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Agile Architecture (Scrum + DevOps) by Milan Chheda

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This topic will cover about how-to build the culture of agility and collaboration using Scrum and DevOps. With the help of Atlassian tools including JIRA, Confluence, Bitbucket, Bamboo & JIRA Service Desk, one can start small to build the culture to embrace the change and incrementally improve and evolve. Scrum and DevOps unites Agile, Continuous Delivery, Automation, and much more, to help development and operations teams be more efficient, innovate faster, and deliver higher value to businesses and customers.

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Agile Architecture (Scrum + DevOps) by Milan Chheda

  1. 1. Agile Architecture (Scrum + DevOps) Milan Chheda – milan.chheda@Infosysta.com Lean & Agile ME Summit 2020 Mar 11, Dubai, UAE Platinum Partner
  4. 4. Business Analyst Graphical Designer Application Development Software Testing System Operations Isolated Teams • Communication • Process • Ping-Pong between designer-developer and developer-tester • Development vs Operations
  5. 5. Which email? Huh? I sent that to you already Is this thing done? That file is outdated I think Luanne is on that Communication Context switching DependenciesDistributed teams Teamwork
  6. 6. Definition of Scrum (n): A framework within which people can address complex adaptive problems, while productively and creatively delivering products of the highest possible value. Scrum is Scrum isScrum is lightweightsimple to understand. difficult to master
  7. 7. Scrum Process
  8. 8. Scrum Ceremonies Sprint Planning Daily Scrum Sprint Review Sprint Retrospect ive • Sprint Backlog • Sprint Tasks • Sprint Goals • What I did yesterday? • What I will do today? • Any Impediments? • Presentation / Demo • PBIs done • Feedbacks • (D)rop • (A)dd • (K)eep • (I)mprove Product Backlog
  9. 9. We need Automation & Deployment We are using Scrum for Planning & Development BUT
  10. 10. DevOps 1 Set of practices that Automate the processes Between Development & Operations 2 Develop, Build, Test, Release faster & more reliable Software Development + IT Operations = DevOps
  11. 11. DevOps Success Factors Trust & Collaboration Culture Work as TEAM Release Frequently CI/CD Reliability, Quality & Stability Time to Resolution Communicatio n Transparency Feedback Unplanned Work Adapt Clear Priorities Pro-active Retrospection
  12. 12. State of DevOps Source: The Phoenix Project: A Novel About IT, DevOps and Helping Your Business Win Company Deploy Freq. Deploy Lead Time Reliability Customer Responsiveness Amazon 23,000/ day Minutes High High Google 5,500/ day Minutes High High Netflix 500/ day Minutes High High Facebook 1/ day Minutes High High Twitter 3/weeks Minutes High High Typical Enterprise 1/ 9 months Minutes Low/medium Low/medium
  13. 13. DevOps: Breaking the Dev-Operations barrier
  14. 14. DevOps: Bringing Development & Operations Together
  15. 15. DevOps: Bringing Development & Operations Together
  16. 16. The #1 Agile development solution for tracking, managing & reporting on software projects
  17. 17. Product managers: Planning projects, sprints, and timelines for the next big release Dev managers: Managing scope, timelines, and resources for an on-time release Developers: Tracking issues, bugs, and any work item related to the project at hand
  18. 18. DevOps: Bringing Development & Operations Together
  19. 19. The simplest place to create, organize and discuss work with your team
  20. 20. Product requirements and documentation Project documents and file collaboration Activity streams for content in context
  21. 21. DevOps: Bringing Development & Operations Together
  22. 22. The Git solution for professional teams
  23. 23. Code review & workflow restriction Code collaboration and hosting for development teams
  24. 24. DevOps: Bringing Development & Operations Together
  25. 25. Continuous delivery built for professional teams
  26. 26. Integrate with JIRA & Bitbucket for traceability Continuous integration and deployments for teams
  27. 27. DevOps: Bringing Development & Operations Together
  28. 28. Transform IT to deliver faster and collaborate effortlessly
  29. 29. Resolve issues fast as an integrated team Deliver exceptional IT service, fast
  30. 30. Scrum + DevOps Scrum + DevOps Daily Scrum Sprint Review Continuous Integration Continuous Testing Continuous Delivery Sprint Phases • SCRUM: Lightweight Framework for Agile Development • DevOps: System Thinking, Value Streams, Lean Thinking
  31. 31. Customers of all sizes in every industry 50,000+
  32. 32. 6,000 Enterprise Companies Including teams at over
  33. 33. Atlassian Suite Continuous delivery Test & Deploy Code & reviews Write code & review Start with a requirement Pages & files Tasks & projects Scope and assign work Messages, & calls Constant Communication
  34. 34. à CONTACT INFOSYSTA ON: INFO@INFOSYSTA.COM www.infosysta.com Platinum Partner