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  1. WelshAmbulance Services NHS Trust
  2. Background National Statistics:- • In the year ending March 2018 an estimated 2 million victims (age 16-59) experienced domestic abuse. 1.3 million women and 695,000 men. • The cost of domestic abuse is estimated to be approx £66bn for victims in England and Wales in the year ending March 2017. • 62% of children living with domestic abuse are directly harmed by the perpetrator of abuse, in addition to the harm caused by witnessing the abuse of others. • On average victims at high risk of serious harm or murder live with domestic abuse for 2-3 years before getting help. Domestic Abuse Bill 2019: Overarching fact sheet. Home Office. Caada (2014), In Plain Sight: Effective help for children exposed to domestic abuse. Bristol: SafeLives (2015), Insights Idva National Dataset 2013-14. Bristol: SafeLives 2
  3. 3 Background (cont)… National Rural Crime Network Research found:- • In rural areas victims stay longer with abusive partners • In 2016 Dyfed Powys Police analysed crime data from 11 Police forces which found that 9.23 domestic abuse offences per 1,000 people were reported in rural areas, compared to 17.92% in towns and cities. • It is more difficult to access support services in the countryside. • Rural areas make it easier for the perpetrator to keep the victim and family more isolated. National Rural Crime Survey 2018.
  4. 4 VAWDASV Violence against Women, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence (Wales) Act 2015 What does the Act do? The Violence against Women, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence (Wales) Act 2015 centres on the PREVENTION of these issues, the PROTECTION of victims and SUPPORT for those affected by these issues. This is regarded as a unique and ground-breaking piece of legislation.
  5. 5 Coercion and Control  Underpins abuse.  Most victims of abuse experience coercive control rather than isolated physical assaults alone.  Victims often state that the coercive control is far more devastating than physical assaults.  Instils fear, dependence, compliance and shame.
  6. 2. Safeguarding Staff in Safeguarding Responsibilities Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust 6 Working Together WAST Safeguarding Team Ask and Act training 999/111/ NHSDW WAST staff facilitate referral pathway Live Fear Free Helpline
  7. 7 Ask and Act • Ask and Act is a Welsh Government policy of targeted enquiry. The term targeted enquiry describes the recognition of indicators of these forms of violence as a prompt for professionals to ask the right questions and take the right action for those affected. Welsh Government 2017.
  8. 8 Ask and Act • Victims want to be asked • May facilitate the process of change • Can reduce the impacts- including death • Signals that our service is somewhere that help can be gained • Reduces the stigma and helps reduce feelings of isolation • Safeguarding children • Good clinical practice • Silence is not neutral
  9. 9 Referral Pathway NHSDW CONCERN IN RELATION TO DOMESTIC ABUSE AND SEXUAL VIOLENCE DA/01 Guide for use—patients and service users
  10. Pathway cont…. 10 Table 2
  11. 11 Live Fear Free Contacts WAST VAWDASV Pathway to Live Fear Free The WAST Pathway for facilitating contact with the specialist services of the Live Fear Free helpline supports the aim of early identification, intervention and support for victims of these issues. Monthly reports are provided to the Safeguarding Team by the Live Fear Free Helpline Manager and the Projects Innovations Manager from Welsh Womens Aid. WAST staff enabled support for 27 victims utilising this pathway in 2018-19. The following graphs and charts illustrate contacts facilitated per Health Board, age range, outcome and victim perpetrator ratio as identified from the contacts facilitated by WAST during this reporting period.
  12. 2. Safeguarding Staff in Safeguarding Responsibilities 12 The Helpline offers support to women, men and children who are, or have suffered from domestic abuse and/or sexual violence. The Helpline also offers support to those experiencing Honour Based Violence, Forced Marriage, FGM, Stalking/Harassment, Trafficking and Prostitution. The Helpline also offers support to those who experience coercive control within a relationship. This became a criminal offence in December 2015. Examples of this behaviour can be financial, emotional, sexual and psychological control. Live Fear Free
  13. 2. Safeguarding Staff in Safeguarding Responsibilities 13 The Helpline is staffed 24 hours a day by fully trained female helpline staff who respond according to caller's needs and may for example:  Listen, support & signpost  Refer survivors (with or without children) to emergency accommodation.  Carry out crisis support, risk assessment and safety planning.  Offer emotional support and (where appropriate) signpost to counselling services.  Refer for face-to-face support via community based drop-in, outreach, advocacy, rape crisis, SARC or counselling services, specialist VAW services in their locality.  Provide information about legal, housing or welfare rights and options and signpost to relevant services and professions.  Signpost callers to online support including help and information leaflets that are all available in different languages. Live Fear Free
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