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BSides Iowa 2018: Windows COM: Red vs Blue

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Presentation at BSides Iowa 2018 discussing the background of Windows COM, red team value of Windows COM, and how blue teams can also use this knowledge.

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BSides Iowa 2018: Windows COM: Red vs Blue

  2. 2. NEW PHONE; WHO DIS ▸IT Internal Audit Manager, Red Team at ACI Worldwide ▸Previously: Red Team, Pen Tester, IT ▸@maendarb ▸https://vivirytech.blogspot.com ▸There will be pictures, minimal C++
  3. 3. AGENDA ▸COM background ▸Red: COM exploitation ▸Blue: COM defense
  4. 4. SURPRISE, C++ https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/oldnewthing/20040205-00/?p=40733
  5. 5. WHAT’S THIS WINDOWS COM THING? ▸ Stands for “Component Object Model” ▸ Designed in the 90s to be interoperable, portable ▸ It’s old; great books aren’t digital ▸ Not a “Shell” like CMD or PowerShell ▸ “Like” .NET and WMI ▸ Why am I so interested in this?
  6. 6. WHAT’S THIS WINDOWS COM THING? RULE #1: WE DON’T SPEAK ABOUT COM ▸ Used everywhere in Windows ▸ When a user copies files, embeds Excel within Word ▸ It’s abstracted away with GUIs, .Net, APIs, and no one acknowledges that COM objects are being used
  7. 7. COM BACKGROUND: COM LIVES EVERYWHERE ▸ Obligatory COM history ▸ Precursor to .NET ▸ Meant to solve problems with developers like DLLs ▸ There’s so many COM objects and won’t go away ▸ OLE and ActiveX fit in here ▸ OLE (Object Linking and Embedding) lets you embed things (e.g. Excel sheet inside Word) ▸ ActiveX lets Internet Explorer make bad life choices
  8. 8. COM BACKGROUND: COM ON PAPER IS SUPER EASY TO WORK WITH ▸ Access COM things thru interfaces and objects ▸ Scripting.FileSystemObject ▸ IPersist ▸ IFileOperation ▸ WScript.Shell http://compinfopro.com/enable-remote-desktop-enable-rdp/
  10. 10. COM BACKGROUND: ITS LIKE COM MAKES UP THE RULES AS IT GOES ALONG ▸ COM is a hot mess and can live in: ▸ Windows Registry ▸ Windows made a special registry hive ▸ HKCR (HKEY_Classes_Root) ▸ Combines HKLM and HKCU ▸ Threading / InProcServer32
 ▸ Manifest files (COM scriptlets; Registration free too!)
  11. 11. COM BACKGROUND: COM MAKES YOU WORK FOR IT ▸ WScript.Shell demo
  12. 12. COM BACKGROUND: COM+ ZeroSum tweeted about a COM+ scriptlet, but how would you know it’s COM+ and not COM?
  13. 13. COM BACKGROUND: COM+ SCRIPTLET? (MOST LIKELY IT WAS JUST COM) ▸ Scriptlets come in both COM and COM+ flavors ▸ They allow you to have COM scripts to do non- malicious things like open calculator and cmd shells ▸ Did you know you can create COM objects from a Java class? Good thing no one has a JRE installed. https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms524620(v=vs.90).aspx
  14. 14. HAX: REGSVR32 /S /N /U /I:BACKDOOR-MINIMALIST.SCT SCROBJ.DLL ▸ subTee example: COM manifest file ▸ Demo! https://gist.github.com/subTee/24c7d8e1ff0f5602092f58cbb3f7d302
  15. 15. COM BACKGROUND: BREAKING DOWN THAT REGSVR32 HAX ▸ regsvr32 is used to register many things in the registry ▸ /s runs it silently, /n says to not call DllRegisterServer ▸ /u specifies which COM server to uninstall ▸ /i calls DllInstall of the COM object to register ▸ Can be pointed to a file on your system ▸ Can be a URL (http: COM moniker) ▸ Could even be a Java class (java: COM moniker) ▸ scrobj.dll makes the magic go http://subt0x10.blogspot.com/2017/04/bypass-application-whitelisting-script.html
  16. 16. COM BACKGROUND: COM+ ▸ COM+ meant to solve the problems in COM like: ▸ Quickly implement common configurations for COM components like security boundaries ▸ Load DLLs into processes on demand ▸ Managed methods to manage COM components ▸ Multi-pass… err.. threading ▸ Slick GUI https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/ms683512(v=vs.85).aspx
  17. 17. COM BACKGROUND: COM+ ▸ COM+ also came with rad icons in the GUI ▸ Demo! https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/ms683512(v=vs.85).aspx
  18. 18. COM BACKGROUND: DCOM ▸ DCOM is “Distributed COM” ▸ “Helps you” in COM and COM+ with distributed transactions ▸ Slings COM object data typically with RPC ▸ Likes to make assumptions you know what you’re doing with security and marshaling data ▸ James Forshaw and Matt Nelson have been finding problems with Windows and apps marshaling data ▸ DCOM lateral movement script (enigma0x3)
 https://github.com/rvrsh3ll/Misc-Powershell-Scripts/ blob/master/Invoke-DCOM.ps1
  19. 19. COM BACKGROUND: .NET TO COM (BECAUSE LEGACY APPS AND SADNESS) ▸ .NET can work with COM for interoperability ▸ “The Runtime Callable Wrapper (RCW) is a mechanism that promotes transparent communication between COM and the managed programming model.” https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/office/bb610378.aspx
  20. 20. COM BACKGROUND: BREAKING DOWN THAT SWEET RCW GOODNESS ▸ This is what PowerShell uses to call into COM objects https://github.com/PowerShell/PowerShell/blob/master/src/System.Management.Automation/engine/ ComInterop/ComObject.cs
  21. 21. COM BACKGROUND: COM TO .NET (BUT WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS) ▸ COM can work with .Net thru COM Callable Wrappers ▸ “When a COM client calls a .NET object, the common language runtime creates the managed object and a COM callable wrapper (CCW) for the object. Unable to reference a .NET object directly, COM clients use the CCW as a proxy for the managed object.” https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/f07c8z1c(v=vs.85).aspx
  22. 22. COM BACKGROUND: DEEP TECHNICAL DETAIL OF THAT MAGIC ▸ James Forshaw talked about .Net and COM interoperability at DerbyCon 2017 ▸ IronGeek Link: ig2.me/pZ
  23. 23. COM BACKGROUND: THE DEEPER YOU GO, THE MORE C/C++ YOU’LL KNOW ▸ To dig in more, you’re going to have to know C, C++ https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/oldnewthing/20040205-00/?p=40733
  24. 24. COM EXPLOITATION: KNOWING THE C++ STORY CAN BE HELPFUL ▸ QueryInterface is how you query… for interfaces ▸ This is how you figure out what interfaces are available to you ▸ AddRef / Release may be important to you eventually ▸ Important if you want to partake in bug bounties :) ▸ This dictates the object lifetime by reference count ▸ Abusing the reference count introduces other avenues of attack (cough Use After Free) ▸ If open redirects are still around, we should fix those first
  25. 25. COM EXPLOITATION: USE AFTER FREE HAS ALWAYS BEEN AN ISSUE ▸ Raymond Chen talked about this in 2004
 ▸ Exploit DB has stuff on AddRef being misused https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/oldnewthing/20040406-00/?p=39903 https://www.exploit-db.com/exploits/41042/
  26. 26. COM EXPLOITATION: COM, THE NEVER-ENDING STRUGGLE BUS ▸ Microsoft is still fixing COM related issues ▸ CVE-2018-0880/0882 ; Forshaw - A Bridge Too Far ▸ Researched by Haifei Li, Mark Dowd, James Forshaw ▸ Links posted on https://vivirytech.blogspot.com ▸ COM has a reoccurring theme at conferences forgotten/“rediscovered”, but still broke (lulz) ▸ Kinda like Adobe issues, right?
 ▸ James Forshaw
 ▸ Casey Smith
 ▸ Matt Nelson
  28. 28. COM EXPLOITATION: WHAT TOOLS CAN I USE TO LEARN MORE? ALL FREE! ▸ Microsoft Process Explorer ▸ Find medium to high integrity attack paths ▸ ReactOS ▸ James Forshaw OleViewDotNet (github.com/tyranid/oleviewdotnet) ▸ See the COM goodies in Windows ▸ Find new unexplored attack COM paths!
  29. 29. WINDOWS COM, MICROSOFT’S GIFT TO THE RED TEAM ▸ Holy attack surface Batman! Thanks OleViewDotNet! ▸ 3,592 ways to see if you can discover a new attack path
  30. 30. WHAT HAPPENS WHEN I PRESS THIS BUTTON? ▸ Hey kid, wanna crash something? (this can peg your CPU) ▸ Watch with Process Monitor for potential attack paths
 https://github.com/FuzzySecurity/DefCon25 fondue.exe may be a privilege escalation path
  31. 31. WE NEED THE BLUE TEAM, AND THEY NEED US ▸ There’s a lot of fun things that leverage COM ▸ ZeroSum’s Koadic: COM C&C ▸ MITRE’s ATT&CK framework ▸ @SubTee tweets (seriously) ▸ We need to use their research to our gain ▸ Run things like Squiblydoo to see EDR response ▸ Work with the product groups and blue team ▸ See how these products trigger IOCs and act
  32. 32. BLUE TEAM FUN! ▸ Are you running Windows 10 RS4 / Windows Server 2016? ▸ SpecterOps Device Guard configs / guide ▸ Are you doing PowerShell cmdline audit AND reviewing? ▸ Users probably don’t run PowerShell, if they do, use v5+ ▸ Pick up on keywords like, “-COMObject” ▸ Do you really need wscript and cscript enabled? ▸ It can be done, ask @fpieces, he’s done it ▸ Deters attacks leveraging DotNetToJScript ▸ Investigate the potential of SysMon and Project VAST
  33. 33. ITS ALMOST TIME TO GO, LETS REVIEW QUICKLY ▸ COM is everywhere as it was ~20 years ago ▸ Lots of things not covered like “TreatAs” and monikers ▸ Many “exploits” are just abusing design decisions ▸ More research and community made tools will (most likely) bring to light more COM exploits and wreckage ▸ Other organizations also add their own COM objects ▸ Sad face:
  34. 34. LEARN MORE AND CONTACT ME BELOW ▸ For more info about COM: ▸ https://vivirytech.blogspot.com ▸ @maendarb ▸ Slack: https://omasec.herokuapp.com