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T 1 MT assignment project-Gr1.pptx

  1. RECYCLING Y E A R 2 / G R A D E 1
  2. TO RECYCLE AND REUSE THE WASTE MATERIALS I C A N P R O D U C E A N I N N O VAT I V E P R O J E C T F R O M W A S T E M AT E R I A L S Success criteria Learning Objectiv e
  3. TARGETS • 1) DIY and life skills • 2) Writing and research skills • 3) Creativity • 4) Critical thinking
  4. DEAR PARENTS • The children are now asked to complete a thematic project which will count as 100 marks, 10 FOR EACH SUBJECT towards their end of trimester 1 grade. • The children are asked to do a project which should be made BY THE STUDENT • Students can record a short video white building their project and can speak abut it then present in front of their classmates. • The hand in date for the project is 5 / Nov /2022 Thank you very much for your attention and cooperation
  5. How to relate it to the subjects MATHS: what are the 2D or 3 D shapes that you have used e.g. (tissue cylinders …….) English: List the names of the materials used then write clear step by step instructions on how to make it Science: The usage of the materials
  6. Arabic: write the benefits of your recycled project Non-Arab: List the names of the materials used to make the project and their colours
  7. Art: Draw the shapes according to the final sketch Design and technology: Design a shape with the waste materials (a link for an explanatory video will be shared). gF6U8MoQ
  8. Islamic : Find Hadeeth Sharif about cleanliness or saving the environment ASS: Find one of Sheikh Zayed’s sayings about recycling or saving the environment
  9. Rubrics Excellent