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Smallbiz marketing

Presentation for small businesses talking about social media and digital strategy in their business.

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Smallbiz marketing

  1. 1. Making Your Networks … Work! Creating Content That Matters Andrew Sims Communications Director | Birmingham Association of REALTORS®
  2. 2. What are your marketing commandments for 2015?
  3. 3. All media is social.
  4. 4. All media is social. We are creating “evangelists.”
  5. 5. Where does all this happen?
  6. 6. Tag Mgmt Chat Real-time Message/Offers MARKETING*TECHNOLOGY*LUMAscape * * *" Mobile Web Website Creation & Mgmt Data Warehouses Sales/ Mktg BI AB/MV Testing Visualization SEO Platforms / Tools Translation Social Promotion Platforms Social Publishing Platforms Social Marketing Management DAM Feedback / Surveys Marketing Data DB Mktg Social Login/Sharing Mktg Automation Social Content & Forums Online Video Players Players (SMB) E-Commerce Platform/Storefront (Enterprise) Social Referral E-Commerce Technology Merchandising Payments M-Commerce Website Sales Automation WCM Community Website Personalization & Optimization Landing Pages B2B Personalization Email Service Providers Recommendation Loyalty DMPs Site Perf/Opt Web Analytics Marketing Modeling Sales & Marketing Integrated Mktg MgmtEmail Optimization Predictive Marketing Platforms
  7. 7. Inbound Marketing is driven by 4 principals Attract Convert Close Delight (ROI)
  8. 8. What is a “social strategy”? You mean we can’t just DO social media?
  9. 9. What does Social Media do? Social Media levels the playing field for ALL businesses. Online. Everyone has a voice.
  10. 10. Social Content Helps Us … > cultivate relationships > increase brand trust and credibility > A/B test your product, your message, your customers, your platform > build your audience and your reach > grow your community > convert the right customers
  11. 11. When searching for businesses and services 65% said they learned through website 55% said they learned through social media 47% said e-newsletters 18% said print 17% said face to face
  12. 12. When asked about content ... 74% - cool events 69% - statistics 65% - articles, information, news, photos 61% - volunteer opportunities 47% - video (motivational or informational)
  13. 13. We work off of objectives. Sorting out vanity, from quality business marketing
  14. 14. Objectives have a measurable metric. metric (n) - A system or standard of measurement.
  15. 15. Find those KPI’s A performance indicator or key performance indicator (KPI) is a type of performance measurement.
  16. 16. Find those KPI’s GOAL 1 — Boost sales 10% in the next quarter. KPIs include daily sales, conversion rate, site traffic. GOAL 2 — Increase conversion rate 2% in the next year. KPIs include conversion rate, shopping cart abandonment rate, associated shipping rate trends, competitive price trends. GOAL 3 — Grow site traffic 20 % in the next year. KPIs include site traffic, traffic sources, promotional click-through rates, social shares, bounce rates. GOAL 4 — Reduce customer service calls by half in the next 6 months. KPIs include service call classification, identify of page visited immediately before the call, event that lead to the call.
  17. 17. This is not always how we think ... as businesses, nonprofits, churches, etc.
  18. 18. We must change this ...
  19. 19. “Over time, all marketing strategies result in Crappy clickthrough rates.” The Law of Crappy Clickthroughs
  20. 20. Andrew’s Commandment Every brand should build a strategy and planned approach to measuring online success in social and web engagement.
  21. 21. Communications Director Justin Dean said that collectively, Mars Hill's social media channels are gaining about >>> 6,000 new followers per week.
  22. 22. "Most of that is gained through people sharing our content with their friends, which puts us in front of new people who then follow us" --- Justin Dean
  23. 23. Millie Ray’s Rolls > new > trying to find their voice and what works > what do people care about? > where we made mistakes > data fixes mistakes
  24. 24. Metrics are provable!
  25. 25. This data ....
  26. 26. What are we doing wrong? > No central platform for communications. > “Auto post hell” > No numbers = Bad > Idea that Marketing = Good Graphic Design
  27. 27. What should we be measuring? > share of voice - where are our customers? what do they care about? > depth of interactions - new members, affiliate networks, drop offs > commitment to return - like “product”, love culture, love us. > suggestions for engagement - feedback, reviews, evangelism
  28. 28. Baby’s First Steps … > We are a startup. No discussion. > Start validating channels. Don’t stop. > Find the competition. > Just start peddling the bike. You WILL fail.
  29. 29. And eventually … > Active and responsive blog > Active website that is actually working FOR us > Our competition finds us > Measure, measure, measure (Remember those KPIs?)
  30. 30. What’s Happening in 2015 5,035 global marketing professionals asked about their budgets 70% plan to boost spending on social media advertising this year Same percentage plan to spend more on social media marketing overall and 67% will spend more on social engagement.
  31. 31. What’s Happening in 2015 Facebook reports 750 million active users to date 50% of those users are on mobile phones Social Engagement is utilizing multiple social media channels for conversations with customers.
  32. 32. What’s Happening in 2015 Don’t. Forget. About. Email Email marketing was found to continue its dominance in digital marketing. Nearly three in four per cent of global marketers believe email is core to their business, with 92% citing a clear ROI.
  33. 33. What’s Happening in 2015 Different Channel. Different Voice. Different Strategy. So many networks means that you have to divide and conquer. You will have users only on Twitter, or users only on Facebook or Pinterest. Some will be both places, but you’ll need strategy for each. But connect them.
  34. 34. Creating a Social Strategy 101 1. Start With a Blogging Schedule 2. Find Your Target Audience, and What You Want From Them (KPIs) 3. Outline Your Key Messages (What They Want) 4. Brainstorm Your Calendar (make it simple) 5. Set Your Schedule (1 blog a week, 2 FB posts a day, 4 Tweets a day) 6. Every startup becomes a KEEP UP
  35. 35. Creating a Social Strategy 101 Find how your customers consume data and information A restaurant is different than a REALTOR Association and a sports team Make the decision making process central. Know you’re creating ROI. Don’t be afraid to test and fail. Launch quick. Post fast. Pivot faster.
  36. 36. Always find thought leaders ...
  37. 37. Make the “Purple Cow”.
  38. 38. Questions?
  39. 39. Andrew Sims @ap_sims on the Tweets andrew@birminghamrealtors.com

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Presentation for small businesses talking about social media and digital strategy in their business.


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