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Template seed stage investor deck for startups

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This is my idealised template, seed stage, investor pitch deck for founders looking to pitch venture capitalists.

If you are Series-A plus, the format is similar, but much more metric/numbers focused. The more traction you have the less slides you need to write!

Please note it needs to be adjusted for different business models, and designed to suit your branding. The logic of the information you want to communicate is key. The more you make a VC think and have to research, the more likely you are to get a no.

The format was designed as follows:
#1: Basis was from a detailed, private email from one of the absolute top VC and founders in the world on what they want in a deck
#2: My experience reading a whole lot of decks and conversations with founders, thinking what is missing and was good (I.e. how can founders less likely get a no for information reasons)
#3: Referencing all the templates and literature publicly available on best practice. This stands on the shoulders of giants before me.

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Template seed stage investor deck for startups

  1. 1. Logo Template Investor Deck by Alexander Jarvis
  2. 2. Logo Follow and connect with me • @ADJBlog • https://angel.co/alexander-jarvis • sg.linkedin.com/in/alexanderdjarvis/
  3. 3. Logo • This is a guide to writing your initial pitch deck for investors, which you ideally send prior to a meet • This is orientated to Seed stage companies • More detail will be needed when you go further in discussions • It is impossible to have a perfect template • Every business is different, so certain slides such as product will need to be changed to suit your industry/business model • Metrics/KPIs etc all need to be changed to your business model and stage • Appearance matters, change it to suit your brand Notes
  4. 4. Logo Pitch to [Investor] Date: 31 Jan 2014 Company Name Company tag line
  5. 5. Logo Elevator Pitch X for Y: Pitch: Widget is über for food delivery in the home segment Widget is the most convenient way for affluent customers in Singapore to have canned goods delivered to their home at no cost
  6. 6. Logo Summary Category/ Business model • Sector: FinTech • Customer: SME to mid-size enterprise • Revenue model: Transaction fee • Pricing: $4 per transaction, anticipate 5x per year Geographic focus • Current: Singapore (HQ, development in Bangalore) • Future: Malaysia, India and Thailand Stage • Revenue: Not yet • Last fund stage: Angel (Closed Dec 2014) • Founder investment: $50k from CEO Investment sought • Amount: $1m • Structure: Priced round, Series-A • Commitments: $200k from 2 investors Team • Founders: 2 • Staff (Ex founders): 5 (3 FTE and 2 PTE) • Composition: Marketing: 1, Tech: 1, Sales: 0, Other: 0 • # staff convinced to quit their job: 2 (1 in pipeline) Other • Founded: June 2012 • Months live: 3 • Months worked on: 9 Objectives • Desired exit: ~$100m in 5 years
  7. 7. Logo Company History Founded: Mar 2012 Invest: Founder commit $50k Beta launch: Aug 2012 1st paying cust: Sep 2012 20th paying cust: Nov 2012 Milestones Hired CTO: Nov 2012 : : : : : Investors Investor logo Investor logo Investor logo Investor logo Raised • $500k Lead • Jungle Ventures Summary Cap Table Founder • 90% Investor • 10%
  8. 8. Logo Team Founders Key Team Advisors Founder Image CEO John • Role: Manage product, responsible for sales • History: Head of Google product (Finance), Bus dev IBM (EMEA) • Stats: Age: 31, Experience: 15 years • Education: IIT Kampur Founder Image CTO Mary • Role: Core architecture, manage tech team • History: CTO of Kayak, Lead dev of Whoops (Failed startup) • Stats: Age: 29, Experience: 12 years (3yr PHP contribution) • Education: Stanford dropout (Started company) Team Image • Name: Simon Reddy • Role: Lead dev • Experience: 5yr at Yahoo Team Image • Names: Mike Delaney • Role: Lead dev • Experience: 5yr at Yahoo Advisor Image • Name: Man Martell • Role: General help • Position: Growth at Yahoo Advisor Image • Name: Mark Zuck • Role: CTO advise • Position: CEO Facebook
  9. 9. Logo Problem The problem • People eat a lot of food, but get busy and dont have time to buy • No convenient solution exists to have canned food deliver to home on spec, in a timely manner Alternatives • Stores close early and customers are too lazy to go to them on weekends • Services like Taskrabbit are too much work • Most customers presently raid their larder or go hungry Why really needed • Alternatives are severely limited and security is paramount. These are the key drivers we seek to ameliorate Proof • Gartner states 20% of customers aged 20-31 define lack of food options as being a high to medium issue • Early customer feedback has been very positive Source: Support what you have said
  10. 10. Logo Our Unique Solution Our solution • Widget is a mobile and web platform that enables customers to order 28% of most popular canned foods and have it delivered in the metro areas of Singapore faster than any alternative channel • Our cloud based, social, local tech is part of the matrix How we are unique • Faster: Our logistical route planning tech enables food to be delivered in under an hour. Other providers use old tech and so can’t respond as fast • Dynamic pricing: Links to suppliers How much better • Faster: we are 3x faster than Tesco • Cheaper: we are 15% cheaper than lowest cost alternative Special sauce • Our CTO has built the platform before in another industry and can continually iterate to keep ahead of competition. We will be 2 years ahead of any new entrant given the dev time requirement Source: Support what you have said
  11. 11. Logo • What is specific to your business that will enable you to beat competition • e.g. 2 years ahead in research • What competitive moats / barriers to entry can you create • e.g. exclusivity with suppliers • Do you have unfair advantages? • e.g. Dad is Finance minister and will block entrants Unfair Advantage
  12. 12. Logo Product - [Key Functionality] Product screenshot • Search: Find food you want using NLP • Track: Logistic engine tracks time to delivery dynamically • Sort: Find what your want by category • Schedule: Pick the time that suits the customer best
  13. 13. Logo Product - [Category mix] Product screenshot • Supplier relationships: depth of contacts across manufacturers • Supply chain management: API to multiple providers to update availability • Inventory forecasting: able to predict popular items to ensure stock availability • Promotions: Easily push promotions based on forecasting tool
  14. 14. Logo Customer Traction Context • Months live: 5 • Paid marketing months: 3 (Small tests) Traffic • Uniques (Monthly): 15k • Direct: 35% Conversion • Trial to paid: 15% Marketing • Paid spend: $3k • CAC: $25 Users • Signups: 20 • Paying: 5 Revenue • MRR: $5k • MRR growth: 22% • ARPU: $12 Customers • Major pilot with Taobao to sell to merchants in discussion
  15. 15. Logo Market Size Opportunity $2bn $1bn$5bn TAM SAM SOM Assumptions Assumptions Assumptions • Top down research • Bottom up analysis • Top down research • Bottom up analysis • Bottom up analysis Source: Support what you have said
  16. 16. Logo Competitive Landscape Fast Slow High Value Low Value Widget Comp Comp Comp Comp Comp Comment Comment Comment Source: Support what you have said
  17. 17. Logo How we are Different to Competition Competitor logo • $25m • Accel • e.ventures • Focused on reclusive aristocrats in NYC • Our platform is more dynamic and scalable due to scalable core architecture (Mongo, Scala, AngularJS) Competitor logo • $2m • Red Point • Malaysian focus, similar to our market • More experienced team • Better UI/X Competitor logo • $500k • Angels • Focus • Differences Competitor logo • x • Focus • Differences Competitor Funding Focus Difference Source: Support what you have said
  18. 18. Logo Timing and Trends Trend Implication Trend Trend Trend Trend Trend • What are the key trends supporting this business • Why is the market ready • Why will customers flock to the new offering • Why is the timing right • What has changed to enable this model to work (e.g. server costs, social media, mobile penetration) Source: Support what you have said
  19. 19. Logo Go to Market Strategy • Initial customer focus • Contacts you have to leverage • Focused group to get traction with • Comments on their problem and how solve and how access • Use of upset and expansion across lines • Categories of customers targeted and via what channels (as applicable) • County focused on • Countries focused on • Regional/global focus • How get initial traction • Finding evangelists • How acquired • How acquire customers • What channels • How do marketing • Marketing strategies • Strategic partnerships, channe sales etc • Marketing strategies • Integrations etc Salesand Channels Target Region TargetClients andOffering Traction Build Scale Source: Support what you have said
  20. 20. Logo Transaction fee $4 $4 $4 Subscription fee None $29 p/m per user $59 p/m per user + $1k per annum Target Market / Segmentation Affluent professionals Up to 50 employee companies Up to 200 employee MNCs CAC/LTV • CAC: $25 • LTV: $110 • CAC: $25 • LTV: $110 • CAC: $25 • LTV: $110 Offering • Basic service • 1 hour service • Monthly billing • 45min service • Itemised billing • 30min service Individual SME Enterprise Business / Revenue Model
  21. 21. Logo Financials 0 50 100 150 200 250 2015 2016 2017 2018 Transaction Advertising Revenue Forecast Metric 2015 2016 2017 2018 Revenue $500k $2m $10m $75m EBITDA ($1m) ($6m) ($1m) $12m EBITDA Margin NM (70%) (30%) 16% Funding $1m $5m $15m $40m Key Metrics
  22. 22. Logo Financing Round Raise • $2m Targeted Close • March 2015 (3 months) Structure • Priced equity round • Preference shares • 1x liquidation preference • Other standard terms (e.g. board seat for lead investor) Desired investor • Undersand food market, wide network in SEA Commitments • Soft commitments of $200k from Index and Kite Ventures • Looking for lead investor Application • Runway: 18 months (Assuming no revenue) • Founder salaries (p/m): $7k • Marketing: 30% (Paid Facebook) • Tech development: 20% (Hire 5 more developers) • Other staff and HR: 20% (Hire Head of Sales) • G&A: 30% (Expand to new office and add new servers)
  23. 23. Logo Funding Milestones to be Achieved Financial • Revenue: $1.2m ARR in June 2016 (9 months) • Revenue: $1.2m ARR in Dec 2016 (15 months) HR • Hire Head of Sales (End of 2015) • Add 5 developers (Mid 2015) • Hire 2 performance marketers (Mid 2015) Product • Expand feature set to meet enterprise customer needs • Develop logistics engine Marketing / Sales • Hit 200 paying customers (June 2015) and 500 (Dec 2015) • Reduce CAC to $50 in individual channel and $250 in enterprise Operations • Relocate to Singapore (Mid 2015) • Expand to Thailand (Dec 2015)
  24. 24. Contact Jim Jones CEO jim@jones.com Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/jimjones