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Research instruments case study

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Research instruments case study

  1. 1. Our Agile Journey Research InstrumentsClick to edit Master subtitle styleRob Thompson
  2. 2. Company BackgroundResearch Instruments (RI) providessystems which are used in fertilitylaboratories (IVF)Based in FalmouthEmploying 60+ people70 distributors providing coverage in 60countries
  3. 3. Technologies and StandardsWindows software – C#, SQL, WPFEmbedded C on microcontrollersElectronics hardwareMechanicalISO 13485 – Medical Device DirectiveFederal Drug Administration (FDA) 21 CFR 820
  4. 4. Our OLD process
  5. 5. Our Agile Journey – so far2 day workshop ‘Kanban’ board Sprints (2 week) Test Driven Development Pair Programming
  6. 6. User Story DevelopmentAs a User I would like the software toremember my settings so that I don’thave to re-calibrate and re-configurethe software each time I use it. As an Embryologist I would like to be able to replay stored videos of procedures so that I can see how they were performed As a Patient I would like to see confirmation that both me and my embryo have been identified correctly so that I can relax and feel confident
  7. 7. Magic Board
  8. 8. Graphs !! Development Effort
  9. 9. The BenefitsTeam enthusiastic, focused, motivatedEncourage changes in requirementsEasier managementHigher qualityPredictability + FlexibilityIdentify problems quickly
  10. 10. Outside the dev teamOther teams want to adopt Agile principlesQuality dept is happierSnr Management have graphs to play withMarketing speak the same languageCustomers given accurate timescalesDevelopment process is simple
  11. 11. Myths / PreconceptionsIt’s for large teams / small teams / sw houseIt’s undisciplined / chaoticIt’s not compatible with quality systemsIt’s for software developers
  12. 12. Conclusions…Cannot introduce Agile without helpAgile is a journey, not a destinationEncourages/requires change in cultureWe would never look back