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Sir richard branson (2)

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Sir richard branson (2)

  1. 1. Sir Richard Branson
  2. 2. Having a personality of caring about people is important. Youcan’t be a good leader unless yougenerally like people. That is how you bring out the best in them.‘ Sir Richard Branson
  3. 3. Richard’s Background• Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson• Born in England on July 18 1950• Chairman of the Virgin Group• Net worth approx. $4.2 billion
  4. 4. Richard’s Background• His first business venture was a magazine called Student at the age of 16• He founded Virgin record in 1970- the first of his Virgin ventures
  5. 5. Company Background• Virgin is the leading international investment group• Richard is the driving force at the centre of 150-200 companies, employing more that 50,000 people in 34 countries• Virgin group companies are apart of one big family rather than a hierarchy
  6. 6. How Sir Richard Branson used leadershipconcepts to initiate a specific change initiative.• Sir Richard Branson used leadership concepts in an attempt to alleviate the effects of global warming (committing $3b over the next ten years) by:• Taking risks• Making decisions about entering markets• Exercising foresight and creativity• Employing others• Persuading
  7. 7. Continued• Selling, making things happen• Creating companies• Perceiving business opportunities• Managing the workforce
  8. 8. 3’s- Envision, Engage, Enact• Peter Cammock proposes a three-task model for how to lead with a goal of achieving change. The tasks of the model include “Envisioning”, “Engaging” and “Enacting” (Cammock, 2003).• Sir Richard Branson has adopted Cammock’s 3-stage leadership model in order to bring about change within his organization.• For Sir Richard Branson the vision is the alleviation of global warming. From here support is gained from potential adherents and a deep relationship is formed.• At Virgin Airlines, Sir Richard Branson has informed his staff of the changes that need to occur within the organization to achieve his vision and the employees have agreed to work together toward achieving the vision.
  9. 9. Participative leadership• Participative Leadership is the style of leadership in which the leader involves team members with input to goal setting, problem solving and team building decisions, but retains the final decision making authority.• Branson’s first chunk of advice is to find good people and listen to them. “Assemble a great management team that has a vision, passion and a real sense of ownership,” he says. “Look for leaders who listen - both to employees and customers,” adding further that what results in brilliant customer service and innovative product development are leaders who seek the feedback of their employees and customers.
  10. 10. Continued• “When things start going wrong, it’s often because staff members feel they are being ignored and good ideas are not bubbling to the top,” he says, explaining that the best CEOs are not concerned with the size of their office “or the thickness of the carpet”, and instead place greater emphasis on unearthing what their employees are thinking and feeling.
  11. 11. Sir Richard Branson vs. Alex FergussonSir Richard Branson:• “Laissez-faire” (delegative leadership)What it is• Hands-off typed leadership style• Provides employees with autonomy
  12. 12. Continued• Sir Richard Branson employees only the best employees (people who are highly skilled, experienced, educated, motivated and independent workers who are trustworthy, responsible self-driven, and take great deal of pride in their work). By employing only the cream of the crop he can allow autonomy and trust that they will still do their jobs well.• The organization has room for creativity and flexibility, therefore employees are enabled to have autonomy in their roles.
  13. 13. ContinuedAlex Fergusson:• Autocratic Leadership• Used in organizations such as the military of high-class sports teams. Alex Fergusson, who is the coach of Manchester, united. Alex has led his team to victory in many matches while utilizing autocratic leadership.What is it?• One leader who will make all of the necessary decisions based upon their own judgment and ideas and would rarely take advice from employees within the organization• Adopted in organizations where there is little room for error, and control is essential.• Used in time of pressure of stress (people prefer this method of leadership under these circumstances.
  14. 14. ContinuedWhy is it necessary in Manchester United sports team?• There is little room for error and control is necessary. One mistake could determine the conclusion of the game.