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10 Tech Predictions for 2015 From the Guy Who Is 94% Accurate

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You'd be pretty remiss in ignoring the predictions of the guy who is 94% right...

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10 Tech Predictions for 2015 From the Guy Who Is 94% Accurate

  1. 1. 10 Tech Predictions for 2015 From the Guy That Is 94%Accurate Image credit: CC by Adam MeekPresented by
  2. 2. We humans seem to love two things in particular this time of year: lists and predictions. If we can get both in one shot, that’s even better. Every year, Mark Anderson, CEO of Strategic News Service – a must-read for industry leaders and venture capitalists, offers his ten predictions for the upcoming year – and over the ten years that he’s been doing this, he has enjoyed a 94% accuracy rate. What’s up for the upcoming year? According to Anderson, Apple will be fine, but not Samsung, and it may well be the Year of the Copiers, and the Copiers will be going after the Creators. “Alibaba flourished in a protected garden, then made its money in NYC (meaning the IPO) – and now they’re going after Amazon. The global economy will shrink as Copiers grow and Innovators go away. The Copier isn’t as innovative as the Creator.” As quantum computing is figured out, it’ll all move fast, thanks to neuromorphic chips. “Elon Musk is worried and rightly so. Right now, we can unplug. What we have today is rinky dink in comparison, and the tools are pathetic.” CLICK HERE FOR THE 10 PREDICTIONS YOU CAN BANK ON FOR 2015
  3. 3. Digital currencies multiply, then will go nowhere. They need power and strength of governments behind them; not to mention armies. Image credit: CC by The U.S. Army
  4. 4. VISIT http://www.alleywatch.com/ 2014/12/10-predictions-for-2015-from- the-guy-is-94-accurate/ FOR THE FULL LIST