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Thinking beyond “Conventional” Crisis Communication.

Mitesh Shah, Regional Director, EmReach, Singapore

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Thinking beyond “Conventional” Crisis Communication.

  1. 1. www.emreach.com 1 www.alvinintegrated.com Contact us: info@alvinintegrated.com | +91 8802 505619, +91 8287509289 | www.alvinintegrated.com Platinum Sponsor OUR SPONSORS & PARTNERS Event Partner www.alvinintegrated.com Knowledge Partners 27th FEB 2021 (SATURDAY) 09:00 AM - 17:30 PM IST
  2. 2. www.emreach.com 2 www.alvinintegrated.com Speaker Introduction: Mitesh Shah Regional Director EmReach, Singapore Mitesh is a ‘’Subject Matter Expert’’ in the field of Organizational Resilience, Business Continuity Management and Crisis Management. He has over 12 years of experience in consulting and training organizations on how they can de-risk their business and improve their resiliency posture. He has worked extensively in the APAC region and assisted clients across sectors of BFSI, Retail, Telecom and global conglomerates. Mitesh has spoken at multiple Business Continuity Conferences in the region including Asia Risk & Resilience Conference, World Continuity Congress, BCI Australasia Summit and CORE’s Business & IT Resilience Summit. In terms of certifications, Mitesh is CBCI Certified Connectwith me on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mitesh-shah-587826b/
  3. 3. www.emreach.com 3 www.alvinintegrated.com Thinking beyond ‘’CONVENTIONAL’’ Crisis Communication Mitesh Shah 27st Feb 2021
  4. 4. www.emreach.com 4 www.alvinintegrated.com Whatsapp Integration Encryption at rest & at transit ISO 27001, SOC 2 Type II Innovation & Secured Emergency Notification System Critical Event Management SOLUTIONS Clients across segments have continued their relationship with EmReach 10 years since successful launch. Awarded BEST PRODUCT/SERVICE by BCI 100 % Client Retention HISTORY & AWARDS About Us
  5. 5. www.emreach.com 5 www.alvinintegrated.com Key Features of a Communication Tool 2 3 4 5 1 6 MULTIPLE MODES OF COMMUNICATION TIMELY MOBILE UNIFIED RELIABLE TWO-WAY INTELLIGENT
  6. 6. www.emreach.com 6 www.alvinintegrated.com Major Incidents Our tools helped our customers achieve high level of resiliency during these incidents COVID-19 GLOBAL California Wildfires USA Volcano Taal PHILIPPINES Active Shooter FLORIDA, USA Monsoon safety check MUMBAI, INDIA Terrorist Attack NEW ZEALAND Cyber Incidents GLOBAL Bushfires AUSTRALIA
  7. 7. www.emreach.com 7 www.alvinintegrated.com Now let’s move beyond the ‘’Conventional’’ use cases of the CRISIS COMMUNCIATION TOOL
  8. 8. www.emreach.com 8 www.alvinintegrated.com Geo Intelligence Real-time Staff & Site tracking usingMap tool Use Cases Travel Risk Management • Track real-time location of any staff anywhere on the planet and alert anyone in a specific region. • Use interactive map tool to monitor geographical spread of your staff and sites. • Ensure safety of your staff travelling currently or in future by identifying and alerting them of critical events. • Manage Travel risk planning more efficiently by integrating with any Travel management tool.
  9. 9. www.emreach.com 9 www.alvinintegrated.com Self Declaration Periodic Wellness check Use Cases WFH readiness • Employees declare on their health status before they enter office. • Wellness checks allow organizations to focus on employees who have declared symptoms • Organization can check on WFH capability such as laptops, VPN, internet or requirements on furniture’s. • Relevant teams can follow up with impacted employees on their needs.
  10. 10. www.emreach.com 10 www.alvinintegrated.com Secured Team Communication Mail Server Outage Use Cases Closed Group Communication during a crisis • Alternative messaging services can be enabled in case the primary email server fails. • Acts as an alternative mail service especially for critical projects with confidential information. • Critical crisis related confidential information is only shared on the platform. • Only relevant groups are involved, information can be segregated and confidential from future misuse or attacks.
  11. 11. www.emreach.com 11 www.alvinintegrated.com Employee Information line Office Closure or Openingupdate Use Cases • A ‘’pull methodology’’ adopted where the crisis at hand is unfolding and changing status almost every hour. • Inform and share updates on office closures or travel route advisories before they plan to come to office. • Automate Handling Of Call Inquiries - Quickly setup and configure comprehensive update about any incident accessible. • Make Frequent Updates With Ease using any device and Localize Your Message HR & Corp Communication
  12. 12. www.emreach.com 12 www.alvinintegrated.com Risk Tracking and Awareness Weather Alert Use Cases Protest Dates & Timings • Integration with ‘’Risk Tracking’’ tools allows quick dissemination of information relevant to potential impacted employees. • Convert an important risk intel to a notification within no time. • Share important advisory or dates to employees so that they can schedule their appointments accordingly. • Proactively monitor risks and timely action to minimize impact.
  13. 13. www.emreach.com 13 www.alvinintegrated.com IT Alerting Use Cases • Enhance existing ITSM solutions to manage incidents faster or manage complete IT Incident lifecycle • Smart Routing - Set up rules that route incident to agents best suited to respond, based on the context and user's skills. • Detailed Analytics - Measure your performance against SLAs, and track incident response, handling and resolution times. • Complete visibility and detailed analytics help you track Incident response and resolution times in real-time and over the period. IT Incident ResponseManagement Improve Response & Resolution times
  14. 14. www.emreach.com 14 www.alvinintegrated.com Compliance & Governance Regulatory Updates Senior Management Update Use Cases • Inform all employees against a ‘’fake rumor’’ running against the organization. • Share a significant achievement and motivate staff. • Inform relevant team of an important regulatory update and get acknowledgement on the receipt. • Escalate to respective managers if regulatory updates have not been acknowledged in time.
  15. 15. www.emreach.com 15 www.alvinintegrated.com CONTACT US WWW.EMREACH.COM
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