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Agile Agency: State of the Art 2018

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Slides from a presentation for a creative agency client as part of a Scrum training course.

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Agile Agency: State of the Art 2018

  1. 1. By Roger Brown Agile Crossing
  2. 2. Principles  Scope has always varied. Embrace it to advantage.  Small Batches are more efficient, catch mistakes sooner  Empowered, cross-functional, blended Teams are more innovative than management decisions  One project is not enough. Cultural shift required and wider organizational processes need to change.  Shift client-agency relationship from negative sum to positive sum game.
  3. 3. Manifesto http://lean.codecomputerlove.com/ SOLVE PROBLEMS over Predefined Solutions What is the real insight or goal? Can we innovate? EXPERIENCES over Designs Iterate the product with real customers. PRODUCT over Project Evolve the result, priority first. VALUE over Volume 80/20 rule. We don’t need everything. INSIGHTS over Opinion Innovative team, not HIPPO or JFDI decision making. ITERATIVE over Big Bang MVP, Story Map ADAPTABILITY over Constraints Build for a longer lifetime
  4. 4. Challenges  Getting client to supply a true Product Owner  Resistance to needed/inevitable flattening of hierarchy in Lean/Agile organizations  Getting rest of organization (BizDev, Finance, Execs) on board AND changing to compatible lean processes  Educating all to new contract types
  5. 5. Tools Tool Use Outcomes TDD/Automated Testing/Refactoring In-Sprint unit and feature testing High Quality, Reduced Manual Testing Cost Adaptability Design Thinking Engage many minds in rapid design experiments Innovative Solutions Hypotheses Large Group Retrospectives plus Knowledge Management Find cross-project, cross- temporal patterns Avoid repeated mistakes Improve process across organization Outcome-Based Contracts Increase buyer-seller collaboration Right product Reduced risk Story Mapping Visual display of features by priority Focus on high value work Find holes in funcationality Impact Mapping Discover value of a feature Avoid work on low value item Loosely Coupled Architecture Quickly substitute implementations More adaptable product
  6. 6. Lean UX Lean UX Goals • Reduce validation time • Avoid handoffs • Cross-functional Team • Retain what we have learned about IA/UX • Don’t be in the deliverables business • Provide agility foe inevitable change
  7. 7. Design Thinking
  8. 8. Sources and Resources  Is Agile Harder for Agencies?  A Lean Model for Digital Agencies (scroll to Aug 5, 2014)  Lean Studio Manifesto  Flexible Contracts  Agency Agile - Articles  Three Reasons Agile Can Fail At Your Agency  Scrum for Commercials 1  Scrum for Commercials 2