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Chapter3 methodology

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How to write Chapter 3: Methodology

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Chapter3 methodology

  1. 1. WRITING CHAPTER 3: METHODOLOGYMETHODOLOGY By: Professor Dr R.Badlishah Ahmad Dean, School of Computer and Communication Engineering Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP) 7 January 2016
  2. 2. Introduction Literature Review Survey on other research works related to your work Identify the advantages/disadvantages Next → Chapter 3: MethodologyMethodology
  3. 3. Methodology Not necessary Chapter 3 is named as methodology! 1. Can be: Network Design, Routing Protocol 2. Relate to your new methods, new design, new techniques, new algorithms etc
  4. 4. Methodology This is the most important chapter It describe your: 1. Understanding of the fundamental knowledge 2. NOVELTY!!! SHOW THAT YOUR DESIGN IS GENUINE and COMPLEX
  5. 5. Methodology Content 1. Brief review on main issues 2. Another brief review on the specific/focus topic
  6. 6. Methodology Content 1. Start explaining your propose methods, design, algorithm etc 2. Give names to your new methods and after that used it throughout your thesis
  7. 7. Methodology Content Now you can start explaining your new methods, design etc..
  9. 9. MODELLING Explanation on HOW you will COLLECT/OBTAIN your results 1. For simulation → explain the simulation software (OMNeT++, NS2 etc), why do you choose the software etc... 2. For Mathematical Modelling → Show your derivations 3. For Experiment → describe the experimental setup such as the diagram of the experiments, equipments used etc.
  10. 10. MODELLING For simulation give sample of snapshots of your design modelled using the software
  11. 11. MODELLING Describe the parameters used for the simulation/experiments etc. - Transmission power - Receiver sensitivity - Speed of nodes/vehicles - Size of nodes - Size of network area - All other important parameters that you have used in the modelling or experiments
  12. 12. MODELLING List and explain the parameters (normally used by other researchers) that you are collecting - Throughput - End to end delay - Packet drop etc... Avoid using your own parameters for evaluation unless you have no other choices and you think it is necessary These are the results that you will present in the next chapter...