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Visual Rhetoric, Jan 17, 13

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Visual Rhetoric, Jan 17, 13

  1. 1. TODAY1. Icebreaker: guilty pleasure2. Defining Visual Rhetoric3. Design Task Zero4. Homework
  2. 2. Ice breakingFor today, I want each of you to sayyour name and share with the groupone of your “guilty pleasures,” which,of course, are things you enjoy thatyou’re either slightly embarrassed byor don’t think your friends would findcool.
  3. 3. Defining visual rhetoricOur starting point for thesemester will be this:defining visual rhetoric. I’llbe opening a Worddocument to take notes aswe talk. But first, a few quickslides with some elements toconsider.
  4. 4. Rhetoric is……"the faculty of discovering in anyparticular case all of the availablemeans of persuasion.”-Aristotle…”the basic function of rhetoric [is]the use of words by human agents toform attitudes or to induce actions inother human agents.”-BurkeMore! And citation for these two.
  5. 5. And Visual…Adjective1.of or pertaining to seeing or sight: a visual image.2.used in seeing: the visual sense.3.optical.4.perceptible by the sense of sight;visible: a visual beauty.5.perceptible by the mind; of the nature of a mental vision: a visual impression captured in a line of verse.
  6. 6. YOUR DEFINITION HERE.See Dr. Phill’s Tumblr forlinks to a few things toread as you form yourdefinitions.
  7. 7. So let’s talk about why The visual mattersOne of the easiest places togo to see the essence ofvisual rhetoric is to look atposters. Let’s look at a seriesof movie posters from thelast year, compliments ofEmpire magazine.
  8. 8. And from that…Let’s work on design activity one. Turnto the website atphillalexander.com/vis. Notice that theheader is… not fantastic.Please form groups so that someone inyour group knows how to use eitherInDesign or Photoshop to the pointthat you can edit images.Group up– no less than 2, no morethan 3.
  9. 9. Make a better banner!Thinking about what we’ve discussed so far,make a more compelling, useful, visuallypleasing banner for the course website.The image needs to be 160 pixels high andshould be roughly 1200 wide (though it canrepeat, or be shorter).
  10. 10. For Next Time For Tuesday:Read: Wysocki “The Multiple Media of Texts” and“With Eyes That Think and Compose and Think,”Barthes “Rhetoric of the Image,” Benjamin “TheWork of Art in the Era of MechanicalReproduction,” (all on Niihka) and Kress“Reading Images”Remember your design task, your readingresponse (make sure for next week you respondto THIS set of readings), and don’t forget to workon the InDesign tutorials.