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Going Digital: A guide for Service Providers – The Executive Edition

  1. IDC WEBINAR Going digital: A guide for Service Providers THE EXECUTIVE EDITION May 2016
  2. Everyone wants digital transformation, but few agree on what it actually means
  3. December 2015 - January 2016 of respondents hold C-level roles SO WE COMMISSIONED IDC TO ASK 81 TELCOS ABOUT IT 46% Global survey Equal split between Business and IT respondents
  4. Source: IDC 2015 any large-scale effort that aims to reduce costs or improve the ability to get services to market more quickly Marketing Director & Digital Strategy leader of a major LATAM operator. Transformation includes;
  5. Source: IDC 2015 69% of C-level decision makers globally believe the communications industry has strong technology capabilities but will find it difficult to complete digital transformation projects quickly enough
  6. 50% predict digital transformation will take more than 5 years Source: IDC 2015
  7. Digital transformation will take more than 10 years for us Head of Core Network Operations of Major European Multiplay Operator
  8. LUCKILY, IN TELECOMS, EVERYONE IS ABOVE AVERAGE! Digital progress vs. the competition
  9. 28% of Telcos have a Chief Digital Officer (CDO); another 60% realize the need to have one
  10. 46% of Service Providers Lack a Clear Digital Transformation Strategy Source: IDC 2015
  11. Business and IT leaders see things differently Got strategy? Source: IDC 2015
  12. 67% of respondents say business agility is the most important capability to survive in the digital age Followed by the ability to attract the right talent and the ability to provide a seamless experience across channels
  13. No initiative dominates in terms of importance; rather there are an array of individual needs Top three most important initiatives: Digital channels Digital strategy Source: IDC 2015 Innovative culture
  14. So it’s not surprising that the most mature are Digital channels Digital strategy Process automation
  15. Source: IDC 2015 • We have already implemented features of this solution • We are just starting work in this area • We plan to start work in the next 12 months • No plans “Maturity” is defined based on an implementation timeline Lagging Mature
  16. Self ServicePersonalizationOmni-channel Strategy Business Agility Innovation Enabling Capabilities Commerce Service providers need to embrace these key imperatives to deliver a digital experience SO WHAT DO YOU NEED TO DO?
  17. 1 7 So they can deliver on their business goals Digital experience Diversified business and new revenue streams Embrace new modes of operation
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