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Social Media Week - Austin Texas - 2019 - Alex Brown


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Social Media Week - Austin Texas - 2019 - Alex Brown

  1. 1. 8 Figure Content Marketing Alex Brown - eCommerce Rockstars CoFounder - Dollar Beard Club IG - @eh.brown
  2. 2. Why am I here?
  3. 3. Why am I here? Narcissism I am here to share some of the most important lessons that I learned in bootstrapping an 8-Figure eCommerce business by building a global brand with content marketing
  4. 4. My Promise to You.. If you apply what I am about to share today, you will create wildly successful content and build a great brand This presentation will complement and add value to nearly every other presentation you’ll see this week
  5. 5. But I need share a really Important story Mine
  6. 6. A bit about me... Started early in entrepreneurship in construction Went to college...couldn’t get a job Tried network marketing and other business opportunities
  7. 7. Changing Course I started to work (or even volunteer) for startups and gain actual skills and abilities and network with legit business builders I found my business partner and we started launching Kickstarter campaigns
  8. 8. Failures and Flops I slept in a freaking garage But I learned a lot
  9. 9. $10M in our first year 300M video views 2+ million packages shipped THEN…. It Worked! - Brand Home-Run NO email marketing NO Affiliates Worst Website Ever
  10. 10. I’ve been featured in
  11. 11. Kevin Harrington Dan Bilzerian
  12. 12. Taylor Swift Jack Black
  13. 13. Those are just my IG photos tho… We didn’t really know how to build a business… so… We scaled ALL of our problems with our business - it was a disaster...like really
  14. 14. “The Gods of Viral Video” We started to believe our own BS Content marketing guru fallacy – just another video away
  15. 15. The Video View Fetish Guess who cared most about how many views our videos were getting? We were obsessed vanity metrics We fully lost connection with what our brand was
  16. 16. After a while Nobody gives a SH*IT
  17. 17. The Acquisition Fetish We were acquiring a ton of customers, but they weren’t sticking around long Our organic reach was shrinking If we turned off our ads, we stopped making money (sound familiar?)
  18. 18. The Crossroads Just because everyone knew who we were and we were crushing it with sales… ...Didn’t mean we had a real brand, or a sustainable and sellable business
  19. 19. Content Marketing is POINTLESS Unless… You are building a BRAND
  20. 20. A Brand Drives Content Not the other way around
  21. 21. Building a brand means building a business If your business is built on weak foundations, even the best content in the world won’t save you Also note…A REAL brand is a REAL Business
  22. 22. ● Magic Pills don’t exist – sorry if my presentation title fooled you ● Ads are going to get harder to run and more expensive ● The recession is coming – you need brand equity ● The planet is in crisis mode Why you HAVE to build a brand
  23. 23. The Brand Litmus Test Repeat customers is 25% + of your business coming from repeat buyers? Ezra Firestone - Absolute Legend
  24. 24. ● Getting off the acquisition hamster wheel ● Stacking cash while not feeling like a dick ● More time to spend doing what you love ● Enjoying the present moment ● Creating real impact on the world ● Building an incredible team that you love ● Falling in love with the game of business Real Benefits of Building a Brand
  25. 25. Are you ready for the good sh*t?
  26. 26. The Branding & Content Marketing Process
  27. 27. Why does your brand exist? Why are you building this brand and not something else? Why do you care? Why should someone else care? Start with WHY????
  28. 28. Beard Club Tattoos
  29. 29. You have to connect with a greater Why than making money If that is where you are starting from, that’s cool, but you need to evolve Great brands have great purpose, and all founders have passion More Than Making Money
  30. 30. Start with a Vivid Vision Your brand’s compass You can move mountains It tells the world what you are up to Bring on or avoid the right people - align your team And MUCH more
  31. 31. People want to feel like they are a part of something bigger than themselves “Come with us and don’t be normal” - People want to feel like they aren’t just another number They want to be a part of wicked tribes Be Bold & Stand Out from the Norm
  32. 32. Who is this for? (avatar) What do they care about? How do you want them to see themselves? What are they like? What do they want to be like? WHO?
  33. 33. We started making videos for ourselves We connected with the important few The “kings of viral” content marketing fell flat on their faces when they tried to manufacture it Minimum Viable Audience - Seth Godin
  34. 34. They are the hero, you are their guide Help them discover what they have been all along - guide them on their own journey Be the Guide, not the Hero
  35. 35. What are the underlying currents and connections within your customer communities What would make someone tag their friend that this applies to??? Hijack it! - ride the wave, or modify an existing one until you can stand up on the board Find the “Motorcycle Wave” – Existing Intimacy
  36. 36. Immediate familiarity with the concept Humor to overwrite and hijack that memory Call to action Familiarity and Parody
  37. 37. What can you provide for them to accomplish their goals? What kind of content do they consume? What do you want them to say about your experience? WHAT?
  38. 38. Not usually what you think you’re selling! People don’t want a drill bit, they want a hole…actually, it’s the shelf - or using the shelf OR... the recognition of hanging the shelf Whatare you Really Selling?
  39. 39. Experience bridges Acquisition, Retention and Branding Prioritize building a customer community / media channel component Focus on Residual Influence - the ability to retain the attention trust and loyalty of your customer community over a longer horizon In the next few years, you will not be able to compete without an amazing experience Craft an Incredible Customer Experience
  40. 40. Where to apply these Principles Relationship Building Content Acquisition Content Retention Content
  41. 41. Relationship Building Content Create SOP’s and systems to manage content production and syndication Prepare cross-channel distribution strategy – leverage all channels possible Create channel specific content – leverage your production Optimize the content for each particular medium Use paid media to reach new people Ezra Firestone’s “Smart Social”
  42. 42. Acquisition Content Commercials & paid media ads Produced specifically to make a sale Introduce and explain how your “who, what and why” help your customers achieve their goals
  43. 43. Retention & Win Back Content For customers: “Indoctrination” & education Bring them into your tribe And…. Send content to past purchasers Send content to abandon carts (few people get creative here) Send exclusive content Send sales offers
  44. 44. Prioritize Relationships
  45. 45. This is a Feedback Loop
  46. 46. This is not Rocket Science Get EXCITED about this process Have FUN with this process Get BETTER at this process Be HERE in this process
  47. 47. Do something you’re proud of Don’t just build stuff for the money There is enough Junk in the world already Marketers won the last US election – do NOT take this power lightly. If you are watching this, it means you are more influential than the vast majority of humans on the planet
  48. 48. Being happy… Right here, Right NOW The #1 Reason to build a Real Brand
  49. 49. You can’t be happy and build something great if you don’t care about it I was not happy Connecting the Dots
  50. 50. Your Brand is not your identity You can change paths at any time Your why will change My Personal Realignment
  51. 51. Don’t lose sight of what got you there WHEN you are successful
  52. 52. Thank you for listening! @eh.brown eCommerceRockstars.co info@ecommercerockstars.co