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3ºeso sb 3rd term-2

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3ºeso sb 3rd term-2

  1. 1. Name:______________________ 3º ESO CPI Tino Grandío 21th May 2015 3rd Term 2014-2015 ............................................................................................................................................. 1. Complete these sentences with the verb in its correct form (2 POINTS): (a) Oh, it's very hot in this classroom. I ________________ (open) the window. (b) My parents ______________________ (go / often) shopping in Lugo but my friend _______________ (prefer) Marineda City in A Coruña. He _______________ (not / go) to Lugo with my parents. (c) We _____________________ (not / study) for the geography exam yet. It will take place next week. (d) Now all the students in my class __________________ (write) their English language exam but it ________________ (be / not) very difficult. (e) At the end of June we __________________ (visit) Madrid. Our teachers have organised everything and they say it will be very interesting. (f) If _____________________ (go) by bus, I ____________________ (not / arrive) on time. (g) Last week we _________________ (not / come) to school on Thursday and because there __________________ (be) a basketball match. I _______________ (study) very much but I _______________ (not / watch) a film on Saturday. My teacher ________________ (read) a book in English. (h) How long ____________________ (you / study) at CPI Tino Grandío? Some of us ________________ (study) here for 3 years and some others for 12. (i) It's hot! At the moment I _________________ (want) a Coke. 2. Complete with the right modal verb: can / can't / could / couldn't / must / mustn't / don't have to / doesn't have to / should / shouldn't (2 POINTS): (a) He _______________ tell a good story. They are never interesting. (b) Your parents ____________________ leave the house unlocked. Somebody might go in and steal something. (c) Water is very good for you. You ____________________ drink a lot of water. (d) Your brother ____________________ wash his clothes. He can use the washing machine. (e) I ____________________ go to school last week. I was ill. (f) You ___________________ drive slowly on this road. It's very dangerous.
  2. 2. (g) Larry _________________ swim last year but after all the swimming classes he had, now he ___________________ swim very well. (h) You ____________________ tidy your room. It's very untidy. (i) You ____________________ walk the dog tonight. I'll do it. (j) Your friend smokes. He _____________________ smoke. (k) In Spain you _____________________ drive if you are under 18. 3. Compare these countries: (2 POINTS): Spain Australia Russia Guatemala hot /cold hot very hot cold very hot interesting interesting interesting a bit interesting very interesting expensive expensive very expensive expensive cheap large/small a bit small large very large small wild not wild very wild very wild a bit wild 4. Choose two of these writing topics and write about 100 words about each of them (2X2 POINTS): (a) Your plans for next summer (b) Describe one of these people: Rafael Nadal, Queen Letizia and Penélope Cruz (c) Last Christmas (d) What your mother does every day.