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Bake Dec - Report.pptx

  1. Rami Bajjali CO-FOUNDER Ayman Sandouka CO-FOUNDER SHEIKH JARRAH 85, JERUSALEM +972.052.882.0585 Dec Marketing Report Bake Dec 2022
  2. Hi! Here is your social media report dec 2022 Report by: Ali Embaby
  3. Dec Monthly Highlights Highlights Post # 14 The number of posts created Reach 123,059 The number of people your posts reached Video Views # 61,720 The number of times your video was played for 3 seconds. Engagement 4,074 The total number of actions that people took on your Facebook Page and its posts, attributed to your ads. Growth (fb) 570 The number of new page likes to your facebook page Impression 1,077,257 The number of times that your adverts were on-screen. Mess # - The number of leads generated through messages, and comments. KPI’s % - The percentage achieved based on agreed KPI’s Budget Spent: ₪1500
  4. Campaigns: Campaign Objectives: Engagement, video views and growth Campaigns. Budget Spent: ₪3700
  5. Ad Sets for engag Campaign: Our Goal: get high sm interaction. We created 2 engag campaigns one for normal posts and the second one for world cup posts. Budget Spent: ₪1600
  6. Ads on 1st Ad set: Budget Spent: ₪1,033
  7. Ads on world cup campaign: Budget Spent: ₪574
  8. Ad Sets for views Campaign: Our Goal: get views. We use 1 ad set for targeted audience. Budget Spent: ₪1,042
  9. Ads on views campaign: note: we paused all top performing ads to give a chance for all products to get the attention. Budget Spent: ₪1,042
  10. Ad Sets for growth Campaign: Our Goal: increase ou facebook fanbase. Budget Spent: ₪1,032
  11. Ads on growth campaign: Budget Spent: ₪1,032
  12. Thank you.