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Press Kit - Alstom Infrastructure

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Alstom has developed strong know-how for the design, supply, construction, tests and commissioning of railway infrastructure.

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Press Kit - Alstom Infrastructure

  1. 1. Alstom Communications Contents P. 2/ Railway infrastructure: a sound market with huge opportunities P. 2-4/ Alstom portfolio of infrastructure solutions becomes broader P. 5/ Crossrail, a showcase of Alstom infrastructure solutions Alstom has developed strong know-how for the design, supply, construction, tests and commissioning of railway infrastructure The infrastructure market represents around 20%1 of the railway market, of which around 70% is accessible. The accessible market for infrastructure remains smaller than for rolling stock and signalling, as some countries apply more protectionism and a lot of the maintenance is performed by the operators only. The infrastructure accessible market is growing at a steady rate of 3.3% per year is expected to increase by 2019 due to the opening of some countries. Alstom has a complete range of solutions and proposes a large portfolio for infrastructure. 1 All data of this section are taken from UNIFE report (September 2014) PRESS KIT
  2. 2. 2 Railway infrastructure: a sound market with huge opportunities The market is divided into two main domains: electrification and superstructure, i.e. track. The electrification part represents 20% of it. Between 2017 and 2019, the electrification market should grow by 4.5% a year thanks to programmes across Europe (UK and Poland), Russia (Moscow ring and very high speed lines construction) and USA (urban projects). The track market will grow at an annual rate of 3%. 75% of all infrastructure works are performed on mainlines and freight lines. This market is growing by 3% every year. With the perspective of new very high speed lines (UK, Sweden, USA…), UNIFE is forecasting an 8.6% growth in electrification, and 4% in track. As the tramway market is booming, tram electrification is increasing by 7.2% yearly. Europe remains the largest market for infrastructure and is expected to increase by 3.4% per year, driven by national programmes, especially in the UK and the Nordics. The emerging regions are undergoing a high yearly growth, especially in Latin America (+ 10%), Middle East and Africa (+4.9%) and CIS (+ 9.7%). USA and India will be the main markets in the coming years. Infrastructure accessible market by region between 2017 and 2019 (25 billion euros) The infrastructure market is also supported by the rise of turnkey projects. The share of these projects (15% today) in the infrastructure business will double in the next three years, notably thanks to projects in emerging areas. Alstom portfolio of infrastructure solutions becomes broader Alstom portfolio of infrastructure solutions has been expanded over the last few years and can be proposed as separate lots or in the frame of turnkey systems. Alstom is able to offer electrification solutions (feeding systems and power supply systems), track (concrete slab track) and infrastructure equipment (depot equipment, tunnel ventilation, escalators, ticketing, platform screen doors…) – either for new lines, extensions and refurbishments or maintenance, and both for urban and mainline projects. Alongside its expertise in the execution of track, electrification and electromechanical equipment projects, Alstom develops innovative infrastructure solutions to achieve reduced costs, faster delivery or improved energy efficiency of urban transport projects. 1,6 3,3 8,4 1,1 2,1 6,1 LAM APAC Europe France MEA NAM
  3. 3. 3 APS, Alstom’s ground-level power supply solution, is one of its flagship solutions for tramways. With this catenary-free solution, the power is supplied to the tram through a segmented street-level power rail. The conductive segments are switched on only when the tram fully covers them, ensuring total safety for pedestrians and all road users. The power is picked up by contact shoes located under the vehicle, on the tram’s central bogie. APS helps preserve the beauty of the urban environment while guaranteeing the same performance as overhead contact lines. Last year, Alstom delivered and commissioned the world’s first 100% catenary-free line with Dubai tramway. Lately, Alstom has introduced to the market another electrification solution: SRS, an innovative ground- based static charging system for trams and electric buses equipped with onboard energy storage. This solution is derived from APS, with the same functional and safety principles. It is designed to recharge electric vehicles’ supercapacitors or batteries in less than 20 seconds at passenger stops or within a few minutes at the end of a bus line. The vehicle positions itself over in-street power rails (tram) or pads (bus) and the current is picked up by a contact shoe located under the vehicle. In November 2015, the tramway of Nice, France, ordered SRS for its new Lines 2 and 3. Alstom also offers design, development and manufacturing of electrification components (third rail, catenary cantilevers, rigid catenary, steady arms, tensioning and anchoring systems, etc.) Its three major solutions in this field are CLever, a new main-line cantilever with reduced parts for easy installation and maintenance, offering high adjustability with a wide range of possible configurations, the Rigid overhead catenary, and the Third Rail which has a long lifespan (30 years) and is adaptable to customer needs (voltage, current) and to any civil works / rolling stock constraints. As track works play a significant role in the duration of a project, Alstom designed Appitrack, an automated track-laying solution allowing the installation of urban tracks up to 4 times faster than with traditional methods, leading to a reduction of disturbances, costs and CO2 emissions, while increasing safety and cleanliness on the worksite. Key projects in service Rigid catenary for Mexico Line 12 Cantilevers for SNCF, France 3 rd rail for Caracas-Los Teques, Venezuela HV connectors for Terna, Italy APS for Dubai, United Arab Emirates Key projects in construction APS for Cuenca, Ecuador APS for Rio Porto-Maravilha, Brazil Rigid catenary for Crossrail, UK 130 km of 3 rd rail for Riyadh Metro L4, 5 & 6, KSA Aluminium cantilevers for Tithorea-Domokos, Greece Steel cantilevers, anchoring and tensioning devices for Romanian main lines Aluminium cantilvers for Algerian main lines New catenaryless tram for Nice, with SRS
  4. 4. 4 Alstom co-developed NBT for main-line owners seeking a concrete track, i.e. a railway track with extensive lifespan and high infrastructure availability, which can be installed faster than traditional slab track, and be operated for mixed traffic (both passenger- dedicated and freight transport). The installation of NBT is compatible with the the service- proven Appitrack track-laying technology, which allows unmatched construction rates. The main advantages of slab tracks include: long life-span (100 years), reduced maintenance, high infrastructure availability and increased operating revenues. It is suitable to all speeds and climatic conditions (no flying ballast, no sand contamination, etc.), it offers optimised track alignment (tighter curves and higher cants) and reduced civil work footprint. Alstom also co-developed HAS, a track solution, particularly suitable for metros, composed of concrete sleepers on resilient pads placed in a rigid boot, attenuating ground-borne noise and vibrations. Quicker to build and easier to maintain, HAS offers the same performance as floating slab track systems, at a lower cost. To deliver better energy efficiency for urban and suburban rail transport networks, Alstom created Hesop, an advanced power-supply substation. It reduces energy consumption by recovering over 99% of the available energy generated by trains in braking mode, and by re- injecting it into the network to feed station equipment or back into the grid. Hesop also optimises the power required for traction permitting reduced infrastructure investment. Hesop is in operation on the Victoria Line of the London Underground, United Kingdom. 1 project in service London Metro Victoria Line, UK 5 projects in construction Milan Metro Line 3, Italy Riyadh Metro Lines 4, 5 & 6, KSA Milan Tramway, Italy Sydney Tramway, Australia Panama City Line 2, Panama Installation of NBT tracks on Gisors- Serqueux line HAS section on Crossrail project
  5. 5. 5 Key figures: Tramway: more than 25 cities equipped with Alstom Infra solutions Metro: more than 25 cities equipped with Alstom Infra solutions More than 2,000 km of single-track laid Over 3,000 km of lines electrified Over 100 Hesop units sold Over 100 km of Appitrack installed Over 20 million km travelled with APS catenary-free system Crossrail, a showcase of Alstom Infrastructure solutions The ATC joint venture, consisting of Alstom, TSO and Costain, has been awarded a contract to fit out and commission the Crossrail tunnels currently being bored under the streets of London. It sees the Alstom-led joint venture fitting out the 21 km of twin tunnels that will stretch under London with the track and power equipment necessary for Crossrail trains to operate from 2018. ATC is installing over 40km of track, together with rigid overhead conductors, a system that is being used for the first time in the UK to power heavy mainline trains through tunnels. The Crossrail tunnel fit-out works also require over 50,000 cubic metres of concrete delivered by a unique ‘concrete train’, as well as the installation of 48 ventilation fans, 40km of walkways, 66 drainage pumps, 40km of fire mains, and lighting throughout the entire length. The fit-out works are being carried out within the entire tunnelled section of the Crossrail route between Royal Oak, Pudding Mill Lane and Plumstead Portals. Two main innovations are being supplied by Alstom: HAS, which is under implementation on the Crossrail project, with more than 5,000 sleepers being installed in sensitive sections of the line and the Rigid overhead catenary, compact and easy-to-install and maintain. Press Contact Justine Rohée (Alstom HQ) - Tel: + 33 1 57 06 18 81 justine.rohee@ alstom.com