edge.
  6. #14for2014 - Twitter 3: Feed Images 4: Promoted Account Tweets As of March, promoted account Tweets appear on the feed. Brands can choose from a large variety of Twitter cards to promote their product/material. Images now appear immediately, generating even more engagement than before.Additionally, you can now share GIFs on Tweets.
  7. #14for2014 - Instagram 6: Video Instagram upgrades with a whole host of editing tools, reducing the need for third-party editing apps. Launched in 2013,Video has become increasingly popular on Insta, with brands developing original content in the form of slideshows, stop motion and animation. 15-second Insta video ads are here to stay! 5: New Editing Tools
  8. #14for2014 - LinkedIn 7: Sales Navigator 8: New Premium Profile The new LinkedIn Profile Page for Premium users adopts a Facebook-like arrangement. It is more personable with larger picture sizes and also includes profile-search SEO. As of Sept 2014, LinkedIn upped its B2B game with the upgraded Sales Navigator. Updates include information on job changes, press announcements, status updates and blog posts from target accounts.
  9. #14for2014 - Pinterest 9: Guided Search 10: Smarter Analytics Mid-2014, Pinterest launched a new feature, Guided Search.With each search query, additional queries will be suggested on top of relevant pins. Great tool for benchmarking and content strategy.Ask us how to make Pinterest work for you! New Analytics Dashboard and Tools let you see a) How Pinterest works best for you; b) Learn about your audience; c) Get Tips on increasing impressions
  10. #14for2014 - Google 11: Panda Algorithm 12: Google My Business New Business Dash allows you to do the following all in one platform: a) Update your business info; b) Add photos + virtual tour; c) Share news, posts and events; d) View Google Insights stats; e) View web reviews of your brand/product. Drop us a message to find out how to optimise your business on Google! Recent Panda 4.0 upgrade to Google’s search algorithm removes sites with spam content. Particularly affects replicated unoriginal content.
  11. #14for2014 - WeChat 13: In-app Shops 14: Money Transfer Anyone can now create their own branded stores on the platform, ready with its in-built payment function.Ads also now available to link to in-app purchasing or out-app purchasing. WeChat users can now send money to each other via the platform.These two updates in Mid-2014 places WeChat at the front of the social media pack as we will explain in Trends.
  12. Trends - Social E-Commerce Buy Buttons In-App Shops Facebook, Twitter WeChat
  13. Trends - Social E-Commerce Money Transfer Payment Details Facebook, Twitter, WeChat Twitter, WeChat
  14. Trends - Self-Destruct Posts 2014 saw the launch of many Snapchat-like Apps such as Bolt and Slingshot: Meanwhile Facebook added self-destruct features to post, and third-party app Xpire does the same for your Tweets Bolt   Slingshot  
  15. Trends -Cross-Platform/Device Facebook relaunches Atlas, new cross-device ad server Twitterbuys TapCommerce* * TapCommerce tracks mobile activity (vs desktop activity tracked by cookies) to retarget your ads across apps
  16. Forecast - Markets China Q2 2014 study by AppFlood shows that China accounted for 60% of global mobile ad spending on its network in the quarter. 2015 likely to see steady increase and beginnings of maturation. Africa Valued at $14bn and expected to contribute $230bn of Africa’s GDP in 2025. Penetration only at 16%, but soon to be “largest working population of any continent by 2020”
  17. Forecast - Messaging Apps
  18. Forecast - Messaging Apps LINE Features WeChat Features The power of Asian messaging apps is phenomenal. They can do everything! Just check out the above features. 2015 is likely to not only see a continued increase in subscription, but an increase in functions.
  19. Forecast - Native Advertising *Not only do spam users and bots account for 30% of ad clicks, but programs like AdBlock have successfully hidden commercial advertising from many users. 2015 is the year for native advertising, with its revenue expected to surpass $7 billion! Don’t miss this chance to open up new opportunities for engagement between you and your customer! Book a consultation or training with us here. Native Ads appear seamless with their viewing platform, often in the form of branded content 70% of people would rather learn about products through content than traditional ads.*
  20. Forecast - Digital Transformation Fear the Digital no more. Changes In Organisations New Business Models The digital world isn’t so frightening when you open up your business and work with others. Whether its freelancers or corporate innovation labs, 2015 will be full of opportunities for connecting and collaborating. Check out how Coca Cola found “Happiness” through their innovation lab network. 2015 will also be an exciting year as companies test out new business models for amped up corporate cultural change and idea generation. Check out Zappos’ success story that started from within and Lego’s brick by brick approach. Want more ideas? Talk To Us! 2015 is a time for…
  21. Image Size Guide Twitter Profile pic: 400 x 400 px Cover photo: 1500 x 500 px Stream images: 440 x 220 px, Vertically centered with a radius of 2:1 No larger than 3MB (max 1024 x 512, 2:1) Facebook Profile pic: 180 x 180 px Cover photo: 851 x 315 px App photo: 111 x 74 Page Timeline: 843 x 504 px Newsfeed: 1200 x 717 px
  22. Image Size Guide G+ Profile pic: 250 x 250 px Cover photo: 1080 x 608 (recommended) YouTube Video: 1280 x 760 px, 16:9 aspect Cover photo: 2560 x 1440 px Instagram Profile Picture: 110 x 110 Feed Photos: 640 x 640 Pinterest Profile: 165 x 165 px (max 600 x 600 px) LinkedIn Company Logo Horizontal: (max) 100 x 60 px Banner: 646 x 220 px (min) Career Cover: 947 x 300 px Company Logo Square: (max) 50 x 50 px
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