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Prezentare pietroasele, engleză, grupa 8113 Management USAMV

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Pentru examenul la engleză.

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Prezentare pietroasele, engleză, grupa 8113 Management USAMV

  1. 1. Pietroasele is a commune in Buzău country, Romania, known for its vinezards. The name can be translated as "the rockies". The commune is composed of six villages: Câlţeşti, Clondiru de Sus, Dara, Pietroasa Mică, Pietroasele and Şarânga. It became famous with the discovery in 1837 of the Treasury Pietroasa composed of several pieces of gold and precious stones. The Romanian historian Alexandru Odobescu wrote a book on the archaeological discovery. The Pietroasele Treasure, an Ostrogothic hoard uncovered in 1837 by local villagers, is on display at the National Museum of Romanian History, in Bucharest. The original gold hoard, discovered within a large ring barrow known as "Istriţa hill" near Pietroasele, is a late fourth-century Gothic treasure that included some twenty-two objects of gold, among the most famous examples of the polychrome style of migration perios art. The total weight of the find was approximately 20 kilograms. Of the twenty-two pieces, only twelve have survived, conserved at the National Museum of National History, in Bucharest: a large eagle-headed fibula and three smaller ones encrusted with semi-precious stones; a patera, or round sacrificial dish, modelled with Orphic figures surrounding a seated three-dimensional goddess in the center; a twelve-sided cup, a ring with a gothic runic inscription, a large tray, two other necklaces and a pitcher. A Dacian fortress is located at 1,5 km north of Pietroasa Mică village. Ruins of a third-fourth century AD roman castra and thermae were discovered in the area in the 1980s. Tătaru Petru Alexandru, 8113 Pietroasele