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Your Company Culture is Awesome, But Company Culture is a Lie

All Things Open 2014 - Day 2
Thursday, October 23rd, 2014

Pamela Vickers
Software Developer with Big Nerd Ranch, Atlanta Rails Girls
Your Company Culture is Awesome (But is Company Culture a Lie?)

Find more by Pamela here: https://speakerdeck.com/pwnela

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Gratuit avec un essai de 30 jours de Scribd

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Your Company Culture is Awesome, But Company Culture is a Lie

  1. Your Company Culture is “Awesome” (But is company culture a lie?) All Things Open 2014 Pamela O. Vickers, @pwnela
  2. “Company Culture”
  3. Acme Co. #1 “useful, funny, cool”
  4. Acme Co. #2 “unique”
  5. Acme Co. #3 “best culture in town”
  6. Acme Co. #3 (cont.) “Call of Duty”
  7. The “best culture in town” sounds a lot like...
  8. Acme Co. #4 “ping pong”
  9. Which reminds me...
  10. Acme Co. #5 “wtf”
  11. Acme Co. #6 “extended hours, as needed”
  12. Acme Co. #7 “code quality, testing, peer reviews, collaboration"
  13. Acme Co. #8 “happy developers”
  14. “great"
  15. “awesome"
  16. “best in town"
  17. “The Most Important Optimization: Happiness” by Ernie Miller
  18. PERMA Martin Seligman
  19. P positive emotion
  20. E engagement
  21. R relationships
  22. M meaning
  23. A achievement
  24. P positive emotion
  25. “How Perks Can Divide Us” by Melissa Santos & Rafe Colburn
  26. “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” R. Buckminster Fuller
  27. P == ERMA
  28. E engagement
  29. M meaning
  30. A achievement
  31. E engagement
  32. M meaning
  33. A achievement
  34. “but”
  35. bad communication kills engagement
  36. bad/unavailable tools kills engagement
  37. impossible deadlines kills engagement, prevents achievement
  38. boring domain no meaning, kills engagement
  39. ambiguous ethical domain no (good) meaning,
  40. “no one is going to use this” no meaning, no engagement, no achievement
  41. “The life of a programmer is mostly a never-ending struggle.”
  42. “learning new things…”
  43. “…battling against our own ignorance.”
  44. “If you write code, you will struggle.”
  45. “…without getting (too) frustrated.” Aaron Hillegass
  46. Engagement Meaning Achievement challenging challenging interesting “Has a degree of complexity” “Is autonomous” inspirational innovative innovative practical community-building beneficial epic important finite finite short successful “clear relationship between work and reward”
  47. E + M == A == (more)P
  48. (more letter math)
  49. A - (E + M)== ❌ == 😿
  50. (E + M) > ☕
  51. “but"
  52. Does the product owner respond to questions and/or requests in a reasonable time frame?
  53. Does the product owner respect the developing team members?
  54. Does the product owner appreciate and value the work done by the developing team?
  55. Does the product owner follow (within reason) the process outlined by the developing team?
  56. Is the product owner pleasant to work with in general?
  57. And do we, as the developers, have the resources needed to to move the project forward?
  58. R relationships
  59. Things That Suck™
  60. (via http://notquittingmydayjob.com)
  61. “fine”
  62. culture.pluralsight.com
  63. “…people are still going to hesitate to talk about the tough stuff.”” Keith Sparkjoy
  64. The Five Whys
  65. “The car won’t start.”
  66. “The car won’t start.” “Why?”
  67. “The battery is dead.”
  68. “The battery is dead.” “Why?”
  69. “The alternator isn’t working.”
  70. “The alternator isn’t working.” “Why?”
  71. “The alternator belt wasn’t replaced.”
  72. “The alternator belt wasn’t replaced.” “Why?”
  73. “The car isn’t being maintained well.”
  74. “The car isn’t being maintained well.” “Oh.”
  75. culture.pluralsight.com
  76. “but”
  77. Acme Co. #7 “code quality, testing, peer reviews, collaboration"
  78. Acme Co. #7 “We look for people who are really smart, really nice and who want to solve big problems…”
  79. 💥boom💥
  80. 💥boom💥
  81. You get the idea.
  82. 👏👏👏
  83. 👍deliberate culture👍
  84. 👎passive culture👎
  85. “awesome”
  86. Thank you.
  87. Pamela O. Vickers @pwnela