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Resume Andrea Peters

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Resume Andrea Peters

  1. 1. ANDREA PETERS Phone: 0417 606 995 Email: andrea.peters66@gmail.com PROFESSIONAL PROFILE I am an AdministrationandCustomerServiceprofessional with34yearsexperience inall aspectsof administrationandclientsatisfactioninavariednumberof industries. I have had extensive experience withinanoffice environment. My previousrolesdemandedahigh level of communicationskillsandthe abilitytobuildrapportwithmyclientswitha genuinecaring attitude enablingme toidentifytheirrequirementsanddesiresresultinginexceptionalcustomer satisfaction. I have the abilitytoadapt ina fast pacedenvironmentwhilstmaintainingefficientprocessesand proceduresandguidance tomy colleagues. The broad experience Ihave gainedinmypreviousrolesandmypassionforclientbasedsatisfaction makesme an ideal candidate foryourorganisation. EXPERIENCE Termi Home & Commercial 2014 - Present Account Manager – Real Estate & Body Corporate The primary objective of my role is to maintain strong client relationships, ensuring efficient time management and response times, with strong organisation skills maintaining that the correct technicians and associated equipment are applied in conjunction with a strong knowledge of scheduling to guarantee time efficiency. I have a large client base both in the real estate and body corporate arena but also a number of government agencies such as Defence Housing Australia.
  2. 2. Responsibilities  Customer Service & Communication  Liaising with Property & Body Corporate Managers & Government Agenices.  Scheduling of Technicians Services / Jobs – using myflo software  Entering & Maintenance of Commercial Contracts  Invoicing & Receipting of Invoices  Telephone & Sales enquiries  Preparation & negotiation of quotes  Call Centre Experience Achievements Exceptional client satisfaction. Implementation of new procedures and processes to ensure quality delivery of service whilst maintaining a positive and high level of staff morale Sun City Air Conditioning Administration Assistant July 2013 – January 2014 My employment with Sun City Air Conditioning was a fulfilling but temporary role due to the sale of the company of my previous employer at Service 1 Pty Ltd.  Dealingwithcustomerssalesenquiries  SchedulingService Technicians  Orderingandreceiptingof stock  Invoicing  Dailybankingandreconciliation  Data Entry  Quotingforrepairsand newinstallations  Preparationof all relevantdocumentation  Telephone salesandenquiries
  3. 3. Service 1 Pty Ltd (Air Conditioning Maintenance & Service) July 2008 – April 2013 Administration Manager Administration Assistant Initiallyemployedasan AdministrationAssistant. FromDecember2010 I waspromotedtothe positionof AdministrationManager. The objective of thispositionwastoco-ordinate,organise and supervise all administrativeactivitiesacrossthe organisation. Responsibilitiesincludedco-ordinating office activities,supervisingsupportstaff,administrative supporttomanagementandstaff and liaisonwithseniormanagementandstakeholders. Thisrole heldresponsibilityfordeveloping administrative managementsystemstoimprove organisationalefficiency. Confidentialityand professionalism wasessential tothisrole. Responsibilities  QuarterlyMaintenance ContractUpdate Reporting(contracts – current,pending,heldlost etc)  Delegatingworkandworkloadplanningfortechniciansandapprentices  Supervisingthe workof administrationstaff,monitoringthe workloadandworkrate  Create and maintainaccurate reportsforweeklytimesheetsforall staff  Preparationof monthlymanagementreports  LiaisingwithSuppliers  Meetand reportto seniormanagementtoreview office performance  Reviewoffice expenditure  Quotingforrepairsas pertechniciansreports (liaisingwithsupplierstechnical support)  Parts receivingandordering  Providingadministrative supporttothe Service Managerand technical staff  Monitoringcollege bookingsande-profilingrequirementsforapprentices  ReceivablesandPayablesreconciliation(MYOB)  Dailyreconciliationof bankaccount  DebtCollection  Schedulingof all TechniciansjobsusingTSM– The Service Manager  EnteringandMaintenance of Commercial Contracts Achievements High level of customer satisfaction and relationship building. Increasing client base. Strong staff morale. Time and financial efficiency in geographically scheduling
  4. 4. Peters Camera House Owner October 1992 – July 2008 Beinga Directorof thiscompanyensuredthatmy role encompassedall aspectsof businessfrom customersalesandservice,tostaff managementandfinancial reportingandstockmanagement.  Recruitmentandtrainingof all staff (sales)  Managing a teamof 15-20 staff and monitoringall proceduresof business  Customerservice andsalesassistance  Regularstockaudits  Inventoryandstockcontrol  Staff rosters  All Payroll and Superannuationrequirements  Reconciliationof Debtors&CreditorsStatements  ProblemResolution,liaisingwithcustomerscomplaintsand workingtowardspositive outcomesforclients Office of the Premier of Queensland Office of the Leader of the Opposition November 1982 – October 1992 In bothof the above positions,IworkedasanExecutive Secretarywithinthe Office of the Premierandthenthe Leaderof the Opposition,reportingdirectlytothe Premier’sPersonal AdviserandPressSecretary,andthe Leaderof the Oppositionhimself.  The role demandedanextremelyhighlevel of trustandconfidentiality  Preparationof official DocumentsandliaisingwithMinisterial Officesandthe Cabinet Secretariat  Highspeedkeyboardskillswith98% accuracy  FormattingandPreparationof mediaReleases  DiaryManagement  Excellentpersonal presentationandpunctuality  Travel Arrangements
  5. 5. ADDITIONAL & TRANSFERABLE SKILLS  Excellentwrittenandverbal communicationskills. The abilitytointerpretinformationand applythe necessarysalesprocesses –identifyingthe clientneedsandopportunities  All browsertechnology  MYOB Accounting&MYOB Retail Manager  TSM- The Service Manager  Myflo– Trades& ServicesSchedulingSoftwarePackage  Servicepro –SchedulingSoftwarePackage  JobManager Software COMMUNICATION  Consulting  Communicating with influence  Internal & external liaison  Multi-level communication  Listening, understanding and acting on oral communication  Resolution of customer / client complaints and misunderstandings PERSONAL DATA  Health Excellent  Fitness Excellent  Status Divorced  Interests Music, health & fitness, reading REFERENCES Upon Request