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Unique cars and parts history

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Unique cars and parts history

  2. 2. Nicola RomeoBorn near Naples in 1876, NicolàRomeo graduated in engineeringin 1900 and spent some yearsgaining work experience abroad.He then returned to Italy wherehe set up his own companymanufacturing miningequipment. Assisting the Italiangovernment during the firstworld war, he would turn to themanufacture of trucks andengines, then following the warhe oversaw the acquisition ofsmaller manufacturing concernsto form the conglomerateSocietà Anonima Ing. NicolaRomeo & Co.
  3. 3. Aston MartinAston Martin, foundedin a small Londonworkshop in 1914 byLionel Martin andRobert Bamford havegrown into one of theworlds finest producersof luxury sports cars.
  4. 4. Chrysler AustraliaBetween 1962 and 1978Chrysler Australia hadreleased 13 models, the VJof 1973 being the biggestseller, with 90,865 unitsbuilt. The least successfulmodel was the final design,the CM, selling only 16,005units in three years. Thehigh point was arguablythe release of the fastestaccelerating Australianproduction car ever made,the awesome E-49Charger.
  5. 5. Herbert AustinYet another Australian connection to theBritish car manufacturing industry comescourtesy of Herbert Austin. Born inBuckinghamshire, England in 1866 theyoung Herbert travelled to Australia in hisyouth, eventually settling down inMelbourne where he managed to get workwith several engineering firms.As fate would have it, he ended up atFredrick Wolseleys factory thatmanufactured sheep-shearing equipment -a move that would soon see him designingthe first Wolseley automobiles. Melbournewas to also prove fruitful to Austin in lovematters, where while working for Wolseleyhe would meet and later marry a youngHelen Dron.