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Positive emotions

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in this ppt, positive emotions and broaden & build theory

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Positive emotions

  2. 2. POSITIVE EMOTIONS:- Positive emotions as any feeling where, there is a lack of negativity such as no pain or discomfort felt. Positive Emotions improve:-  Mental Health  Physical Health  Academic Performance  Job Performance  Improve everyday task that leads to long- term success  People who regularly experience positive emotions experience better life outcomes than those who do not (for a review of over 200 studies, King, & Diener, 2005)
  3. 3. Broaden & Build theory of Positive Emotions by Fredrickson  Broaden module:- Physiology, perception, attention, motivation, cognition & social cognition  Build module:- job success, physical & mental health, relationship & life satisfaction
  4. 4.  The term "optimism" refers to an emotional and psychological perspective on life. It is a positive frame of mind and means that a person takes the view of expecting the best outcome from any given situation.  Optimism is a belief system with 3 major components:- 1) The belief in your own power to make your life and your future better 2) The belief that negative events in your life are not permanent, personal or pervasive 3) The belief that positive events in your life are permanent, personal and pervasive.  Permanent refers to the lasting effects of an event.  Personal refers to your interpretation of who is responsible for the event and why it happened.  Pervasive pertains to your belief about how other parts of your life will be affected by the event.
  5. 5. Benefits:-  Good health & motivation  Lack of fear  High self-esteem  Feeling of everything is going well  People like to be with you  Promotes happiness  Sense of satisfaction  Peace of mind  Effective communication  Increase social life QUOTE “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” Winston Churchill “
  6. 6. THANK YOU