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  1. presezljovjxcntation title mirjam nxccilsson
  2. agendzczca INTRODUCTION zczc3 PRIMARY GOALS zzc4 AREAS OF GROWTH zczc5 TIMELINE zczczczc10 SUMMARY 13
  3. introduction At Contoso, we empower organizations to foster collaborative thinking to further drive workplace innovation. By closing the loop and leveraging agile frameworks, we help business grow organically and zczczcv Svsbafbfbabzsfoster a consumer-first mindset.​ 20XX presentation title 3
  4. prvsfssdgdim ardvdvy goals
  5. quartsvsdvsfverly performance - 1.0 2.0 3.0 4.0 5.0 6.0 Q4 Q3 Q2 Q1 Series 1 Series 2 20XX presentation title 5
  6. areas of growth B2B SUPPLY CHAIN ROI E-COMMERCE Q1 svsv4.5 scsvdv 1svsv.7 svsvsv5.0 Q2 3.2svsv 5.1svsvsv 4.4svsvsv svsv Q3 2.1svsv 1.svsv7 2svsv.5 2.8svsv Q4 svsv4.5 2.2svsv 1.7svsv 7.svsv0 20XX presentation title 6
  7. RICHARD BRANSON “Business opportunities are like buses. There's always anoccv cxbh b b hgther one coming.” 20XX presentation title 7
  8. meet our team TAKUMA HAYASHI MIRJAM NILSSON​ FLORA BERGGREN​ RAJESH SANTOSHI president chief executive officer chief operations officer vp marketing 20XX presentation title 8
  9. meet our extended team TAKUMA HAYASHI MIRJAM NILSSON​ FLORA BERGGREN​ RAJESH SANTOSHI president chief executive officer chief operations officer vp marketing GRAHAM BARNES ROWAN MURPHY ELIZABETH MOORE ROBINE KLINE vp product SEO strategist product designer content developer
  10. plan for product launch PLANNING synergize scalable e-commerce MARKETING disseminate standardized metrics DESIGN coordinate e-business applications STRATEGY foster holistically superior methodologies LAUNCH deploy strategic networks with compelling e-business needs 20XX presentation title 10
  11. timeline SEP 20XX synergize scalable e-commerce NOV 20XX disseminate standardized metrics JAN 20XX coordinate e-business applications MAR 20XX foster holistically superior methodologies MAY 20XX deploy strategic networks with compelling e-business needs
  12. areas of focus B2B MARKET SCENARIOS o Develop winning strategies to keep ahead of the competition o Capitalize on low-hanging fruit to identify a ballpark value o Visualize customer directed convergence​ CLOUD-BASED OPPORTUNITIES o Iterative approaches to corporate strategy o Establish a management framework from the inside 20XX presentation title 12
  13. how we get there ROI o Envision multimedia- based expertise and cross-media growth strategies o Visualize quality intellectual capital o Engage worldwide methodologies with web-enabled technologies NICHE MARKETS o Pursue scalable customer service through sustainable strategies o Engage top-line web services with cutting- edge deliverables SUPPLY CHAINS o Cultivate one-to-one customer service with robust ideas o Maximize timely deliverables for real- time schemas 20XX presentation title 13
  14. summary At Contoso, we believe in giving 110%. By using our next-generation data architecture, we help organizations virtually manage agile workflows. We thrive because of our market knowledge and great team behind our product. As our CEO says, "Efficiencies will come from proactively transforming how we do business."​ 20XX presentation title 14
  15. thank you mirjam nilsson