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(ENT210) Accelerating Business Innovation with DevOps on AWS | AWS re:Invent 2014

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IT must innovate at the speed of market change and many enterprises are realizing that DevOps and cloud computing are a means to this end. Cloud-based DevOps solutions that enforce fine-grain governance policies and automate software releases across the development tool chain can accelerate application time to market while also improving software quality. In this session, attendees learn the following:
- How cloud and DevOps together can significantly accelerate software release cycles, so you can speed business innovation and gain competitive advantage
- Best practices for leveraging CSC Agility Platform, AWS, and a hybrid IT strategy for DevOps
- How to eliminate software release bottlenecks via policy-based automation, orchestration, and governance of application deployment environments.
Sponsored by CSC.

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(ENT210) Accelerating Business Innovation with DevOps on AWS | AWS re:Invent 2014

  1. 1. November 13, 2014 I Las Vegas Eddie Satterly–CTO, Big Data and Analytics, CSC
  2. 2. Highly competitive market New competition Unexpected, younger, agile Client Improved cost control and margins Greater flexibility Faster time to market Heightened security Changing expectations Pace of technology change Urgent business demands Aging apps; complex and costly infrastructure Slow application release cycles Constant IT resource delays Lack of IT innovation with “80/20” budgets Current IT operating models And IT ... Just can’t keep up The solution: A flexible, efficient application-centric hybrid cloud ecosystem
  3. 3. from this … … to this DevOpsis a discipline to increase the pace and frequency of software releases without sacrificing quality Dev wants to compress their cycle times and focus on coding and creativity IT Ops wants to keep pace with faster change while improving reliability
  4. 4. Increase the speed and frequency of software releases 1 Fewer production defects and easier rollback 2 Catch defects before production, which are an order of magnitude more costly to resolve Before Provision Dev Build Provision Test Deploy After Dev Test Start Finish Defect costs Design Test Production SDLC
  5. 5. Develop Test UAT Operate Application lifecycle Infrastructure lifecycle Platform1 Platform2 Platform2a Platform2…n Platform1a Platform lifecycle
  6. 6. Develop Test UAT Operate Platform1 Platform2 Platform2a Platform2…n Platform1a Completely separate, disjointed lifecycles IT resource provisioning delays Manual platform configuration Configurationmismatchesand errors Poorautomation across silos Extremely long cycle times > 612 months Extremely IT resource intensive: RESULT: Application lifecycle Infrastructure lifecycle Platform lifecycle
  7. 7. IaaS Develop Test UAT Operate IaaS Portal Needed: IaaS+ PaaSautomation Access from a portal (not directly from SDLC tools) Delays for manual configuration remain Insufficient cloud governance and security controls AWS CloudFormation, AWS OpsWorks, AWS Elastic Beanstalk orchestrated with agility
  8. 8. 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% None of above Other JVM/JRE Operating system Storage objects Database Web server App server 2% 8% 47% 54% 55% 72% 75% 79% When building and managing applications, which of the following services do you want to have access to? Source: Forrester Cloud Developer Survey
  9. 9. •Application SLAs not limited to AWS SLAs •IT can deliver SLAs based on applicationrequirements •Enabled by policies, thresholds, alerts,actions, auto- scaling, bursting, and autoprovisioning
  10. 10. Cloud implementation Resource management Resources •Resource configuration management •Resource monitoring •Resource pools •Virtual and physical resources Source: Gartner, “How to Build an Enterprise Cloud Service Architecture,” March 5, 2012 CSC AWSmanaged services •Vmbackup / restore •Patch mgmt, anti-virus •OS support & monitoring AmazonWeb Services Connectors Access management Service management Service optimization •Self-service interface •Service catalog •Service provisioning •Service governor •Service orchestration CSC Agility Platform cloudmgmtplatform Cloud management platform •Agility Platform Cloud Connectors (2) •SPOC cloud svc desk, billing
  11. 11. Develop Test UAT Operate Design git Platform engineer Common application blueprint Dev blueprint QA blueprint UAT blueprint Prod blueprint Multitier applications of any size and scale that can be modeled and deployed to any AWS region
  12. 12. Graphically design multitier applications and platforms Deploy infrastructure independent blueprints to AWS and on premises Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, Amazon EBS, others…
  13. 13. Develop Test UAT Operate Design git SDLC tool chain: Extensible, application- centric policy controls enabletrue self-service automation Internal private AWS External private Cloud management platform
  14. 14. a Use policies to provide both consistency and customization: Customize environment Dev security zone DevVM quotas Dev chargeback Public cloud permitted No autoscaling No failover Customize environment QA security zone QA monitoring QA autoscaling Private cloud only QA backup/failover Customize environment Prod security zone Prod monitoring Prod auditing Prod autoscaling Private cloud only Prod backup/failover … And enforce consistency SOE packages App topologies Reg. compliance … And enforce consistency SOE packages App topologies Reg. compliance … And enforce consistency SOE packages App topologies Reg. compliance Policy controlled consistency Policy controlled customization Dev blueprint QA blueprint UAT blueprint
  15. 15. Policy Policy Policy Policy Governance/security Applications Roles Rights and permissions Projects Orgs Network Compute Storage OS and OS configuration SOE agents/utilization Security and environment configuration Code/artifacts Infrastructure and SOE Platforms Services Topologies/configuration App configuration Application components Regulatory compliance policies SLA policies including autoscaling Configuration management policies Security zones policies Lifecycle event policies Orchestration policies Access control/entitlement policies Workload placement policies Quotas and scheduling Metering/chargeback policies Backup and failover policies Resource capacity policies Storage tier policies Much more … Cloud management platform
  16. 16. Develop Test UAT Operate git Promote with code Dev blueprint UAT blueprint Prod blueprint QA blueprint Promote with code Promote with code Design Visual dashboard to promote code and environments across SDLC stages Customize lifecycle stages and approval processes Integrate with existing tool chains
  17. 17. Cloud mgmtplatform On-demand platforms and apps that end users really need Automate workflow across existing tool chains Governance, visibility, and cost transparency that managers require Automate application release and promotion Detect and remediate configuration changes Leverage hybrid architectures Develop Test UAT Production git Apps Platforms Infrastructure Web Servers App Servers Database Servers Load Balancer4 Firewall Master Slave Blueprint Web Servers App Servers Database Servers Load Balancer4 Firewall Master Slave Web Servers App Servers Database Servers Load Balancer4 Firewall Master Slave AWS
  18. 18. “We’ve gone from spending 50% of our operating budget on infrastructure to just 26%. A nearly 75% investment in apps and information rather than infrastructure—that’s huge.” (CIO Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Wall Street Journal) Increase innovation App updates/deployment up almost 3x, from 1,200 to 3,000 changes a month Lowered costs for “keeping lights on” Cut IT operations costs by $100 million a year IT budget Innovation Operations
  19. 19. http://bit.ly/awsevals