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Linkedin for Danish University Students

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Linkedin for Danish University Students

  2. 2. Agenda What is Linkedin ‘all star’ profiles Exercise Reaching out Tips, tricks Better networking
  3. 3. What is Linkedin? – the why The mission of LinkedIn is simple: connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful.
  4. 4. What is Linkedin? – the how Learning Jobs Company pages Linkedin Publishing GroupsRecruiterAds Slideshare Alumni Profiles Lookup ProFinder Sales Navigator Messaging
  5. 5. Current numbers on the Linkedin network - February 2018
  6. 6. Ballisager recruitment report 2016-2017 - facts about recruitment in Denmark 49 % of Danish companies uses Linkedin as a channel for recruitment 76 % of Danish companies use their company page on Linkedin to share new jobs 67 % of Danish companies is researching a future employee via Linkedin during the recruitment process
  7. 7. Linkedin Basics Getting and sharing knowledge Your professional network Your profile and CV
  8. 8. Difference in platforms
  9. 9. Just arrived on Linkedin Find your mentor
  10. 10. Your Linkedin profile is telling a story - what story do you want to tell? • • • • • • • • •
  11. 11. The story of you • Tell your professional story • Beginning: where did you current path start? • Middle: where are you now? • End: what are your goals and dreams for the future?
  12. 12. If Linkedin is the answer – then what is the question? • Why do you have a profile on Linkedin? • What is the purpose of your profile? • What is your goal? / What are you hoping to achieve? • Who should find/see you on Linkedin? / Who is your target group? • What do you want to show and share?
  13. 13. What is your Linkedin strategy? Active (push) • Connect to/follow relevant contacts, groups and networks • Regularly share updates or blogposts related to your industry or field of expertise Passive (pull) • Incorporate relevant keywords in you profile (search optimize your profile) • Modify your profile to represent your current career goals • Use Linkedin for inspiration on your next career move active passive
  14. 14. Problem-based learning (PBL) and Linkedin Education + Experience Competencies Tasks Problem
  15. 15. Your profile Cover photo Profile photo Headline Summary Dashboard Your activity
  16. 16. Profile strength
  17. 17. Profile strength • Why • ‘All star’ profiles ranks higher in search results • 40x more likely to receive opportunities • How ü Have a profile photo (21x more views - 9x more connection requests) ü Include your industry and location (9x more views) ü Update your current position along with a description (8x more views) ü Contain a least two past positions (12x more views) ü Write a summary ü Insert your education details ü List a minimum of 3 skills ü Have a least 50 connections in your network
  18. 18. Profile photo • Who would you rather connect to / work with? - and why? • Tip: a new photo editor has recently been added to the Linkedin mobile app • Tip: go to https://www.photofeeler.com to get other people to rate you photo from their first impression Credits: Morten Vium - Netværksakademiet
  19. 19. Headline • 120 characters (or more if you use the Linkedin App – a little hack..) • A teaser for your profile – what do you want to be known for?
  20. 20. Headline Some examples • Engaged and experienced project manager with a sense for details and technology. Am I your next project manager? • Executive Recruiter/Speaker/Author/who helps you create a better career. Featured on Fox/CBS/CNN • Fundraising consultant who helps major non-profits raise more money. Clients include the Red Cross and YMCA • Personal Trainer who helps high school athletes get stronger and faster. Certified by the American Council on Exercise What´s your headline?
  21. 21. Contact info
  22. 22. Summary • Visible 200-250 characters • See more => total 2000 characters • 40 word or more is recommended • Unfold your story • What characterizes your profile? • What can you help me with? / what do you offer? (your “value proposition”) • Why (in which situations) should I contact you? • 2 first sentences should be making the viewer want to read more • Should be easy read (use bullet points, headlines or similar) • Include keywords – not buzzwords • Use examples. Tell about how YOU do it.
  23. 23. Simon Sinek What’s your Why, How, What and Who?
  24. 24. Relevant experience STAR(C) • Situation • Briefly describe the context and your role • Task • The specific challenge, task or job that you faced • Action • What you did, how and why you did it • Result • What you achieved through your actions • Competence • What competence did you use or develop Using different media makes people spend more time on your profile
  25. 25. Relevant education • What is the education about? • What are your key skills? • What sort of problems and tasks did your education evolve around? • How the education contributes to your story?
  26. 26. Skills & Endorsements Having at least 5 skills on your profile generates 17x more profile views
  27. 27. Triangle of competencies Personal AAU (general academic) Professional Creative Perfectionist Tolerant Optimist PBL Interviewing Building a project Literature search 1.Kotters 8-step changemodel (change management) 2.Karl Tomm question types (coaching)
  28. 28. Skills & Endorsements • What do you want to be known for? • Include a mix of high level and niche skills • Endorsements go both ways. To get more you need to give more. What’s your competencies?
  29. 29. Volunteering • Include Volunteer Experiences and Causes • 6x more views
  30. 30. Behavior on Linkedin
  31. 31. Who to connect with? How do I know that people find my profile interesting? • Someone sending you a invitation to connect • Someone visiting your profile • Someone ”liking” your post • Someone ”following” your profile
  32. 32. Personalized connection request
  33. 33. What to share on Linkedin? • Relevant knowledge that you find • Linkedin-posts, articles, videos, infographics, etc.. • Relevant knowledge that you have/create • Own articles, short tips and tricks, recommendations (a person, a company, a book etc.).. • Relevant stories • Your successes, a well-done project, honors and awards, a new certification or exam and what it means to your network..
  34. 34. Searching on Linkedin
  35. 35. Searching on Linkedin – Basic search
  36. 36. Searching on Linkedin - Company pages
  37. 37. Searching on Linkedin - Linkedin Alumni -Statistics only available in browser-mode
  38. 38. Searching on Linkedin - Advanced • Boolean searching on Linkedin • OR, AND, NOT, ”” • Has to be in CAPITAL letters!! • Example. Search for a Java engineer not working at Linkedin: • (Java OR J2EE OR JSP) AND (Engineer OR Architect OR Lead) NOT LinkedIn • Sorting your results
  39. 39. The illusion of the perfect story
  40. 40. Jobs
  41. 41. Social Selling Index • https://www.linkedin.com/sales/ssi
  42. 42. Learn more http://university.linkedin.com/ Coming up: Linkedin Students App https://students.linkedin.com/
  43. 43. Coming up on Linkedin Linkedin Resume Assistant - an integration in Word for Office 365 For now only in: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Japan, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, New Zealand, United, Kingdom, and United States of America
  44. 44. Tips and tricks • Know your Linkedin strategy – Why are you on Linkedin? • Use Linkedin in English to get the newest features first • Get an ‘All star’ profile to rank higher in search results • Let Linkedin ‘nudge’ you into optimizing your profile • Make a compelling headline and resume • Make a readable link to your profile • Include media (prolongs the time people spends looking at your profile) • Use the networking platform for…networking (be active as a network member) Share content, write blogs, participate in discussions in groups etc. • Network on Linkedin like you would in real life
  45. 45. Further resources • The Official Linkedin Blog (UK) • Donna Serdula (UK) • Morten Vium (DK) • Astrid Haug (DK) • Djøf Linkedin guide (DK) • Socialsellingcompany.dk (DK)