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Conflict Resolution At Work

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How you can resolve conflicts and amend strained relations without losing your head and cool. This is the most important skill in this 21st century Details ta www.asiatrainers.com

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Conflict Resolution At Work

  1. 1. ACT 1 Conflict Resolution at Work 1. What is Conflict and What are NOT Conflicts 2. Why conflicts arise: Impermanence, Un-satisfaction and Self 3. Concept of Planting Seeds 4. Five Ways to Conflict Resolution at Work 4. Negotiation Success 5. The Ultimate of Conflict Resolution: Touch Their Hearts
  2. 2. ACT 2 Most Important Work Skill Conflict Resolution How to resolve conflicts and Restore a strained or broken Relationship
  3. 3. ACT 3 Definition of Conflict Conflict arises when One person has a Need of another and that need is Not Being Met What are Not Conflicts • Disagreements • Differences in Opinion and Thinking • Different beliefs, faiths and values
  4. 4. ACT 4 Common Conflicts at Work 1. Conflicts with Team over resource allocation, promotion opportunities, work assignment and money 2. Conflicts with customers 3. Conflicts with vendors and contractors 4. Conflicts with the industry 5. Conflicts with Government 6. Conflicts with Media and Society at large
  5. 5. ACT 5 Ownership Accountable Responsible Blame Excuses Denial Long term suffering
  6. 6. ACT 6 Work Happiness Peacemaking Peacemaking is not avoiding or appeasing
  7. 7. ACT 7 77 Why Conflicts are always there: The 3 Psychology 1. Impermanence 2. Un-satisfaction 3. Self Concept Emptiness and The Pen
  8. 8. ACT 8 Life is a Mirror
  9. 9. ACT 9 Plant seeds with Your Thoughts, Speech and Action Whatever you want in life, plant the seeds and nurture them in your Everyday life
  10. 10. ACT 10 The Real Law of Gravity 1. Every action produces a similar result 2. The results of every action increase 3. If you never do an action, you cannot get a result 4. Once you have done an action, it never simply goes away Je Tsongkapa, Tibet, 600 years ago
  11. 11. ACT 11 Regardless of who is right or wrong, make the customers feel that they have the right to their feelings…Give Face
  12. 12. ACT 12 Whenever we force anyone to change, they either Resist us or Resent us, and as a result they become More Motivated to Defend their position! Lesson of the Fist …. Open your neighbor’s fist in 20 seconds … Methods: Bribe, Force
  13. 13. ACT 13 Overcome Disagreements with FFF I understand how you feel That was exactly how I felt too Until I found out that … (and turn around)
  14. 14. ACT 14 How to Win Friends and Win Arguments at the Same Time
  15. 15. ACT 15 1. Listen  Look for the key to their cooperation  Paraphrase (not just heard) 2. See things from their point of view  “Stay calm”?  “I understand your concern” 3. Ask for their input  Value it 4. Assure them we’ll operating on win-win What To Do When People Are Difficult 1. Want to Tell Us Something and Afraid that We don’t Understand 2. Think that we don’t understand the seriousness of their problem 3. Afraid we don’t value their input 4. Afraid we’ll win
  16. 16. ACT 16 2 Steps in Conflict Resolution If Yes, resolve it If No, Negotiate or Manage it Most people avoid steps 1 and 2 as they are afraid to talk to people. They end up gossiping, backstabbing, blocking and being angry and aggressive
  17. 17. ACT 17 5 Steps in Conflict Resolution1. Make the 1st Move (be a Peacemaker) 2. Find the Right Time and Right Place 3. Begin with ‘What’s My Fault’  No more excusing, blaming or attacking but sincerity from your heart  Get out of your Pride and Self Ego  Because everything is coming from us (everything in this world is empty and void of meaning on its own)  When you’re at peace inside, nothing outside upsets you  Say “I’m sorry, I was only thinking about myself”  Re-examine yourself: what wrong you did LHL
  18. 18. ACT 18 5 Steps in Conflict Resolution4. Listen for their hurt and perspective • Listen to their emotions • “Be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to get angry” • Hurt people hurt people the most • The people that are the most difficult to love are also the ones that need love the most 5. Focus on Reconciliation, not Resolution • Disagree without being disagreeable, Unity without Uniformity • When you focus on reconciliation, the issues become smaller Taxi
  19. 19. ACT 19 Importance of Tonality Michael Peak – Voice Going Down
  20. 20. ACT 20 Negotiation: Resolve Conflicts by Compromising the Differences
  21. 21. ACT 21 3 Types of Negotiation 1. Hard Negotiation (Win at All Costs) 2. Soft Negotiation • Avoid Personal Conflict • Give Concessions to reach amicable agreement • Regret Later • One-time Deal 3. Principle Negotiation (Harvard University) • Combination of both Hard and Soft Negotiation • Get What You Are Entitled to 1. Separate People from the Problem 2. Focus on Interest, Not Position 3. Develop Options
  22. 22. ACT 22 5 Ways to Better Negotiation 1. Preparation 2. Setting Limits and Sticking to Them 3. The Negotiation Table 4. Trading 5. Closing the Deal Come from a Strong Position (even if you’re weaker)
  23. 23. ACT 23 The Negotiation Process 1. State your opening offer (higher than your goal but not too high to frighten them) 2. Maintain emotional distance Come from Strong Position Pause often, especially before concession Keep your cool 3. Listen actively, especially to body language (call the bluff with eye movements) 4. How to handle hot button issues Express anger as your feeling, not ‘You’ Resist temptation to make an outburst when you think you’ve won a point Do not quarrel
  24. 24. ACT 24 Trading 1. Only trade (give up) what you are willing to give up 2. Always ask for something in return when you give up something 3. Value is in the eyes of the beholder • Give up something of low value to you but high perceived value to the opponent 4. Aim for win-win
  25. 25. ACT 25 The Ultimate in Resolving Conflicts
  26. 26. ACT 26 Conflict Resolution at Work 1. What is Conflict and What are NOT Conflicts 2. Why conflicts arise: Impermanence, Un-satisfaction and Self 3. Concept of Planting Seeds 4. Five Ways to Conflict Resolution at Work 4. Negotiation Success 5. The Ultimate of Conflict Resolution: Touch Their Hearts
  27. 27. ACT 27 Your Trainer Coach Andy Ng • CA with MBA from UK… • 28 years of experience in finance, HR, sales, consultancy, training and coaching... • Former Director of Finance, HR & Admin of Allied Telesis Int’l … • Since 1996, trained over 81,135 people in 14 countries • Also partner in a global e- commerce business • Happy Man, Son, Husband & Father (of 3 happy children)… www.facebook.com/A ndyTheCoach
  28. 28. ACT 28 Get Inspired by me 24/7 www.AsiaTrainers.comwww.AsiaTrainers.com www.AndyNgTrainer.blogspot.sgwww.AndyNgTrainer.blogspot.sg www.youtube.com/AndyNgCoach/videoswww.youtube.com/AndyNgCoach/videos www.facebook.com/AndyTheCoachwww.facebook.com/AndyTheCoach www.twitter.com/AndyCoachwww.twitter.com/AndyCoach www.slideshare.net/AndyTheCoach1www.slideshare.net/AndyTheCoach1