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  1. Artificial Intelligence Course Outline
  2. Course Material • Text books: – Artificial Intelligence: Structures and Strategies for Complex Problem Solving (4th ed.), George F. Luger, Addison-Wesley • – Artificial Intelligence, A Modern Approach, Stuart Russell and Peter Norvig, Prentice Hall •
  3. Course Description • Artificial Intelligence is the subfield of computer science concerned with automating tasks that would require "intelligence" if performed by people. • AI is a highly eclectic field, with roots in mathematics, logic, psychology, philosophy, and engineering. • The goal of this course is to introduce and survey the field of Artificial Intelligence, paying special attention to foundational concepts and theories. • In addition, current trends and approaches in AI research will be studied
  4. Course Outline • Course overview and Introduction to AI • AI history • LOGIC PROGRAMMING • Predicate logic, Prolog • Prolog Basics • Prolog: unification, Resolution, lists • More Prolog: built-in predicates, Operators • AI AS SEARCH • State spaces, uninformed strategies • Constraint-based search
  5. • Heuristics, Informed strategies • Optimization problems, Game Trees • REPRESENTATION & AI • Semantic nets, Frames • Expert Systems, Uncertainty • Rule-based Reasoning • MACHINE LEARNING • Connectionist Models • Emergent Models • Genetic Algorithms, a-life • Case Studies: Eliza, Mycin • Student presentations Course Outline (contd.)
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