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Using social media for internal communication

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Using social media for internal communication

  1. 1. @AllthingsIC www.allthingsic.comRachel MillerInternal communication andSocial media strategistUsing socialmedia forinternalcommunication
  2. 2. @AllthingsIC www.allthingsic.comOur menu for todayBack to the futureBeing socially savvyBenefits of social media for IC
  3. 3. “Everything that can be invented hasbeen invented”Charles Holland Duell. Commissioner of US patents
  4. 4. @AllthingsIC www.allthingsic.comWestern Union memo, 1876“This „telephone‟ idea has too manyshortcomings to be seriously consideredas a means of communication”
  5. 5. @AllthingsIC www.allthingsic.com
  6. 6. @AllthingsIC www.allthingsic.com“I think there is a world marketfor maybe five computers”Thomas J Watson, head of IBM, 1943
  7. 7. 500m computers in the world = 1 billion users(and this figure doesn‟t include smart phones= 1.5bn)
  8. 8. @AllthingsIC www.allthingsic.com“Who in the hell wantsto hear actors talk?”Harry Warner, founder of Warner Brothers, 1927
  9. 9. @AllthingsIC www.allthingsic.com“Internal commspros are nowcurators notcreators”
  10. 10. @AllthingsIC www.allthingsic.com
  11. 11. @AllthingsIC www.allthingsic.com
  12. 12. @AllthingsIC www.allthingsic.comAre you socially savvy?
  13. 13. @AllthingsIC www.allthingsic.com@briansoliswww.briansolis.com
  14. 14. • Opening up new feedback channels• Encouraging collaboration and communicationacross silos and geographies• Horizontal networking, by breaking downhierarchies• Being all encompassing and interactive• Approachability: Employees pick and choosewho and what to engage with@AllthingsIC www.allthingsic.comBenefits of using social media in organisationsRachel Miller, Share This: The Social Media Handbook for PR Professionals, Wiley, 2012
  15. 15. @AllthingsIC www.allthingsic.comSocial media: the evidenceOrganisations must make “substantial organisational and culturalchanges by transforming their structures, processes and cultures”If your organisation:Is openNon-hierarchicalCreates a cultureof trustYou can improve productivity bybetween 20-25 per cent byimproving communication andcollaboration using socialtechnologiesThe Social Economy: Unlocking Value and Productivity Through Social Technologies,McKinsey & Co, 2012
  16. 16. How social is your communication?“Organisationsdon‟ttweet, people do”Euan Semple @euan“We welcome your feedback”…but will edit, moderate, remove and ban itor not give you an option to have your say
  17. 17. When companies use social media internallyMessages become contentA searchable record of knowledge can reducetime employees spend searching forcompany information (up to 35%)Additional value can be realised throughfaster, more efficient, more effectivecollaboration both within and betweenenterprises.@AllthingsIC www.allthingsic.comThe Social Economy: Unlocking Value and Productivity Through Social Technologies,McKinsey & Co, 2012
  18. 18. Enterprise social network (ESN) options• Chatter (Salesforce.com)• IBM Connections• Jive• Lync• Newsgator• SharePoint• Snapcomms• Socialcast• Yammer@AllthingsIC www.allthingsic.comIdeally done, ESNs enhance business within companies by bringing peopletogether to communicate, for the benefit of themselves and theorganisation. These connections are achieved via high collaborationsoftware and using social tools.
  19. 19. Back to the future?@AllthingsIC
  20. 20. “By 2016 enterprisesocial networks willbecome the primarycommunicationchannels fornoticing, deciding oracting oninformation relevantto work activities”@AllthingsIC Gartner analysts report, 2013
  21. 21. However, Gartner alsobelieves that between nowand the end of 2015,80 per cent of socialnetwork efforts within theenterprise will not achievethe intended benefits dueto inadequate leadershipand overemphasis ontechnology@AllthingsIC Gartner analysts report, 2013
  22. 22. “Companies need to adopt anapproach that engages workersand pulls them in, rather thansimply have the technologypushed onto them”Gartner analysts report, 2013@AllthingsIC
  23. 23. @AllthingsIC www.allthingsic.com“Leaders need to develop a social business strategy thatmakes sense for the organisation.Just sponsoring a social project is not enough -managers need to demonstrate their commitment”@AllthingsIC Gartner analysts report, 2013
  24. 24. For most companies the potential benefitsof social technologies remain “largelyuntapped”Average worker spends 28 per cent of workweek managing email and nearly 20 per centlooking for internal info/tracking downcolleagues to help with specific tasks@AllthingsIC Gartner analysts report, 2013
  25. 25. @AllthingsIC www.allthingsic.com• Personal use builds confidence forprofessional use• Experiencing new channels yourselfequips you to make smart businessdecisions• To grow your network, e.g. LinkedIngroups or Twitter chats10 reasons why IC pros should participate in social media 1/3
  26. 26. @AllthingsIC www.allthingsic.com• Thousands of interesting articles, people andresources at fingertips• Your employees are already using social media• Information and relationships improve personaland professional development• Employee expectations mean real timecommunication is the norm10 reasons why IC pros should participate in social media 2/3
  27. 27. • External and internal comms teams need towork together to know what communities aresaying• The world of comms moves fast. Participatingenables you to keep up with the pace of change• Job hunting: your social profiles, such asLinkedIn allow potential employers to discoveryour skills and interests@AllthingsIC www.allthingsic.com10 reasons why IC pros should participate in social media 3/3
  28. 28. Behaviours and values
  29. 29. Social media isn‟t a magic cure@AllthingsIC www.allthingsic.com
  30. 30. @AllthingsIC@AllthingsIC www.allthingsic.comWho is doing what? Case studies can be foundatwww.allthingsic.com/blog
  31. 31. Keep in touchGoogle „Rachel Miller‟linkedin.com/in/rachelmiller01Pinterest.com/AllthingsICwww.allthingsic.comrachel@allthingsic.comStorify.com/AllthingsIC@AllthingsIC@AllthingsIC www.allthingsic.com