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Leveraging Hybid IT for More Robust Business Services

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As cloud services deployment matures in the enterprise, the emphasis has moved from deploying infrastructure as a service towards a model of delivering business services in a “SaaS-like” manner. How can organizations succeed in building hybrid technology models which effectively leverage AWS to deliver business services transparently to customers? In this presentation, we will discuss how use AWS and CSC to develop business services starting with hybrid IT, moving toward robust test and development strategies for enterprise applications, and finally providing a true “SaaS-like” experience for business users and customers alike.

Craig Stires, Head of Big Data and Analytics, Amazon Web Services, APAC
Dan Angelucci, Chief Technology Officer - Asia, Middle East and Africa, CSC

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Leveraging Hybid IT for More Robust Business Services

  1. 1. © 2016, Amazon Web Services, Inc. or its Affiliates. All rights reserved. Daniel Angelucci CSC CTO – AMEA 29 April 2016 Leveraging Hybrid IT for More Robust Business Services
  2. 2. Hybrid Architectures: A User Perspective Private Cloud Public Cloud Services Public Cloud Infrastructure  Business users expect to consume services from multiple providers seamlessly  Components from these providers must work in concert in order to meet business service requirements
  3. 3. Risk of Hybrid IT Services #Incidents/Requests Resolved % of SLA Target Resolution Time First Call Resolution 100% Resolved out of SLA
  4. 4. Risk of Hybrid IT Services #Incidents/Requests Resolved % of SLA Target Resolution Time First Call Resolution 100% Resolved out of SLA The risk of hybrid architectures represents real, productive time lost for employees and stakeholders
  5. 5. Risk of Hybrid IT Services #Incidents/Requests Resolved % of SLA Target Resolution Time First Call Resolution 100% Resolved out of SLA The opportunity from hybrid architectures is to achieve increased employee productivity through automation and self-service
  6. 6. How To Manage Complex Hybrid IT Services Service Management Security Traditional Estate Cloud Estate Service Management Security Many organizations choose to create a separate set of governance and management tools and policies in order to manage these complex architectures
  7. 7. How To Manage Complex Hybrid IT Services Security Traditional Estate Cloud Estate CSC recommends extending service management and security tools to ensure that they can cover the entire Hybrid IT estate. Service Management
  8. 8. Tools to Manage the Hybrid IT Estate SUPPLIERS & INTEGRATIONCustomer EMPLOYEES SERVICENOW DATA CENTRES LONDON (UK) - AMSTERDAM (NL) PAIRING Single Architecture Shared Resources Single Data Model Custom App Dev SERVICE AUTOMATION PLATFORM Incident Problem Request Change Release Service Level Service Catalogue Financial Knowledge Event PLATFORM HARDWARE (DEDICATED OPTION) Access Availability Capacity Demand ITSC CMDB, Asset, Service Validation & Test Service Transition Supplier Perf Continual Service Improvement Request Coaching Loops Performanc e Analytics Governanc e Survey Vendor Performance ContractProject Demand Resource Release CMDB Asset & Software Service Portfolio Event Notify Governanc e Incident Problem Request Change Release Service Portfolio Financi al KnowledgeService Level Event SIAM INTEGRATION HUB Change Demand https://customer.service-now.com ServiceNow with CSC integration services provides the capabilities to manage complex multi-sourced environments, including those using AWS. Dev Test Prod IaaSPlatformsApps Store SDLC Tools On Premise Customer Data Centers CSC Agility Platform allows organizations to extend their governance and automation frameworks across the Hybrid IT estate.
  9. 9. Customer Success – Asian Logistics Provider Goal: To give a SaaS-like Experience to users of Enterprise Applications  Developed cloud and service management solutions using AWS and CSC  Implemented robust test and development environments using CSC Agility blueprints and deployed across the hybrid IT estate.  Implemented continuous delivery development methodologies so that users get the service improvements required quickly CSC and AWS create the SaaS-like experience that business users expect ENTERPRISE APPLICATION SERVICES
  10. 10. Hybrid Reference ArchitecturePolicyEngine Security Consumer Admin Interfaces Agility Store Operations Reporting Designer Identity & Access Management Orchestration & Automation Service Design Service Lifecycle Service Operations Dynamic Resource Management Service Catalog SLA Management Application Blueprints Cloud Portability Cost Management Migration/Onboarding SDLC & Release Mgmt Provisioning Deployment Patch/Upgrade Capacity Management Performance Mgmt Monitoring/Event Mgmt Config/Change Mgm Auto Scaling AWS cloud corporate data center APIs and AdaptorsSecurity Systems Identity Mgmt Systems Networking Services Monitoring/Reporting SDLC Tools/Continuous Integration CSC Agility Platform Cloud Implementation IT Ecosystem Integration Service Management
  11. 11. Dev Cloud QA Cloud Blueprint Consumerization Means Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery Development Test IT Operations IT Operations Common Application Platform Build Tools Test SuiteIDE Release Mgmt. Firewall Web Servers App Servers Database Servers Ready for Production Load Balancer Load Balancer Blueprint
  12. 12. Customer Success – Global Insurance Company Goal: To increase the speed and quality of software delivery  Already using Agile/Scrum methods but want to extend the model using DevOps principles.  Development environments must be consistent and must be deployed efficiently in terms of cost  Agility platform ensures the consistency of the environments and ensures that those environments can be deployed very quickly Agility platform is designed to compliment and enhance DevOps
  13. 13. • Accelerate AWS benefits to the enterprise, while ensuring compliance with IT standards, governance, and security requirements. • Expand cloud service portfolios to enterprise platforms and apps (not just IaaS), available on a self-service, on demand basis directly to the end users that need them. • Rapidly obtain the benefits of hybrid architecture using a pay-as-you-go OPEX model and CSC managed services, rather than attempt to build internally with scarce skills/capital. +Amazon is the undisputed public cloud market share leader and is innovating faster than anyone else in public cloud CSC has the market-leading hybrid architecture management platform and strong expertise in enterprise application migration to cloud New Offering: CSC Hybrid Architecture Services The AWS-CSC Alliance