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Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment

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Also known as e-payments, electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP) enables your customers to view their bills and make payments electronically.

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Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment

  1. 1. Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment
  2. 2. Make it Easy for Your Customers to Pay You Also known as e-payments, electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP) enables customers to view their bills and make payments electronically.
  3. 3. Why EBPP? • Consumer demand for electronic payment options is on the rise • Consumers are increasingly paying their bills via mobile and other channels • Friction in the payments process is detrimental to the customer experience • Manual payment processing is costly and time consuming • Traditional payment methods are quickly becoming outdated • Emerging technologies are driving demand for more efficient service in every industry • A superior bill payments experience can give businesses a competitive edge
  4. 4. EBPP reduces or eliminates: • Lengthy manual processing times • Administrative workloads • Costs for resources such as printing, postage, and staffing • Paper waste
  5. 5. • Multiple payment channels give customers the freedom to choose how to pay their bills • Options like AutoPay and Guest Payments offer customers convenience • Accepting various payment methods gives customers flexibility
  6. 6. • EBPP helps accelerate payments made to your business by reducing processing times • Customers who receive electronic statements are more likely to submit payments sooner • Convenient and flexible payment options reduce friction, enabling your business to get paid faster
  7. 7. The Benefits of Paperless Billing Enhanced Security Paper bill statements require businesses to print and mail personal account information to customers. They can lost or delivered to the wrong recipient. Reduced Carbon Footprint Electronic statements are much more environmentally They help reduce unwanted paper clutter for both businesses customers. Reduced Costs Cut back on paper, printing, postage, and staffing costs and enable employees to focus on your core business
  8. 8. Consumer Trends of respondents in the S&P Global Market Intelligence Mobile Money Survey indicated they use mobile payment apps to pay a bill Source: http://www.emarketer.com/Article/Most-Mobile-Banking-Consumers-Use-Payment- Apps-Pay-Bills/1013735 of respondents in the 2015 North America Consumer Digital Payments Survey said they expect the use of traditional payment methods to decrease by the end of the decade Source: https://www.accenture.com/t20151021T165757__w__/us-en/_acnmedia/Accenture/next- gen/na-payment-survey/pdfs/Accenture-Digital-Payments-Survey-North-America-Accenture- Executive-Summary.pdf
  9. 9. An electronic payment solution will help you deliver a consistent payment experience to your customers across various channels and reduce costs by transitioning costly paper-based and call-center transactions to web-based transactions. A technology provider can help determine payments needs and implement a targeted solution. Visit www.alacriti.com/OrbiPay to learn more about EBPP.