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Task 7

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task 7

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Task 7

  1. 1. Piers Morgan FIRED! Friday 14th May 2004 Last night Piers Morgan wassacked as editor of the Daily Mirror. This comes after a crunch meeting with boss Sly Bailey over the Iraq ‘torture’ photographs. Piers had worked there for eight and a half years however this was one action the newspaper could not ignore. Just before he was let go, Piers was asked to say sorry for his actions that gave the paper such a bad name. He refusedand just after 6 o’clock last nightthey sent him packing. Shortly after being fired he spoke to the media. “If nobody knows the provenance of these photographs, why should we apologise?”he said. The pictures Piers published caused so much distress because they are ofBritish soldiers apparently abusing Iraqi prisoners. The Queen's Lancashire Regiment however proved that they were staged and set up a strong campaign over the Mirror's handling of the images.
  2. 2. They also explained how the Mirror put British troops in danger by running the photographs. In one picture a soldier is seen urinating on a hooded man while in another the hooded man is being hit with a rifle in the groin. It is from this where The Sun newspaper had offered a £50,000 reward for “Information about the fake Mirror photos” They took the offer backshortly after Morgan’s firing. Roger Goodman of the regiment said, “It is just a great pity it has taken so long... and that so much damage has been done in the meantime.” The Mirror explained yesterday morning“They were a calculated and malicious hoax.” “The Daily Mirror published in good faith photographs which it absolutely believed were genuine images of British soldiers abusing an Iraqi prisoner”, the newspaper said. The aftermath left Piers Morgan without a job as the paper believed it
  3. 3. would be “Inappropriate for Morgan to continue as editor.” Downing Street were informed however they refused to comment on the topic and left the Mirror to sort their own mess out. Piers’ departure has left many shocked because this morning prior to his late meeting he spoke with such energy and confidence when speaking to ITV. “All I want to say is we published the truth.” “We have revealed a can of worms. If the government chooses to ignore that, it is entirely a matter for them.” He went on to say. From this it explains Piers has not shown any remorse for his actions and believes he did everything properly. Des Kelly, Morgan’s deputy will now replace him in the short term running of the paper. When Kelly spoke out he explained that all the staff were in tears when it was first announced. His colleagues may have been sad to see him leave, however many people agree with the decision to let Piers go. Andrew Neil the former editor of the Sunday times leads the shots fired towards Piers. “This was about the life of British soldiers, and you can't tough it out when you're wrong” Now there will be further investigations into these images and of the British soldiers concerned.