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	 I’m a California transplant
to the Roseburg area. With my
boyfriend being stationed here
as ...
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Alyssa Sionzon

  1. 1. ALYSSASIONZON MY BACKGROUND I’m a California transplant to the Roseburg area. With my boyfriend being stationed here as Douglas and Coos Counties’ United States Marine Recruiter I followed him out here to have a change of pace. Since being here for the last year, I have fallen in love with the area. The change in pace is nice compared to the fast pace of San Diego. I think it’s great how community based everything and everyone is out here. With all of the local bands, farms, stores, wineries and events it’s refreshing to come to a place like my hometown Chico, CA. Although I am young, I am headstrong, caring, ambitious, level-headed, organized, friendly, intelligent, dependable, understanding, a team player, optimistic and efficient. The best way to describe me as one of my old co-worker once said, “You are the sunshine of this office. Always smiling and giving out a happy and cheerful energy.” People are always surprised to know how young I am but I was raised by my traditional grandparents when I was younger. The morals and work ethic they have engrained in me has gotten me this far. HOW AM I DIFFERENT? I believe a work relationship is not just a one way street. It takes work from both sides to create the solution you are looking for. I work with you for you! I don’t just try to give you solutions to what your problems are. I find the best possible solution for you by tailoring a specialized plan for you by the concerns, or ideas you have. Each business is different! I am dedicated to work hard to help support your business and to achieve the goals you put forth. You are important to me and I want to make sure you get the customer service you deserve. WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE? I would begin with a Client Needs Analysis either by phone or in person. By doing this I will be able to assess what your goals are. Having this conversation is very important because then I can begin the process of giving you a tailored and specialized solution for your business. HOW I CAN BENEFIT YOU: • Acquire more foot traffic in your store front. • Attain more traffic to your website or social media pages. • Assisting you to be the #1 position in the mind of consumers and branding your business. CONTACT INFORMATION: Alyssa Sionzon 345 NE Winchester, Roseburg, OR 97470 Office: (541) 957-4250 • Cell: (858) 752-9834 asionzon@nrtoday.com