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The Marketing Power of the Social Influencer [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Think all users are created equal? Think again... In this free infographic, the unfunnel network takes a serious further look at the marketing power of a social influencer.

This visual guide gives you a path through a typical user journey of the marketing influencer in the modern era, from initial blog post, through twitter, Facebook and all other social paths to WordPress, and finally to where the path enables one power user to influence of over 14 million people.

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The Marketing Power of the Social Influencer [INFOGRAPHIC]

  1. 1. PASSIVES DETRACTORS PROMOTERS KEY INFLUENC ER THE POWER OF THE INFLUENCER www.unfunnel.comAGILEMARKETINGINMOTION BLOG STORY post on website home page 20,000 unique visitors KEY INFLUENCER tweets story to their 2,500 followers 2.2 Million impressions 1.2 Million impressions 10.6 Million impressions MAJOR BLOG picks up story, audience of 120,000 visitors TOTAL REACH TWITTER FOLLOWER posts the story on their Facebook Wall 1,200 followers CRITERIA FOR AN INFLUENCER How fast can this person reach everyone in the network? How many people can this person reach? How many top influencers are in their network? How often does this person connect with their networks? What percentage of the people do they directly message? total people influenced 14,020,000=