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  1. 1. CURRICULUM VITAE PERSONAL DATA Name Amro Mohamed Edrees Mohamed Birth 16/12/1987, ALQaseem, Saudi Arabia Residency Unizah, ALQaseem , Saudi Arabia Nationality Sudanese Marital status Single ADDRES: Al-Matar neghborhood Unizah AL-Qaseem Saudi Arabia MOBILE 00966509073520 E-MAIL a_mohd-shakak@hotmail.com EDUCATION: DEGREE INSTITUTION AND LOCATION YEAR(s) Internship *king saud general hospital (Unizah) *king Fahad Specialist hospital(Buraidah ) *Prince Sultan Cardiac Center (ALQaseem - Buraidah) 2011 2012 2012 MBBS Bachelor of Medicine And Surgery MBBS (2005-2011) Six-year program College of Medicine & Health Science Omdurman Islamic University Khartoum, Sudan 2011 General Secondary School Leaving Certificate (89%) Basheer Mohamed Saeed model secondary school 2005 Official Registration Saudi Comission for Health Specialties.. valid until 7/6/2018 Sudanese medical councile .. since 2/2016
  2. 2. MEDICAL COURSES:  BLS, May , 2016-2018  ECG COURSE FOR RESIDENT AND FELLOWS  BASIC ECHOCARDIOGRAPHY COURSE  ADVANCED LEARNING COURSE ON ECG AND CARDIAC ARRHYTHMIAS  ADULT CARDIOLOGY REVIEW COURSE FOR RESIDENTS PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE  I working at BURAIDAH CENTRAL HISPITAL as intenal medicine resident : from 18-6-2013 to 25-9-2013  from 27/4/2014 to 27/4/2015 DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILTIES : - first oncall during 24 hours oncall duties - write order and prescribe medication without defying hospital rules - attend patient in OPD under supervision of consultant - serve as member of CPR team during oncall duties - perform unit round - update progress note - follow all investigation result - responsible to inform consultant ,and follow his / her advices, - responsible of simple procedure (eg NGT insertion, FOLEY catheterization , ABG sampling ) and allowed to perform diagnostic and therapeutic invasive procedure - under guidance of senior staff - document discharge plan and write discharge summery
  3. 3. I have completed my internship with an excellent evaluation and it was as the following: 1. Two months in Obstetrics and Gynecology Department. 2. Two months in the Pediatrics Department. 3. Three months in General Surgery Department including one month in Vascular Surgery department 4. Two months in the Internal Medicine Department including two weeks in Nephrology Department and two weeks in Neurology department 5. One months in cardiology Department 6 . Two months in Adult Accidents and Emergency Department The job was with the following duties and activities:  History taking and physical examination  Presenting my cases to the consultants in the round  Discussing the management with the seniors  Writing daily progress notes for the patients  Following the investigations for results  Following the radiology department for the urgent cases  Doing the Basic life support  Using the computer program of the hospital for requesting investigations and medications entry  Preparing the discharge summaries through computer and helping in the medical reports  Covering admission and complains in the on call duties  Doing manual procedures ( NGT, IV lines, Urinary Catheterization, suturing in the minor OR, ABG…etc)  Interpretation of ECG for basics and emergency settings  Assessing patients in the ER department  Work as a first assistant in the operation room  Normal delivery  Attending the morning meetings and participating in the educational activities .
  4. 4. LANGUAGE SKILLS: Arabic and English: excellent in reading, listening , speaking and writing. COMPUTER SKILLS:  Strong knowledge of using Windows, Microsoft office (Word, PowerPoint)  Expert in using the oracle program of hospitals  Internet COMMUNITY WORK Participated in the WHO program for donation blood program Khartoum, Sudan 2008 as Volunteering activity including individual approach educating. RESEARCH AND ACTIVITIES Graduation Project : Rural Residency For 3 days in kenana (Middle South Sudan) as part of community medicine research OTHER INFORMATION: -Valid transferable Iqama RCOMENDATION LETTERS I have got a recommendation letters from the following doctors: 1 DR.TAREQ SOOMRO Consultant of Cardiology (Medical Director Of Prince Sultan Cardiac Center Qaseem) 2 DR.HASSAN KHALAF Consultant of Cardiology (Head Department Of Education , training, & research - Prince Sultan Cardiac Center Qaseem) 3 DR.ABDAALA M. EL-NASRI Consultant of nephrology (Assistant Hospital Director King Fahad Specialist Hospital Buraidah) 4 DR . OMAR A.ELKARIM Consultant of nephrology (Program Director Saudi Board Residency internal medicine in AL-Qaseem ) 5 DR . ELZAKI MOH`D ELZAKI Consultant of Internal Medicine ( Chief of Internal Medicine Unit King Fahad Specialist Hospital Buraidah REFERENCES : Available upon request