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  1. Request for Proposal (RFP) GA Department – Procurement 2019 IT Department – Penetration Testing for Moringa
  2. BACKGROUND 1. Confidentiality This request for proposal document and all information provided are strictly confidential. No part of this proposal be communicated, quoted or reproduced for distribution outside PT Chubb Life Insurance Indonesia without prior written approval of PT Chubb Life Insurance Indonesia. 2. Cost of the proposal We ask you to reply to this Request for Proposals in strict compliance with the rules and specifications below :  Bidders will bear all costs incurred in connection with their proposals, including but not limited to :  Revision to the Request for Proposals, and  Preparation of the proposal and all negotiations with GA Department – Procurement  The foregoing shall apply even if an agreement is subsequently signed between the parties  No claim shall be made by bidders against GA Department concerning the Request for Proposals or any other aspect of the bidding process RFP Conditions
  3. Penetration Testing for Moringa Microsite 1. Context  The following Request for Proposals is launched by GA Department - Procurement  The purpose of it is to select a bidder able to propose an adapted service to provide penetration testing for Moringa Microsite: 1. Technology: • To perform penetration testing to Moringa Microsite based on attach IT Security Checklist RFP Generalities
  4. Penetration Testing for Moringa Microsite 2. Practical details All questions dealing with this RFP should be addressed by e-mail to : Cyntia Ongkowijoyo : and copied (cc) to : Benhard Hutasoit : Answers to your questions shall be provided as promptly as possible by GA Department in the case a question were relevant for every bidders present in the RFP, GA Department may communicate the answer to all the participants. RFP Generalities
  5. Timeline 3. Timetable for the RFP  Posting of RFP to Vendor by GA Department – Procurement : 04 Oct 2019  RFP clarification: 07 Oct – 09 Oct 2019  Proposal submission: 10 Oct 2019  Estimated Vendor selection: 14 Oct 2019 4. Description for the RFP 1. Proposal in English or Bahasa 2. Proposal send in sealed envelopes with details:  Commercial Proposal (with pricing) consist of : Soft Copy By e-mail  Technical Proposal (without pricing) consist of : Soft Copy By e-mail RFP Generalities
  6. General Affair Department (GA) – Procurement : Cyntia Ongkowijoyo : PT Chubb Life Insurance Indonesia Chubb Square 6th floor, Jl. MH. Thamrin No. 10 Jakarta 10230 Email : Telp : +62 21 2356 8888 Fax : +62 21 2356 8889 Contacts
  7. Request for Proposal (RFP) By End User
  8. SCOPE OF WORK / SERVICE  Deliverables: • To conduct penetration testing for Moringa Microsite • To deliver required documentation (Penetration Testing Scenario, Penetration Testing Result) All softcopy documents are in MS Word file format. Supplemental documents such as flow charts, images, wireframe, mockups are in the respective editable format.
  9. SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENT Target go live date: 15 November 2019
  10. Request for Proposal (RFP) By Vendor
  11. PREPARE & PROVIDE 1. SLA (Service Level Agreement) – free text upon the project 2. NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) 3. Business Partner Information Request Form (Vendor Due Diligence) 4. Vendor ABC Statement Please send to us the company document separately with proposal in sealed envelopes with detail:  Proposal as mentioned above in slide 4 “Description for the RFP”  Company Documents in 1 Hardcopy and 1 Softcopy (CD if the files more than 4MB or by email if the files less than 4MB) All the documents please send to us with address as mentioned above in slide 5 “Contacts”
  12. CONTRACTUAL RELATIONSHIP 1. A standard services agreement is proposed to you (for appoint vendor only) 2. Please share your remarks/ comment if you have some 3. Without any feedback from you, the standard clauses will be considered as being accepted by the bidders 4. Once a decision has been made, the selected bidder is committed to accept the clauses on which he/she did not express any comments in due time
  14. Chubb. Insured.