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IOT401_Translating the Promise of IoT into Business Value and Customer Success

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Businesses are looking to transform their processes with IoT, but without business intelligence, customer context, and an accessible platform, it can be difficult to drive value from your IoT deployments. AWS IoT and Salesforce IoT enable you to securely connect a network of devices to your CRM and automate actions based on specific events, lowering operational overhead and increasing revenue. Contextualize device data with insight into who is interacting with your devices, how they’re using your products, and more. Build business logic for any device state using clicks, not code.

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IOT401_Translating the Promise of IoT into Business Value and Customer Success

  1. 1. © 2017, Amazon Web Services, Inc. or its Affiliates. All rights reserved. Translating the Promise of IoT into Business Value and Customer Success Lindsey Irvine, Vice President—IoT, Salesforce Mark Relph, Head of Global Business Development S a l e s f o r c e I o T + A W S I o T November 27, 2017
  2. 2. The Fourth Industrial Revolution Second Industrial Revolution ElectricityFirst Industrial Revolution Steam Third Industrial Revolution Computing Fourth Industrial Revolution Intelligence Automation AI Robotics IoT IoT is central to the next wave of innovation 1784 1870 1969 Today
  3. 3. Connected Always On Smart Every Thing Customer Is Connected Behind Every Device is a Customer
  4. 4. Every Company Wants a Digital Transformation $1.3 trillion will be spent on IoT by 2019
  5. 5. The Boardroom Conversation Is Shifting What’s the strategy to monetize these investments?
  6. 6. Devices & Sensors Analytics & Insights Change ManagementConnectivity & Infrastructure Business Applications IoT Solutions Are Complex Connecting, Communicating, Securing Platforms, Providers, Building Blocks Responsive, Actionable, Relevant Customer Experience, Engagement, Action Adoption, Utilization, Scale
  7. 7. Smart CRMThings Connectivity IoT Platforms Building Blocks of Digital Transformation IoT Infrastructure Customers
  8. 8. Customers IoT Infrastructure It’s Our Job to Make It Easy for Trailblazers in IoT AWS and Salesforce partnering to connect your products to your customers Smart CRM
  9. 9. Introducing AWS IoT + Salesforce IoT Combined expertise of industry leaders to help you realize value in the Internet of Things Mark Relph, Head of Global Business Development markrelp@amazon.com
  10. 10. Securely Connect Devices to AWS with AWS IoT Things Cloud Intelligence AWS IoT Analytics ▪ Amazon Kinesis ▪ Amazon EMR Artificial Intelligence ▪ Amazon Machine Learning ▪ Amazon Rekognition Database ▪ Amazon Redshift Management Tools ▪ Amazon CloudWatch
  11. 11. The AWS IoT platform that enables you: To securely connect devices to AWS and other devices at scale To route, process and act upon data from these devices To enable applications to interact with devices even when they are offline To fully integrate with other AWS services to reason on top of the data (Analytics, Databases, AI, etc.) Benefits of AWS IoT
  12. 12. Physics ComplianceEconomics Value of Processing Data at the Source
  13. 13. Moving Data to the Edge
  14. 14. Respond quickly to local events Local AWS Lambda Runtime Operate offline AWS-grade security AWS Greengrass Reduce the cost of IoT applications
  15. 15. How do you connect your IoT infrastructure to your CRM to create engaging customer experiences?
  16. 16. Connect Your IoT Infrastructure to Your CRM AWS IoT Salesforce IoT Sales Service Marketing Business Apps Salesforce Low Code Orchestration Customer Context Automated Action Connectivity Device Management Data Rules Engine
  17. 17. Salesforce IoT: IoT for Every Trailblazer Bring the power of CRM to any connected device Low Code Orchestration Trusted low-code technology allows anyone to easily launch an IoT strategy in days, not months Integrated IoT and CRM The full context of your customer relationships factored into each IoT decision Proactive Customer Engagement Connect with customers across any channel, revolutionize the way you sell, service, and market
  18. 18. The Salesforce IoT Architecture What makes up Salesforce IoT OUTPUTS Take Action in Salesforce and external systems via APEX Triggers INPUTS Ingest data from anywhere HTTP POST via Platform Events CONTEXTS Build 360° views of customers and devices ORCHESTRATIONS Translate business goals into action Context State Machine Rules Engine Platform Events Data SFDC Object Contextual Data SFDC Output Platform Event Platform Event Platform Event Apex Trigger Real-time Processing
  19. 19. Make Every Employee an IoT Trailblazer Compose Smart Logic Familiar Salesforce UI makes creating IoT rules and complex, state-based logic simple Automate actions across Salesforce Link IoT data to your existing business applications with clicks not code, and automatically drive action into any Salesforce application Rapidly test, learn, launch, and adjust Easily modify your business rules and IoT orchestrations based on customer feedback and changing business priorities
  20. 20. A Simple Version of How This Works Connected Things AWS IoT Salesforce IoT System of Customer Engagement + ACTION
  21. 21. Device Management Customer Experience AWS IoT Salesforce IoT Connected Gateways Connected Objects Web Clients Device Gateway Communicate with Devices Transform and Route Rules Engine Connected Things Enrich IoT data with customer context Customer Context Orchestrations State-based Orchestration Engine translates business goals into action Connect with all Salesforce Clouds Third-Party Public APIs ▪ Service ▪ Field Service ▪ Sales ▪ Marketing Event Data Event + Customer Context ACTION AWS IoT A More Detailed Architecture
  22. 22. Proactive Service Proactively monitor and maintain your products, and automatically deliver proactive service before an error occurs Proactive Sales Discover new sales opportunities based on real-time device data Proactive Customer Engagement Develop new revenue streams and business models that wrap your products with meaningful customer services Deliver Personalized, Connected Customer Experiences
  23. 23. Customer Success in IoT Today
  24. 24. Customer Success Story: Enel Leading integrated electricity and gas operator 62,000+ employees Operates in ~30 countries Only utility listed in the “Fortune Change the World” 2017 list
  25. 25. Problem Enel looked to drive innovation by creating a unified IoT architecture that gave all business units the ability to leverage and build upon IoT systems, while testing new use cases. Additionally, their flagship unit looked to drive new proactive services tied to the connected home. Solution At a global level, AWS IoT and Salesforce IoT make up a foundational architecture that all business units are able to leverage. The first business driven use case comes from the Italian regions, where customers that buy Enel connected products can benefit from proactive services in their home. Impact By using AWS IoT and Salesforce IoT, Enel was able to accelerate their ability to build and test IoT solutions, minimizing development work required for running IoT pilot projects, and are now able to better serve customers with IoT-powered CRM solutions that help drive proactive services. Customer Success Story: Enel
  26. 26. Customer Success Story: Wärtsilä Marine engineer manufacturing and services 18,000+ employees Present in 70 countries
  27. 27. Problem Wärtsilä needed to predict, with a high degree of accuracy, when the marine engines they manufacture require service. Understanding and accurately predicting the service schedule is vital for Wärtsilä to increase their service and parts revenue because customers can opt to use other parts manufacturers and service companies if an engine requires service prior to Wärtsilä knowing about it. Their existing models were between 40% and 50% accurate. Solution Wärtsilä used AWS IoT to ingest GPS data and route it to Amazon Machine Learning, where new models for predicting engine failure were constructed. The outputs of this model were then used to represent different device states within Salesforce IoT. As soon as device state changes occurred, Wärtsilä could automate a number of actions in Salesforce. Impact Wärtsilä can now predict engine failure with greater than 90% accuracy, and automate actions such as the creation of opportunities, customer/service team notifications, and service tickets when a failure is imminent. This allows them to proactively reach out to their customers, increasing parts/service sales. Customer Success Story: Wärtsilä
  28. 28. Bo Mangels Product Marketing, Salesforce IoT IoT Demo
  29. 29. How do YOU blaze your trail in IoT?
  30. 30. © 2017, Amazon Web Services, Inc. or its Affiliates. All rights reserved. THANK YOU! S a l e s f o r c e I o T + A W S I o T