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AWS Summit Singapore - Building DXC's Digital Insurance as a Service (DIaaS) on AWS

Kevin Aylward, Global Director, AWS Solutions, DXC Technology.
In this session we will cover how DXC and AWS are working together to bring next gen digital insurance solutions to market. Digital Insurance as a Service is DXC's new Digital Insurance Platform – bringing together a broad range of DXC offerings (Cyber, Managed Services for AWS, ServiceNow) in an integrated consumption-based model. DXC DIaaS is API enabled with the ability to participate in the Digital Economy “Out of the Box” with pre-integrated and pre-configured templates. DXC DIaaS's speeds up time to implement, at lower risk. Amazon is a key partner providing the benefits of a broad range of AWS services and regulatory compliance architectures.

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AWS Summit Singapore - Building DXC's Digital Insurance as a Service (DIaaS) on AWS

  1. 1. 1DXC Proprietary and Confidential © 2018, Amazon Web Services, Inc. or its Affiliates. All rights reserved. Kevin Aylward Global Director, AWS Solutions, DXC Technology Building DXC's Digital Insurance as a Service (DIaaS) on AWS
  2. 2. DXC Proprietary and Confidential April 11, 2018 Building DXC's Digital Insurance as a Service (DIaaS) on AWS Kevin Aylward Global Director, AWS Solutions Singapore | April 4, 2018
  3. 3. DXC Proprietary and Confidential Agenda • Disruption in insurance • How market leaders respond • Building DXC’s Digital Insurance as a Service (DIaaS) on AWS • Delivering an Onnichannel Experience • Omnichannel Demo – DIaaS/Alexa
  4. 4. DXC Proprietary and Confidential Disruption: What’s happening in insurance?
  5. 5. 5DXC Proprietary and Confidential Today’s carriers are facing new challenges from many directions Growth of new entrants Digital transformation Data revolution • Commoditization of core protection products and services • New economy setting the bar for ecosystem and brand experience • New competitors, new delivery channels, extended ecosystems Changing market dynamics • Power shifting from carriers and agents to customers • Digital savvy rejecting traditional products, processes and channels • Ubiquity of mobile, social, and self directed buying behavior • Readily available scalable technology innovations (IoT, cloud) • High run and maintain costs limit capacity for investment in innovation • Movement towards standardization, rationalization and automation • Proliferation of new data sources and types – social media, Iot sensors, telematics • Emergence of “consumer grade” analytics platforms and tools • Behavior based risk assessments
  6. 6. 6DXC Proprietary and Confidential Disruption: Online aggregators & price comparators Accelerating commoditization and a race to the bottom Three graphics: Major search engine, Progressive, and a new entrant that’s nothing more than an aggregator. Three different models: • Progressive: positive and negative selection powered by telematics and analytic enabled underwriting • Google: power resides with “he who has the data” and their ability to build and leverage an ecosystem • New Entrant: agile startup with a potentially new business model Impact: • UK reports 25-30% reduction in overall premiums • Further leveling of the playing field; scale no longer an advantage So What for carriers: 1. Significant commoditization and premium pressures 2. Increased competition from non-traditional competitors
  7. 7. 7DXC Proprietary and Confidential Predicting the future is hard but the trends are clear Business Technology 1. Increased distribution channel diversity – new entrants from a multitude of sectors 2. Self Service/Direct to Consumer 3. Price aggregation/commoditization/Product Simplification 4. Customer centricity 5. Usage-based insurance products – casualty, home, health 6. Shift in core value proposition – emphasis on education, loss mitigation, prevention 7. Digital engagement through mobile, web, social, chat, and video 8. Consumption IT: software and infrastructure as-a-Service 9. Data driven analytics and insight 10. Cybersecurity and data protection
  8. 8. DXC Proprietary and Confidential How market leaders are responding
  9. 9. 9DXC Proprietary and Confidential Across the board – market leaders are transforming Sold by Agents Bought by Customers Transaction Customer Experience Paper Based Digital/Real-time Data Capture Data Analytics Term Based Usage Based Indemnification Continuous Value Carrier Ecosystem Inside-Out Outside-In
  10. 10. 10DXC Proprietary and Confidential Digital insurance: Today’s market leaders are focused on three themes… Consumption Understanding Engagement Product Innovation • Simplified/Embedded • Mass Customization • Enhanced Features/Smart Data Driven • Macro and Micro • External/Real-time • Behavioral/Contextual Ecosystems • Partners • Providers • Channels Buying Journey • Channels/Devices • 360o/Personalization • Self Service/Social Insight Enabled • Holistic/Integrated • Predictive/Responsive • Granular Segmentation Enhanced Experience • Ease/Speed/Convenience • Prevention/Education • Continual Value As a Service • Infrastructure/Software • API Economy • Cybersecurity Internet of Things • Connected Car/Home/Self • Machine2Machine • Big Data and Analytics Mobility • Device/Wearable/Camera • Sensors/GPS/Beacons • Virtual Assistant Embracing Market Dynamics Addressing New Needs and Wants Leveraging Technology
  11. 11. 11DXC Proprietary and Confidential To thrive in today’s digital economy, insurers must master: Consumption Mobile devices outnumber humans and are growing five times faster than the human population1 26% of non life consumers bought their policies on line2; 71% of insurance customers are willing to purchase insurance online3 Business delivering a seamless customer experience across multiple touch points including their contact center experience enjoy 9% higher customer retention4 • Streamline consumption • Simplify processes • Gain agility • Consume data as a service • Push innovation at the edge Understanding 1 in 4 insurers don’t have a single customer view3 89% don’t consider past interactions when recommending product/services online1 74% plan to invest in customer analytics in 20155 • Break through data silos • Enable a customer centric view • Make smart interaction possible • Deliver innovative products • Enable better returns Engagement 92% of policy holders indicate the importance for their insurer to go beyond indemnification to helping them reduce and manage their risk¹ 49% of US consumers would provide personal information in order for insurer to seek the best deal for relevant service on their behalf6 • Improve customer satisfaction • Engage continuously through value added ecosystems • Increase awareness and wallet share 1Tech Times, October 8, 2014 2IInsurance in a Digital World: the Time is Now, EY Global Insurance Digital Survey, 2013 3The Digital Insurer – Accenture 2013 Consumer-Driven Innovation Survey 4 The Business Value of Integrating the Contact Center Within your Omni-Channel Strategy, Aberdeen Group, March, 2014 5 Can IT Keep Up with Business Demands for BI and Analytics in Insurance? Gartner, 2014 6 Insurance 2020: The Digital Prize – Taking Customer Connection to a New Level, Price Waterhouse Chase
  12. 12. 12DXC Proprietary and Confidential To Succeed, Insurers Must Focus on Four Imperatives Build greater customer engagement and intimacy Simplify and automate products, processes and technology Reduce capital deployed Use new data sources and partner ecosystem services Build the new Tackle the legacy
  13. 13. DXC Proprietary and Confidential Building DXC’s Digital Insurance as a Service on AWS
  14. 14. 14DXC Proprietary and Confidential Pivot to Digital Insurance as a Service End to End Solution: - Software - Infrastructure - Operations Curated Ecosystem Consumption-Based Pricing Flexible Deployment
  15. 15. 15DXC Proprietary and Confidential Digital Insurance as a Service (DIaaS) Reference Model Platform services • Telematics/IoT • Digital claims • Digital marketing • CRM Technology services • eSignature • Notifications • Chat/voice • eContent Business services • Travel & transportation • Health & fitness • Entertainment • Security & monitoring DXC Insurance Components Insurance Ecosystem: Platforms & Services • Provisioning/de-provisioning • Monitoring & management • Hybrid cloud management • Network management • Help desk/escalation • Scheduling/file transfers • Cybersecurity monitoring • Capacity management • Versioning/patching • Metering/billing • Logging/audit • DR/BC Platform Operations • Public reference APIs • Insurance entity model • API gateway & manager • UI/UX framework • Enterprise MEAP • State manager • Hybrid API adapters • Identity & access management Product Marketing Distribution Servicing Billing Claims DXC Digital Insurance Framework – API Management Consumer Agent Advisor CSR Adjuster Underwriter Back-office worker Digital marketer Digital Insurance Applications • New Business • Policy Administration • Product • Billing • Claims • Reinsurance Systems of Analysis • Analytics & Reporting • Analytics Platforms • Data Platforms
  16. 16. 16DXC Proprietary and Confidential DXC DIaaS Platform – Core of a Digital Ecosystem DXC Digital Insurance Framework – API Management (OmniChannel) UX Framework DXC REST Reference Resource Model for Insurance API’s DXC Digital Enablement Framework GI-P&C PAS Life PAS Group PAS Reinsurance Claims Product & Rules Engine DXC API Access & Identity Management DXC Security Monitoring AWS Services ServiceNow and DXC ITSM DXC DevOps Platform DXC Managed Services for AWS CX/UX Templates DXC Mobile Applications DXC Analytics DXC Regional Digital Transformation Practice DXC ConversionEdge Migration Practice API Gateway Enterprise Mobility
  17. 17. 17DXC Proprietary and Confidential DIaaS Platform Deployment Topology Availability Zone A Internet Availability Zone B ELBDXC ABS IAM Availability Zone C Omni Channel DMZ Subnet vRouter and Firewall Management API Consumer OpenG OpenAM Policy OpenDJ Config DB OpenDB User Profile IAM Private Subnet NACL OpenG OpenAM Policy OpenDJ User Profile ELB OpenDJ Config DBIntegration Integration Client SOR Application CAS GBP App Private Subnet NACL DirectoryRules Engine SoR PAS Print Web Server Business Analytics API Adapter CAS DirectoryBusiness Analytics SoR PAS Print Web Server API Adapter Rules Engine Client SOR Database GBP DB Private Subnet NACL SoR DB SoR DB SoR DB Monitoring Platform CSC Agility DevOps Platform Batch Scheduling Platform Security Management Platform Monitoring Platform Agility DevOps Platform Batch Scheduling Platform Security Management Platform Cloud Management Management Platform Private Subnet NACL DeploymentDesigner AWS Key Management Dev Portal Cloud Front Route 53 . Key personas use DXC’s digital insurance applications to access the RESTful API architecture that exposes data and functionality in the core insurance components AWS Managed Services for DNS, CDN and API Gateway. Authentication services for DXC’s digital insurance applications including standard user ID, token based, federation and social authentication capabilities – Policy Administration system that acts as the system of record, providing the administrative services – Business Rules Engine enables the externalisation of rules and calculations – The analytics layer providing reporting capability Management services including; - DevOps platform - Security management - System management platforms DXC Digital Insurance As-a-Service (DIaaS) Production Environment Template API Gateway AWS Managed Services AWS Container Services
  18. 18. 18DXC Proprietary and Confidential DIaaS Deployed Consistently Across Regional Hubs
  19. 19. 19DXC Proprietary and Confidential Deployed Across Regional DIaaS Hubs Global Reinsurance and Insurance Carrier (US Operations) • Term Life • Unit-Linked Life • Whole Life Belgium P&C and Life Carrier • Automobile, Motorcycle, Moped • Homeowners • Term Life and Mortgage European Insurance Carrier (Italy and Spain operations) • Group • Pension • Custom Personal Risk Global Insurance Carrier (ANZ Operations) • SME (Professional Indemnity, Cyber, Material Damage) • Corporate Travel AWS Cloud Regions and Availability Zones (note: HK in plan) Existing DIaaS Hub Locations (note: ASIA hub in plan) Client Example • Business overview LEGEND
  20. 20. 20DXC Proprietary and Confidential DIaaS Hub Managed Operational Services The DIaaS Platform supports core business services, as the centre of a Digital Ecosystem. The Platform is managed by DXC allowing Customers to concentrate on their core business, and new digital opportunities. Through DXC DIaaS Hub Operational Services, we provide a Fully Managed Cloud Platform, ensuring Customers’ business applications are secure and highly available. DXC DIaaS Hub Operational Services leverage proven DXC Offerings in Security/Cyber, Managed AWS, ITSM-ServiceNow, and Analytics. Cloud Management Application Monitoring Security Performance Management DevOps ITSM - ServiceNow
  21. 21. DXC Proprietary and Confidential Delivering an Onmichannel Experience
  22. 22. 22DXC Proprietary and Confidential Industry Innovations Industry objectives Buyer expectations have changed, and the industry is beginning to listen… Why can’t I buy life insurance as easily as I buy things from Amazon? – Gen Y Consumer Direct business models require web-scale, web-responsive, consumerized technologies. What worked in the past won’t enable growth in the future. Instant Issue Policies New distribution Partners Social Media Targeted Marketing Direct Sales Mobile Technology
  23. 23. 23DXC Proprietary and Confidential Omnichannel focuses on “connecting the dots” of digital services… • The consumer expects access to their digital assets anytime, anywhere on any device. • Direct interaction with companies is expected • Self-service is expected, but support is wanted and needed – on demand • Enterprise IT systems need to enable the business and all potential channels of interaction • This is where “digital” begins... Source: Mckinsey, March 2014 Digital “refers to consumer-controlled electronic interactions or cross-platform usage”
  24. 24. 24DXC Proprietary and Confidential Omnichannel: User personas Create tailored services as system of interaction • Policyholder • Claims Processor • Broker/Agent • Product Manager • Executive • Bio & Characteristics • Goals • Key Decisions & Responsibilities • Business Life • Device Preferences • Key UI Screens Assigned AttributesKey Stakeholders
  25. 25. 25DXC Proprietary and Confidential Empowering smart engagement: Omnichannel April 11, 2018 25 Digital engagement: Right message, right channel, right time • Customer Lifecycle • Buying Journey • 360°/Personalization • Self Service/Social • Seamless/Integrated • Choice/Paths • Proactive Content Creation • Virtual and physical • Digital Forms, Signature, Delivery Systemof Record Third-Party Software DXC Software Home-Grown Applications Business Process Scope Billing Product Development Marketing, Sales & Distribution Underwriting & Risk Mgmt Policy Administration Claims Customer Servicing Non Functional Documents ReportingWorkflow Smart Engagement Actionable Relevant Contextual CompliantPersonalized Proactive Omnichannel ChannelManagement Policy Holder Agent/Broker Claims Service/ Adjuster Customer Service Executive/ Management Product Manager Underwriter Business Scope Health, Worker Compensation Saving, Annuities Pension Home Leisure/ Accident Fleet Building Personal Car Non Life Commercial Life
  26. 26. 26DXC Proprietary and Confidential Delivering a digital customer experience for insurance Seamless customer experience across distribution & engagement channels Digital engagement: right message, right channel, right time Insight and understanding driven by internal and externally available data Guided buying journeys tailored to roles, personae, and lifecycle stage 1 2 3 4 Bank Partner Direct Advisor Broker Agent Policy Holder 3600 Understanding Smart Engagement Integrated Predictive Real-Time Structured and Unstructured Behavioral Actionable Relevant Contextual CompliantPersonalized Proactive Customer Journey Renew Consider Purchase EnhanceClaim Refer
  27. 27. 27DXC Proprietary and Confidential Technology stack for Omnichannel – Operational User channels IOS, android, windows, desktop, tablet, smartphone Application AIA, WMA-J, Integral, Risk master, Exceed, Point In, 3rd party, etc. Omnichannel user experience IE10+, Firefox 22+, IOS safari, android browser Client-side UI rendering meta-model driven, restful and dynamic rendering API Gateway API Mediation, Authentication, Policy enforcement Optional Restful Service Coordination ESB if needed (may be fulfilled by API Platform) Infrastructure virtual or physical REST API – RMM level 2 or 3 Platform DXCAPIStore Analytics,BusinessActivity Monitoring Mobile Platform Device management, push notifications, etc. API Management Security, Policy, Governance, Lifecycle Management, API Store Apache Camel RedHat Linux, Windows Server
  28. 28. DXC Proprietary and Confidential Demo DXC_CSC-612 March 2017
  29. 29. 29DXC Proprietary and Confidential DXC market leadership increases… Software – 1500+ clients 33 new Integral licenses (3 Java) in last year 310 licenses installed in 46 countries 2 “Go Lives” for POINT IN (Java) Business Process Services Significant transactions Infrastructure Transformation Global leader in infrastructure outsourcing 300,000+ desktops NOA International Outsourcing Contract of the Year Techworld Financial Services Project of the Year Market Leading More than half of the insurance companies in the top 500 of the Forbes’ Global 2000 are DXC clients 90% of the insurance companies in the top 250 of the US Fortune 500 are DXC clients
  30. 30. 30DXC Proprietary and Confidential Our insurance business combines infrastructure, process servicing, and next generation technologies based around our insurance software spine • Insurance software – “Backbone” of our ecosystem and differentiator – Five regional next generation policy platforms – Six global application components • Application services – Modernization and conversion to support efficient processing and digital ambitions • Business process services – Life and Annuity – open and closed book services – Property and Casualty – personal and commercial products • Infrastructure – Rapidly moves to as-a-Service, supported by multi-provider orchestration is key • Integration of next-generation technologies – Big Data, Cloud, cyber, mobile, digital Insurance
  31. 31. 31DXC Proprietary and Confidential DXC Technology Suite DXC Technology helps enterprises discover, migrate, modernize and manage application workloads to the AWS cloud platform and utilize their latest innovations. Join us in Opal Room 101 for deep dive workshops on how to begin your digital transformation! The agenda and topics are shown below: 12PM - 1PM: DXC Cloud Workload and Advisory Services 2PM - 3PM: Managed Services for AWS 3PM - 4PM: SAP S/4 HANA Transformation for AWS Register at: http://bit.ly/2IATgnF or see a DXC representative at the back of the room after this session.
  32. 32. DXC Proprietary and Confidential Thank you. DXC_CSC-612 March 2017

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Kevin Aylward, Global Director, AWS Solutions, DXC Technology. In this session we will cover how DXC and AWS are working together to bring next gen digital insurance solutions to market. Digital Insurance as a Service is DXC's new Digital Insurance Platform – bringing together a broad range of DXC offerings (Cyber, Managed Services for AWS, ServiceNow) in an integrated consumption-based model. DXC DIaaS is API enabled with the ability to participate in the Digital Economy “Out of the Box” with pre-integrated and pre-configured templates. DXC DIaaS's speeds up time to implement, at lower risk. Amazon is a key partner providing the benefits of a broad range of AWS services and regulatory compliance architectures.


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