renewable energy sources non conventional energy sources gully erosion ic engine forms of energy drip irrigation greenhouse environment control biodiesel production renewable energy factors affecting wind erosion mechanics of wind erosion estimation of soil loss wind erosion control measures wind breaks shelter belts groundwater harvesting flood water harvesting types of water harvesting importance of water harvesting water harvesting chute spillway drop inlet spillway drop spillway permanent check dam temporary check dam brushwood permanent gully control gully control structures contour trench graded bunds contour bunds bench terrace terracing design of grassed water ways grassed water ways factors affecting soil erosion agents of soil erosion types of soil erosion causes of soil erosion soil erosion mulch tillage practices strip cropping contour cultivation crop cover crop rotation limitations of usle application of usle usle universal soil loss equation coshocton wheel sampler soil loss measurement multislot divisors runoff plots classification of gullies stages of gully development development of gullies tunnel erosion. landslide/ slip erosion sea-shore erosion stream bank erosion rill erosion sheet erosion raindrop erosion types of water erosion water erosion grafting tool pruning tool pruning and training pruning grafting fruit harvester hoists tapioca harvester sickle potato digger harvesting equipments cono weeder paddy weeder long handled weeder junior hoe sweep hand hoe interculture equipments calibation of seed drill seed cum fertilizer drill seed drill potato transplanter sowing and planting equipments bund former disc harrow spring tooth harrow harrow secondary tillage implements rotary tiller disc plough m b plough primary tillage implements tillage power tillers farm tractor farm tractor and power tillers systems of ic engine ignition system of engine power transmission system types of lubrication system lubrication system -ic engine types of cooling systems cooling system of ic engine diesel engine fuel system working of carburetor fuel system engine power terminology terminology engine components four stroke cycle engine two stoke cycle engine two stroke heat engines internal combustion engines farm mechanization farm power energy sources benefit cost ratio cost analysis of greenhouse cabinet type dryer tent dryer greenhouse dryers bioalcohol production bio-alcohol biodiesel advantages and limitataion biodiesel bio fuel advantages and disadvantages biofuel characteristics biofuel types of gasifiers gasification process gasification requirements of anaerobic digestion biogas production technology biomass energy origin of energy sources energy sources and its classification moisture content determination moisture content dry basis moisture content wet basis emc conveyors elevators material handling equipments tray dryer lsu dryer grain dryers drying methods drying rating curve drying theory areo & hydrodynamic properties thermal properties of grains physical properties of grain vector data raster data geographical information system gis solar greenhouse greenhouse passive solar greenhouse satellite orbits platforms remote sensing - sensors fundamentals of remote sensing active and passive remote sensing concept of remote sensing principles of remote sensing remote sensing horizontal air flow cooling convection tube cooling active winter cooling system cooling system design of active summer cooling system irrigation systems in greenhouse trickle irrigation greenhouse heating greenhouse cooling materials for construction of green houses planning and design of greenhouses structural components of greenhouse classification of greenhouse green house effect advantages of green house greenhouse technology relative humidity light plant response to green house environment wind energy solar pump solar fencing solar lentern solar photovaltaic solar dryer solar pond solar distillation solar energy bio fuels bio alcohol biogas plants biogas gasifiers biomass briquette briquetting machine
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