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Contact information:                    Albert Colominas Garcia                   e-mail:     albert.colominas@alumni.esad...
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Albert.colominas cv (english)

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Albert.colominas cv (english)

  1. 1. Contact information: Albert Colominas Garcia e-mail: albert.colominas@alumni.esade.edu Barcelona, 13 of January of 1987 Phone: (0034) 644131726 Adress: C/ Castanyer nº 4, 08022 Barcelona (SPAIN)Im a dynamic team worker with thirst of challenges.Academic Information2011 - 2012 Msc in Marketing Management ESADE Business School Barcelona - Specializations: Trade, CRM and e-Business2006 - 2011 Management of Business Universitat de Barcelona Barcelona - Specializations: Sales & MarketingWork ExperienceMarch’12 Graduate program Coty Beauty Barcelona- Current Product Manager (November 12 - Current): - Responsibilities: Management and control of the product, price, promotion and distribution of adidas fragrances and toiletries in the Spanish market. Merchandising (March - October 12): - Responsibilities: Give brief and evaluate permanent POS furniture with the providers and coordinate implementations with distributors.January’12 Sales and Marketing in a e-Business (Intern) myTaxi Barcelona- April 12 - Responsibilities: Support in the coordination of marketing campaigns, Sales, Customer Relationship management.December11 Project Manager for Looplay Looplay Barcelona- February12 - Responsibilities: Management of the E-Joventut team, sales and relations with E-Joventut the client.IT SkillsProgramming Excel (Advanced), Visual Basic (Low-User)Internet Google Tools (Advanced), Teambox (Advanced), Social NetworksPresentations Power Point (Advanced), Prezi (Advanced)Marketing Nielsen (User), Business Warehouse (User)Language SkillsSpanish NativeCatalan NativeEnglish Advanced IELTS7 N.C, Malta, UKFrench & German Basic German pursued during the master at ESADE Business School. (A1)Additional TrainingSkills SeminarsLuxury & Fashion 3 ECTS SDA Bocconi MilanNegotiation 60 hours IL3 Universitat de BarcelonaTeam Work 60 hours IL3 Universitat de BarcelonaAdditional Work Experience2007 – 2011 Banker as a temporal employee “La Caixa” Barcelona - Responsibilities: Customer attention and sales force.2010 - 2011 Volunteer in a NGO project in Equatorial Guinea [Ells] Equatorial - Responsibilities: Management of funds raising, elaboration of the educational Guinea program, dealing with the consulate.More About MeExtra Curriculum ActivitiesBoard member & marketing team member of E-Joventut. (Consulting team created by ESADE students)HobbiesI am into sports and I often read about compliance, coaching and psychology. Despite I really like moving around, I also enjoy reading outdoorsand hanging out with friends.