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Twine pitch deck

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Here's the deck Twine, founded in 2013, used to raise $500k in seed funding. They are graduates from Seedcamp and have raised a total of $1.1m to date.

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  • Hey guys! Who wants to chat with me? More photos with me here 👉 http://www.bit.ly/katekoxx
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  • Thanks for sharing Alexander. For some extra information about our deck: https://www.twine.fm/blog/pitch-deck-used-to-raise-a-million/
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Twine pitch deck

  1. 1. twine
  2. 2. www.twine.fm Opportunity 1. SMEs spend 32% of their marke8ng budget on content marke8ng – £400 billion per year 2. Freelancing in the crea8ve industry is growing at 25% per year
  3. 3. www.twine.fm Problem Content is essen8al to the success of companies. They need audio-visual content to engage and delight their customers
  4. 4. www.twine.fm Problem Crea8ve freelancers struggle to build a network and find paid work
  5. 5. www.twine.fm Introducing Twine Twine is the marketplace that connects companies to a huge network of crea8ve freelancers in design, music and film Companies post project briefs for audio-visual content that our community can pitch on
  6. 6. www.twine.fm An audio-visual por@olio plaIorm makes hiring crea8ves easier than on other marketplaces Crea8ves behind the scenes (producers, vocalists, crew) can be credited on a project and build their porIolio Introducing Twine
  7. 7. www.twine.fm Phase 1 Grew the supply of the marketplace to 175,000 creaEves registered in 169 countries: • 30% US • 10% UK70,000 125,000 180,000 Apr 15 Jun 16 Complete
  8. 8. www.twine.fm Phase 2 £12k of project briefs added in September Our exis8ng crea8ves fulfilling the demand 30 60 90 28 May 9 Jul Currently growing the demand side – SMEs Started
  9. 9. www.twine.fm Companies post project briefs with a budget Twine takes a 20% commission for facilita8ng the hire and payment process Business Model User-ra8ngs and project milestones create trust and reduce plaIorm circumven8on
  10. 10. www.twine.fm Route to Market Small companies that need crea8ves “Google it”, with over 2 million searches per month TargeEng start-ups in fashion and tech who need content through search and content marke8ng 41,000 localised landing pages for organic search
  11. 11. www.twine.fm Team Stuart Logan Founder and CEO • Second 8me founder • Founded ad-tech company to £1.4m gross annual revenue Damien Shiells Co-Founder and CTO • Worked with Stuart for 4 years • BEng in Computer Science 5 full-8me staff: CEO, CTO, System Architect, Community & UX Designer Investor Investor AXM VC Investor
  12. 12. Figures and Data twine a few extra things you will want to know
  13. 13. www.twine.fm CompeEEon Social Marketplace twine
  14. 14. www.twine.fm Feedback “The great thing about Twine is that it allows you to work with crea8ve people all over the world, which gives you a 24 hour momentum, which is amazing” We have a Slack channel dedicated to user feedback. Just ask if you want to see it. They love Twine. “I think this is going to become one of the best tools in the industry if it isn't already.” ENL1TE - Mul6-pla6num award winning music producer
  15. 15. www.twine.fm Mission What we try to do every day: 1. Help crea8ves find success 2. Give buyers a smooth, quality, service