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The Entrepreneurship Scene in Sudan and How Sudanese Diaspora Can Get Involved

Presentation on the development of the entrepreneurship scene in Sudan from 2013 to 2018. Presenting research on entrepreneurship ecosystem and its future agenda. Promoting a dialog on how Sudanese diaspora can play a role in the development of the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Sudan.

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The Entrepreneurship Scene in Sudan and How Sudanese Diaspora Can Get Involved

  1. 1. The Entrepreneurship Scene in Sudan and How Sudanese Diaspora Can Get Involved Alwaleed Abdeen MSc E-Business and Innovation – Lancaster University Date: 03/11/2018
  2. 2. Mashrouy
  3. 3. Workshops
  4. 4. Interactive Trainings
  5. 5. International Representation
  6. 6. Admin & Support Co-Working Spaces
  7. 7. Stronger Networks
  8. 8. Success Stories
  9. 9. More Government Involvement in Entrepreneurship
  10. 10. Investment
  11. 11. Developing An Entrepreneurship Ecosystem
  12. 12. Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Definitions “Entrepreneurial ecosystem to mean a set of interdependent actors and factors coordinated in such a way that they enable productive entrepreneurship within a particular territory.” - Stam (2015) “ A set of interconnected entrepreneurial actors (both potential and existing), entrepreneurial organizations (e.g. firms, venture capitalists, business angels, banks), institutions (universities, public sector agencies, financial bodies) and entrepreneurial processes (e.g. the business birth rate, numbers of high growth firms, levels of ‘blockbuster entrepreneurship’, number of serial entrepreneurs, degree of sellout mentality within firms and levels of entrepreneurial ambition) which formally and informally coalescee to connect, mediate and govern the performance within the local entrepreneurial environment.” - Mason and Brown (2014) “Entrepreneurial ecosystems are combinations of social, political, economic, and cultural elements within a region that support the development and growth of innovative start‐ups and encourage nascent entrepreneurs and other actors to take the risks of starting, funding, and otherwise assisting high‐risk ventures.” - Spigel (2017a) (Malecki, 2017)
  13. 13. (Foster et al., 2013)
  14. 14. (Isenberg, 2011)
  15. 15. (Maroufkhani et al., 2018)
  16. 16. (Spigel and Harrison, 2018)
  17. 17. Ecosystem Outputs & Research Agenda (1) Resource allocation towards productive uses and (2) innovative, high-growth ventures that drive this process. (Ács, Szerb and Lloyd, 2017)
  18. 18. How Can Sudanese Diaspora Play a Role in Developing the Entrepreneurship Scene in Sudan?
  19. 19. Highlighting Successful Sudanese Entreprenuers
  20. 20. Knowledge Transfer & Market Research For Exports
  21. 21. Other Areas of Involvement • Skills and knowledge transfer (mentorship + business advisory) + Feedback. • Technology transfer. • Partnering with and advising entrepreneurship agents. • Creating platforms that connect diaspora and Sudanese entrepreneurs. • Financing. • Marketing and promoting projects to external markets. • Research and support of research. • Self-employment know how.
  22. 22. References: • Ács, Z., Szerb, L. and Lloyd, A. (2017). The Global Entrepreneurship Index 2018. [ebook] The Global Entrepreneurship and Development Institute, Washington, D.C., USA. Available at: https://thegedi.org/2018-global-entrepreneurship-index/ [Accessed 1 Nov. 2018]. • Foster, G., Shimizu, C., Ciesinski, S., Davila, A., Hassan, S., Jia, N. and Morris, R., 2013, September. Entrepreneurial ecosystems around the globe and company growth dynamics. In World Economic Forum (Vol. 11). • Malecki, E. (2017). Entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial ecosystems. Geography Compass, 12(3), p.e12359. • Maroufkhani, P., Wagner, R. and Wan Ismail, W.K., 2018. Entrepreneurial ecosystems: a systematic review. Journal of Enterprising Communities: People and Places in the Global Economy, 12(4), pp.545-564. • Spigel, B. and Harrison, R. (2018). Toward a process theory of entrepreneurial ecosystems. [online] Available at: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1002/sej.1268 [Accessed 1 Nov. 2018].
  23. 23. Questions Thank You