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Andrea Heredia
1001 4th Avenue North Apt 249  Nashville, TN 37219
(812)604-6501  ah330@evansville.edu
OBJECTIVE Driven a...
Andrea Heredia - Research Assistant
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Andrea Heredia - Research Assistant

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Andrea Heredia - Research Assistant

  1. 1. Andrea Heredia 1001 4th Avenue North Apt 249  Nashville, TN 37219 (812)604-6501  ah330@evansville.edu OBJECTIVE Driven and dependable biology graduate passionate about research and data analysis. Seeking to utilize these skills to grow in the Research Assistant or Research Analyst position SUMMARY Fundamental knowledge of biology theories and concepts Extensive experience with lab equipment and processes; proficient in statistical analysis EDUCATION B.S. Applied Biology Major Public Health Minor Dec 2016 UNIVERSITY OF EVANSVILLE Evansville, IN Related Courses • Epidemiology, Microbiology, Parasitology, Bio-Statistics Laboratory Skills - Microbiology: Aseptic and sterile techniques, bacterial staining, optical microscopy, enumeration and identification of bacteria, media and buffer preparation, use of selective media, plating methods (streak, spread, pour and replica), autoclave - Chemistry: IR data interpretation, titration, crystallization, thin layer chromatography, extractions, dilutions, organic synthesis - Biology: Field sampling, experiment design, dissection, data analysis (JMP) Projects Independently researched, documented and presented: • Complied data - sets on climate change and incidence rate of Dengue Fever in tropical areas of Brazil, significantly increasing skill level in JMP data analysis • Developed antibiotic resistant bacteria – E.coli, K. pneumoniae and S. aureus – to understand the effects of broad-spectrum antibiotics in human intestinal flora • Examined fermentation process of common lactic acid producing bacteria (LAB) and their benefits as probiotics in the internal human flora • Researched behavior of isopods due to changes in temperature, moisture of soil and lighting of the environment in order to understand ecological responses of Arthropoda spp. to climate change • Analyzed of the effects of PM, Sulfur Oxides and Ground-Level Ozone on the health of the U.S population and its economic impact on health care expenses Language Skills Spanish (Native) English (Fluent) French (Intermediate level) WORK AMERIQUAL GROUP, LLC EXPERIENCE Quality Assurance Technician II Summer 2016 - Assisted in achieving operational objectives by communicating test results and/or findings with management / supervision to ensure that any issues are corrected as quickly as possible - Collected samples from various locations for laboratory analysis - Maintained safe,healthy environment by following company, industry, and regulatory standards RESIDENCE LIFE – University of Evansville Summer Staff / Conferences / Resident Assistant Summer 2016 INTERNATIONAL OFFICE - University of Evansville Administrative Assistant Spring 2016 – Fall 2016 LEADERSHIP ZETA TAU ALPHA University of Evansville Spring 2014 – Fall 2015 BMOC Fundraising Chair - Raised $4,000 for American Cancer Society TECHO Latin America - Volunteer Intermittent 2012 - Present UNICEF Campus Initiative Spring 2016 – Fall 2016 Fundraising Chair / Recruitment Chair