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AWS Customer Presentation: Earth Networks - How Earth Networks uses AWS - AWS Summit 2012 - NYC

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AWS Customer Presentation: Earth Networks - How Earth Networks uses AWS - AWS Summit 2012 - NYC

  1. 1. Earth Networks Case StudyEric Weller – Director of DevelopmentEdward Dingels – Technical Lead
  2. 2. IntroductionGathers and analyzes atmospheric observations from aglobal sensor network to promote a better understandingof the planetProprietary lightning network output used to pinpointlightning activity - best indicator of dangerous weatherOwner of the WeatherBug brand (mobile, desktop, Web)
  3. 3. Problem Generate lightning alert notifications, in proximity Need to the user’s location, on a mobile device. Geospatial queries ScalableConstraints • 6 million existing mobile users • 100% YOY mobile growth • Severe Weather Outbreaks Fast • Speed + Accuracy = Safety Reduce Time to Market Cost of Ownership
  4. 4. Analysis Provider Product Throughput Engineering Cost of per Instance Cost OwnershipMicrosoft SQL Server 2008 Medium Low HighMySQL MySQL Medium High* High*Earth Networks In Memory Quadtree High High MediumAmazon Mem-Cache High Medium MediumAmazon DynamoDB High Low Low * Not currently supported by Earth Networks
  5. 5. SolutionGeo-Hash lightning dataBackend Windows service for loading/managementof data inside DynamoDBFront-end web service for encoding/decodingUse geometric instead of trigonometric calculationsClient computes actual range and produces alerts
  6. 6. ReflectionDynamoDB Advantages• Easy to Provision• Built-in Consistency• Scalable• High AvailabilityDynamoDB Wish List• Automated regional DR failover• Durability across regions in addition to inside a region• Auto-scale down without a throttle on change• Item size limit of 64k
  7. 7. Lightning Demo