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CV: Content Strategist | Amit Pandey | WordsNotPeople | Marketing | LinkedIn Learning

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CV: Content Strategist | Amit Pandey | WordsNotPeople | Marketing | LinkedIn Learning

  1. 1. Amit Pandey A Jack of all trades, master of ONE – so we can make some. T: +91 79 88 64 21 49 Alternate E-mail: amit@pandeyji.co.in Objective To do what I love and to love what I do – for other things, we use the skill of crafting ;) Experience NEXEL World May 18-Present - Chief Content Strategist for a global community of Entrepreneurs and mentors - Responsible for creating Learning Resource Center - Manages content around 25000 Members across 21 countries Polaris Industries April 17-June 17 - Sales and Marketing Specialist, formulated brand strategy of Connection, Community & Culture - Completed 10 Association with brands like TGIF, Burger King and Kairali Spa - Managed digital marketing strategy and part responsible for the soulrider campaign. LinkedIn Jan 18-Present - Campus Editor for IIM Rohtak - Leads by example to influence audience by posting on the channel - Has a social selling Index top 1% in the world and 7000+ VP level connections. Addverb Technologies - Designed and created Go-To-Market Strategy for automation startup - Retained Values to spread the word around - Designed the tagline – Redefining work as we work
  2. 2. 2 Education LinkedIn Learning (46 certifications) Jan 18-April 18 - Completed Learning Path to become an AMA Professional Certified Digital Marketer in 15 days - Self motivated and smart working to find best solution with focus on sustainability - Trained in Employee Branding, Google Adwords, Analytics, web development and design IIM Rohtak - PGPM with majors in marketing with over 50% marks - Coordinator for Industry Relations Cell and co-founder of Readers and Writers(RaW) NIT Calicut - Civil engineer with an experience of Computer Science, Mechanical and Environmental Projects - Member of Team Unwired and Civil Engineering Association - Published a national paper on Poultry Wastewater Treatment Skills Ideas and solutions generation, discussions and debates, team formation, brand and organization integrity, Growth Hacking, Digital Marketing