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(SEC314) Customer Perspectives on Implementing Security Controls with AWS | AWS re:Invent 2014

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Security postures in the cloud can take different forms, depending upon your specific business and IT requirements. Hear from customer panelists representing the energy industry, IT services, and government about how they have successfully delivered projects on AWS using Trend Micro solutions, while meeting or exceeding their security requirements. Focus is on the practical considerations and options for improving your overall IT security posture with the AWS shared responsibility security model. Sponsored by Trend Micro.

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(SEC314) Customer Perspectives on Implementing Security Controls with AWS | AWS re:Invent 2014

  1. 1. © 2014 Amazon.com, Inc. and its affiliates. All rights reserved. May not be copied, modified, or distributed in whole or in partwithout the express consent of Amazon.com, Inc. November 13, 2014 | Las Vegas Customer Perspectives onImplementing Security Controls withAWS SEC314: A panel discussion hosted by Trend Micro
  2. 2. Panelists Jason Cradit VP of Information Systems, Willbros Group. Inc. Mark Burns Enterprise Security Manager, Medibank Mauricio Fernandes President, Dedalus Prime Aaron Hughes Systems Architect, Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife Moderator Mark Nunnikhoven VP, Cloud & Emerging Technologies, Trend Micro On Stage
  3. 3. What does the shared responsibility security model look like in the real world? Today’s Focus
  4. 4. You Operating System Application Data Identity & Access Security Groups AWS Facilities Physical Network Virtualization Layer Shared Responsibility Model
  5. 5. Jason Cradit, Willbros Group Inc. Project Pipeline GIS Actively monitoring the status of oil & gas pipeline infrastructure in real-time
  6. 6. Project Customer Web Applications Flexible applications scaling to meet customer demand Mark Burns, Medibank
  7. 7. Project Managed Application Services Modernize traditional workloads in the cloud Mauricio Fernandes, Dedalus Prime
  8. 8. Project Wildlife & Ecological Integrity Monitoring Capture and disseminate wildlife information as a public resource Aaron Hughes, Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife
  9. 9. The Discussion
  10. 10. What objections were raised by the security team?
  11. 11. How did your AWS project change internal security policies?
  12. 12. What challenges did you have with industry regulators?
  13. 13. What approach did you take for day-to-day operations?
  14. 14. What was the biggest change to your incident response plan?
  15. 15. What’s the one key thing you’d love to have known at the start of your project?
  16. 16. Please give us your feedback on this session. Complete session evaluations and earn re:Invent swag. SEC314 http://bit.ly/awsevals