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7 Trends in Time & Expense In 7 Minutes

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We think your expense reports and time sheets should be quick and easy, so we made this quick and easy presentation to talk about what's new in timesheet apps and expense report apps. Get some time back in your workday with DATABASICS Time & Expense in the cloud and on your own mobile device.

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7 Trends in Time & Expense In 7 Minutes

  1. 1. No one has extra time for timesheets or expense reports. Quick Intro “Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That!” So, let’s start the clock… www.data-basics.com
  2. 2. Mobile (Time & Expense) • No longer a “Lite Version” • Access anywhere…Anytime! • No gaps • Entry & approvals • Real-time updates • Push notifications DATABASICS | www.data-basics.com
  3. 3. • Paper receipts are so 1980s • Faxing them is so 1990s • Today, users can snap a photo to capture their receipts • Includes matching credit cards • All should be real-time… NO BATCHING! OCR Receipt Capture (Expense) DATABASICS | www.data-basics.com
  4. 4. DATABASICS | www.data-basics.com • One company, one system, no matter where you do business • Tax, currency, language, integration, all via one solution Global (Time and Expense)
  5. 5. Geo Location (Time and Expense) DATABASICS | www.data-basics.com What can you do with GPS these days? • Mileage tracking • Per diem locations • Geo-fencing for time clocks
  6. 6. • How many companies manage leave separately from their timesheets? • Can you see leave balances on mobile devices? • Future projections of leave accruals? • Managing leave is changing DATABASICS | www.data-basics.com Automating Leave Management (Time)
  7. 7. • Where do you get data from? • Where do you pass data to? • ERP, HRIS, and payroll is fine, but… What is new… CRM / travel / direct vendor feeds More Integration Points (Time and Expense) DATABASICS | www.data-basics.com
  8. 8. • Most systems give you some type of “analytics”… but it isn’t always easy to get to that data. • What is becoming the standard is the automation of analytics. • Why wait for data when it can be sent to you! Get any data, in any format. Scheduled Analytics and Reporting (Time and Expense) DATABASICS | www.data-basics.com
  9. 9. 7 Trends for Time and Expense in 7 Minutes M O B I L E O C R INTEGRATION G L O B A L G E O A U T O M AT E R E P O R T I N G DATABASICS | www.data-basics.com