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Branding 2.0 anand narasimha


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Branding 2.0 anand narasimha

  1. 1. BRANDING 2.0 ANAND NARASIMHA Professor-Marketing & Strategy
  2. 2. New Mantras for Brand Marketing
  3. 3. “The word brand has become overused, sterile and unimaginative.” - Michael Eisner, Ex CEO Walt Disney
  4. 4. Brands have become Blands Growing Parity. Declining Loyalty. Squeezed Margins.
  5. 5. “The ‘surplus society’ has a surplus of similar companies, employing similar people, with similar educational backgrounds, coming up with similar ideas, producing similar products, with similar prices and similar quality.” Kjell Nordström & Jonas Riddlerstråte Funky Business
  6. 6. Attention Economy Intrusion Attraction Economy Invitation
  7. 7. Marketing Redefined ‘Everything that makes your brand rich, famous and loved.’
  8. 8. Media anything. Idea everything.
  9. 9. R O IReturn on Ideas
  10. 10. Propositi on Stronger. Faster. Cheaper. Better. Propositi on Stronger. Faster. Cheaper. Better. Storytelling Engage. Entertain. Involve. Inspire. Storytelling Engage. Entertain. Involve. Inspire.
  11. 11. Which are some other brands that tell great stories?
  12. 12. POD Point-of-Difference POD Point-of-Difference POV Point-of-View POV Point-of-View
  13. 13. Brands are going beyond just promoting themselves, to promoting a larger world view by taking a stand
  14. 14. • Fighting an Enemy- a commonly held belief/convention/behavior in society • Taking a Stand against the enemy- with a strong point-of-view about their world
  15. 15. ENEMY- Big is beautiful STAND- Small is beautiful
  16. 16. ENEMY- Bikes are about speed and power STAND- Bikes are about freedom and adventure
  17. 17. ENEMY- People have to be computer literate STAND- Computers have to be people literate
  18. 18. ENEMY STAND MANTRA A commonly held belief, convention, behavior in society The brand’s stance against the enemy The brand’s defining point-of-view
  19. 19. Unknown Known for things I care about Brand Ideal-POV Known for good things Brand Promise-POD Known Brand Salience BRAND JOURNEY
  20. 20. ENEMY STAND MANTRA Stereotyped beauty- tall, slim, fair and young Every woman can be beautiful- of any shape, size, color or age Real beauty for real people
  21. 21. Unknown Known for things I care about Brand Ideal-POV Known for good things Brand Promise-POD Known Brand Salience Beauty Soap ¼ moisturizer than doesn’t dry your skin like soap ‘Real beauty for real people’
  22. 22. ENEMY STAND MANTRA Apathy towards social issues It’s time to wake up and do something Jaago Re
  23. 23. Unknown Known for things I care about Brand Ideal-POV Known for good things Brand Promise-POD Known Brand Salience Refreshing Tea The cup that revitalizes ‘Jaago Re’
  24. 24. ENEMY STAND MANTRA Fear of getting clothes dirty Don’t let dirt be a spoilsport Daag Acche Hain
  25. 25. Unknown Known for things I care about Brand Ideal-POV Known for good things Brand Promise-POD Known Brand Salience Powerful Cleaning Bright, stain-free clothes ‘Daag Acche Hain’
  26. 26. What is the POD and POV in this case?
  27. 27. Spell out the Enemy, Stand and Mantra
  28. 28. InformationInformation ExperienceExperience
  29. 29. Its no more about Ads Its more about Acts
  30. 30. Virgin Airline is about “Making Flying Fun”“Making Flying Fun”
  31. 31. Socializing with the Brand
  32. 32. Retail/OOH
  33. 33. Can you think of some powerful brand acts?
  34. 34. SurpriseSurpriseRepetitionRepetition
  35. 35. Which brands keep surprising you?
  36. 36. One-way Command/Control One-way Command/Control Interactive Collaborate/Co-create Interactive Collaborate/Co-create
  37. 37. Brand Propositions are out Brand Conversations are in
  38. 38. Brand Talks: people listen Brand Does: people talk
  39. 39. Consumers are becoming Prosumers. Co-creation!
  40. 40. The Head Shot Clinic is a an effort by a Fashion and Lifestyle photographer, Niccolo Cosme, that gathered the young innovators and trend-setters in a single shoot. The result of the shoot were head shots that were used by each participant as their profile pictures in Multiply and Friendster. It started as a way for the young photographer to market his services. But now, Adidas has already begun talking with Niccolo to produce another Head Shot Clinic where Addidas apparel will be used by the participants. This way, Addidas attaches itself to the trend-setters and culture mavens. In fact, the Adidas jacket shown here in a sample shot has already become a bestseller. Adidas: The Philippines
  41. 41. Pepsi: China • 2 Chinese guys made their own Pepsi ad. • Their videos have been viewed more than 6,744,513 times • Now Pepsi has made TVC’s with them
  42. 42. • Pepsi's new can displays the winners of an online photo contest, in which people submitted pictures of themselves rooting for Team China at the Olympics, and then voted to determine who would win a spot on the cans. • The contest drew 2.46 million submissions and 140 million votes, which was larger than any global campaign of this sort ever run by the company. Source: *Wall Street Journal Pepsi “My Can”: China
  43. 43. 60 POEM Brand Salience Brand Experience Brand Conversation
  44. 44. 61
  45. 45. Think of some good brand co-creation examples?
  46. 46. TransactionTransaction RelationshipRelationship
  47. 47. Has there been any ‘wow’ experience that you’ve had with a brand’ going out of its way?
  48. 48. i AND ethe new mindset
  49. 49. Mass Marketing One-to-Many
  50. 50. Custom Marketing One-to-One
  51. 51. Marketing 2.0 One-With Transferring brand ownership to the consumer
  52. 52. WHAT’S OUT… • Proposition • POD • Information • Repetition • One-way • Transactions WHAT’S IN… • Storytelling • POV • Experience • Surprise • Interactive • Relationships
  53. 53. BlandBland BrandBrand

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