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Business Model Knowledge Fair & Book Launch

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On June 19, 2009, we are organizing a gathering of business model innovation practitioners to share knowledge and experience.

The crowning of the day will be the "Business Model Generation" book lunch with a special limited edition for participants.


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Business Model Knowledge Fair & Book Launch

  1. BUSINESS MODEL KNOWLEDGE FAIR Amsterdam, 19. June 2009
  2. “May I have your attention please ?!” Alex Osterwalder, PhD
  3. “Look what is going on at the moment….” Alex Osterwalder, PhD
  4. “Companies rise….”
  5. “And companies (almost) fall…”
  6. “What to do?!”
  7. “HOW can we improve?”
  8. “what we need is a better understanding of BUSINESS MODELS” definition a business model describes the mechanisms of how an organization creates value and derives revenues
  9. “And how do we achieve that?”
  10. “We put a team together…” Me Yves Alan Pat Tim
  11. “…and a platform with over 350 members from all over the world”
  12. “And we write a book!” “Business Model Generation”
  13. “A new type of management book!” “Business Model Generation”
  14. “… a designed & highly visual book”
  15. “… a designed & highly visual book”
  16. “… a practical business book”
  17. “… co-created by practitioners”
  18. “so what‟s the book about?”
  19. “it‟s about a tested approach to business model innovation”
  20. “…used in many organizations around the world”
  21. “So how do we celebrate the publishing of a groundbreaking book?”
  22. “…we come together where it all started”
  23. “… and we share knowledge about business model innovation & meet great people“
  24. “…and learn about…“
  25. “…the business model innovation approach”
  26. “…about successful innovators”
  27. “…about business model patterns”
  28. “…and about business model design” “The only thing not designed is nature” - Dave Kelly IDEO
  29. “All at a great venue on the 19th of June „09*” * Hotel De Goudfazant, Amsterdam
  30. “Don‟t miss it!” http://businessmodelfair.eventbrite.com patrick.van.der.pijl@businessmodelsinc.com
  31. I was created by JAM by the way
  32. “that drawing makes you look better!”
  33. “I hope so!” Alexander Osterwalder, PhD Mail: osterwalder@gmail.com Twitter: “business_design”